Date Day!

Yesterday afternoon I made two batches of Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread & then proceeded to have two pieces at 4pm & two more at 6pm right before I left to go grocery shopping (instead of church, I am terrible.)

photo 1

Then at 8pm I ate “my dinner” on the way back from the grocery store.

photo 3

Only the best Luna Bar ever.

I was absolutely exhausted with a headache and just wanted to go to bed.  It had been a long loooooong day.


I woke up after a really hard night’s sleep still majorly sore, good thing today was rest day!


photo 2


Then Baby Daddy brought this pretty lady home.

photo 4

Tall Non-Fat Misto….2 Splendas

Today is Thursday and that means DATE DAY!

So I got myself dolled up, a rare sighting indeed!

photo 5

Dress: TJ Maxx (Be Bop, last year)

Accessories: Charming Charlie

Shoes: Target (this season)

Watch: Fossil

I must say that I think Spring and Summer are a much prettier season for dressing!  In the winter, the only thing I am concerned about is how many layers I am going to need.

First, we stopped by Ulta to sniff out some new perfumes, get some special lotion for Luke’s skin issues and pick up my free gift for spending too much money being such a loyal customer.

Then we “stopped in real quick” at Old Navy and I ended up buying a dress, a pair of shorts and two tops.  Oooopsie!  In all seriousness, I DO need new clothes, on the REAL.  I am honestly still catching up from having to get rid of pretty much every last item of clothing I used to own.  Even the ones I got mid-weight loss are now too big.  I can’t ‘”make them work” anymore.  Good problem to have I suppose. Winking smile

Our last stops were Barnes & Noble for book # 2 in a series Luke is reading and Jason’s Deli for Lunch.

This REALLY hit the spot!

photo 2 (2)

My salad had baby greens, peas, broccoli, cucumbers, baby carrots, trail mix, 1 crouton Winking smile, granola, a spicy nut mix and fat free honey mustard.  Good gracious I love me some kitchen sink salads!  On the side was some sort of rice dish that I didn’t care for.  Hummus, crackers, a ginger bread muffin and a cornbread muffin.  I ate all of the salad plate, the crackers with some of the hummus, & a bite of each muffin.  I also had a scoop of banana and chocolate pudding from the salad bar.  The best part of the meal was the frozen yogurt cone they offer at the end of the meal.  Deeeeelish!

photo 3 (2)

In my own personal Heaven! I want to go back right now for dinner!

Speaking of, I need to get that started!

Good reads:

Write Your Stress Away – Greatist …..I love to journal, puts so much into perspective.  Highly recommend.

Help with stress eating – Everyday Health……Guilty!  Here are some GREAT tips.

Yummy Healthy Enchilada Recipe! – Everyday Health…..who doesn’t love Mexican Food?

Blogging Vacation

The past weekend was lovely!  I loved spending time with my family.  They live so far away and we rarely get to visit anymore because of crazy schedules and the fact that we are 5 hrs. away from them.  I envy people who live close to their families…..Sad smile Count yourselves lucky ok?!

By the time the weekend was over I realized I was so unplugged, enjoying my time with them, that I did not take a single picture!  I love blogging.  It is such a creative outlet for me and a space where I can go on and on about healthy living and nutrition, without making my friends and family crazy!  With that said, it was very nice to have a little break.

If I was in Blogger Mode this weekend, you would have lovely pictures of the following:


The arrival of my Sister-in-Love and my Mother-in-Love

The Soup I made Friday, which they LOVED and asked for the recipe.  I must say it was pretty good.  I sunk the chicken down into the mixture this time and it made for a much more flavorful and moist chicken.

The Easter cupcakes I saved from last week for dessert.


Strawberry Muffins & coffee at breakfast, sandwiches and chips for lunch.

Aidan’s last soccer game Sad smile and the unbelievable wind that came along with it.  I teased the girls that they brought the West Texas wind to Dallas!

My first trip to The Container Store.

Container Store

Oh my word was this a place of glory!

I only bought a few items, but will be going back this week for more items that will make my life all the better!

Gala (MIL) and I were talking while I was getting ready and I proposed to her a girls-only trip to The Container Store and Pinkberry.  She was ALL for it.  I told her I had been wanting to go, but there was no way on God’s green earth I was taking the boys, nor would I make Jeremy endure the unspeakable torture of looking at endless items of organization.  After going and knowing that he is almost as twisted as I am about things being neat and clean, I think he may actually enjoy it.  It’s really not as big as I had thought so we are going to spend our Date Day stop in on Thursday after lunch. Winking smile

My first trip to Pinkberry where I got the salted caramel and chocolate swirl with toasted almonds, brownie bites and cinnamon streusel toppings.  I took one bite and then before I knew it, it was all gone.  It was so incredibly flavorful and creamy.  The flavor was intense and the toppings were fresh and very homemade tasting.   I immediately informed J that this was our destination for our next date!  I think I may have become a frozen yogurt snob after that trip.  Regular Fro-Yo will never taste the same again.

We picked up some pizza for dinner Saturday night.  I wasn’t hungry after my yogurt so I skipped dinner and had an apple and an orange a few hours later.


My family left early and I planned on going to church.  I left my umbrella in Jeremy’s car and as we were about to leave, it started pouring down rain.  We tried to go to the last service but it was still raining. Thumbs down

We spent the rest of the afternoon going to various stores including Ulta, which they actually enjoyed!  I was quite nervous but they liked helping me pick out a new scent.

Then we went to T.J. Maxx and Barnes & Noble.  They bought a few books and Aidan, that kid, let me tell you is the sweetest thing.  He had already picked out several books when I found my favorite book from when I was a little girl.

Miss Nelson is Missing

Miss Nelson

I said “Oh Aidan look!  This was one of my absolute favorites when I was little!”  He looked at it, and then looked at his collection of books.  He said, “Ok, I will put back Curious George and we can get this one.” I said “Oh A.J. why?”  His response,  “Because it was your favorite!”  I swear, he melts me to the core.  He wanted me to read it to him that very night and I think it might be one of his new favorites too!

You also won’t see a picture of the argument Luke and I had over the books he wanted to buy or a picture of Aidan being Aidan, falling over and knocking a book out of a nice gentlemen’s hand who was passing by.

You won’t see the migraine I began to get from listening to the bickering and arguing between those two little cherubs and you won’t see a picture of the 50% off Easter candy I bought and ate out of stress.  It wasn’t my finest moment.

Luke asked me why I bought the candy.  I said “because ya’ll are stressin a sistah out!”  Ever the gentleman and polite, he said “I’m sorry we got into an argument at Barnes & Noble, but thank you for the candy.”  Smile  I said, “It’s ok and you’re welcome, but please let this be an example of what not to do when you are stressed out, M’Kay?”  “Ok.”

Last night I purged the pantry and freezer of all things sweet, salty and crunchy.   Of anything I felt could be a trigger food.  Most of it ended up in Jeremy’s lunch box since the man can’t seem to gain weight even when he tries.  True story.  I have got to refocus or my size 4’s are going to be busting at the seams. I have definitely been eating past the point of comfortable over the past few weeks and I am not sure why.  I think I have been stressed out and falling back into old habits.  They die hard ya’ know?  The number one principal in intuitive eating is to honor your hunger but ALSO and more importantly respect your fullness.  It’s ok to throw half your plate of food in the trash or put it away for later.   This will ALWAYS be a battle for me.  I am so thankful that I am fully aware of what it takes to stay healthy and on track.  So if you notice I am a little more strict in what I am eating and I am kicking the exercise up a notch, just realize I am in full DAMAGE CONTROL!

Eat responsibly


My goals for the week:

Seriously stay away from the sweets.  On the REAL this time.

Make working out a priority, everyday this week.

Do yoga one of those days.

Drink at least 64 oz. of water each day.

Go to church Wednesday night.

Meal plan for next week, trying at least two new recipes.

Sleep.lost weight


“When I slipped up, I pulled myself together, and got right back on track”

Coma Naps.

Right after I finished lunch yesterday I could NOT keep my eyes open.  I was looking through a magazine and I felt so tired and a bit disoriented.  I think with Jeremy being off, my body was saying, “Hey girl, it’s time to take a load off, SLEEP NOW.”  I laid down on the couch and the next thing I knew, Luke was walking through the door, home from school.  I had slept like a rock for 2 hours. This got me thinking about how important sleep is and I wanted to share some things I have learned over the past few years about it.

About the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin.

“Sleep affects the levels of several hormones in your body. Two hormones that play an important role in stimulating and suppressing your appetite are leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is produced by your body’s fat cells and is responsible for suppressing hunger. Ghrelin is released by your stomach, and stimulates your appetite. Lack of sleep lowers the levels of leptin in your blood and heightens the levels of ghrelin, which results in an increase of appetite. The reverse is also true: getting enough sleep decreases hunger and will therefore help you lose weight.”

About Cortisol.

“Getting eight hours of sleep at night helps you lower the cortisol levels in your blood, while lack of sleep raises your cortisol levels. Higher levels of cortisol lead to a lower metabolism. Breaking protein down into glucose is stimulated by cortisol. If you have too much glucose in your body, it will get stored as fat. On top of this, cortisol interferes with your body’s ability to build muscle mass. If you are trying to lose weight, you want to make sure that you have low cortisol levels in your blood. Getting enough sleep helps you do just that.” –

I have also read that the body views lack of sleep as stress and therefore it produces cortisol.

“Although most people get around five to seven hours of sleep a night, experts caution that number should really be somewhere closer to eight hours of sleep. ‘The problem with being chronically sleep-deprived (as in, missing one to two hours nightly) is that the body perceives the sleep loss as a “stress,” which increases levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol (which interferes with insulin function),’ says Shawn Talbott, nutritional biochemist and author of “The Secret Vigor: How to Overcome Burnout, Restore Biochemical Balance, and Reclaim Your Natural Energy.” – Shape Magazine

Sleep is so incredibly important.  One of the things I have learned how to do is to distinguish whether or not I am hungry, or just need a nap.  Most of the time I am just in dire need of a nap.  Being up from 5am until 9pm or later is a LONG day.  I need a little rest in the middle and so do most people.  Unfortunately, not everyone CAN.  That’s why making sleep a priority is really crucial in weight loss,  as well as maintaining it.  In today’s society, we are encouraged to sleep less and work more.  There are never enough hours in the day. That kind of pressure takes a toll on our nervous systems, making us susceptible to a myriad of health problems. I would really encourage you to take the steps to make sleep a priority in you life.  It can make all the difference.

I was definitely feeling my lack of sleep from the get-go yesterday.  I DID NOT want to get up.  I must have sat on the bed for ten minutes before I finally made myself get up and get going.  I know that if I don’t get a head start on everyone, it sets a negative tone for the day.  I was trying to answer an e-mail at 5:30 am yesterday and trying to put my thoughts together was like a car that won’t start. Finally my first cup of coffee kicked in and I was able to finish it, hopefully intelligently.  By the end of my quiet time, I had drank 3 cups of joe.  Coffee cup

Breakfast was my usual and then it was time to hit the gym.  I planned an hour of elliptical work and thanks to the latest Fitness Magazine, it went by pretty quickly.  I wore my heart rate monitor just so I could make sure I wasn’t phoning it in.  When I run, I have no problem getting my heart rate up, but the elliptical takes a little more effort.

photo 1

photo 3

505 calories burned per machine vs. 406 per HRM

This would be proof that you shouldn’t really pay any attention to how many calories the machine says you have burned.  I even entered my age and weight.  Confused smile

By the time I got home it was after 12pm and I was super hungry!  I snacked on an apple and a few almonds (7 to be exact) while I was figuring out what I wanted.

photo 4

Quorn Turk’y Burger w/ reduced-fat Colby Jack Cheese Panini on an Orowheat SandwichThin, 2 Cuties, blueberries and baby carrots.

I intended on going to Ulta right after lunch but proceeded to take a coma nap for 2 hours.  I had two coupons that I needed to use by Friday so I went when I got up instead.  Ulta is like the Mother Ship calling me home.  Every time I walk in there I hear angels singing.  I walked around smelling all the delicious scents and looking at make-up.  It was glorious!  Thanks to my coupons, I got some really good stuff.  I went in for foundation primer and a large round brush.  I got those things plus a free tube of lipstick and a free bottle of conditioner.  Bonus: the brush I wanted was half off.  HOLLA!  Side note: I totally recommend Ulta’s foundation primer called Fabulous Face.  It is half as much as the other primers and works so well.  I swear when I put it on, it looks like someone has gone over my skin with Photoshop.  It smooth’s fine lines & evens skin tone.  I wear it everyday whether I wear make-up or not.

photo 1 (2)

Red heart

photo 2 (2)

Happy Girl!

I needed a little pick me up so I stopped by a little piece of heaven on earth.

photo 5

Grande Non-Fat Misto – 2 Splendas


Dinner was another recipe similar to the one I made a few weeks ago.

photo 4 (2)

I made Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken from the blog Iowa Girl Eats.  Can you tell I was craving Mexican Food last week when I made the menu for this week?  I served the mixture on white corn tortillas with reduced fat shredded cheese, a little bit of light sour cream, & fat free refried beans.  I have a secret love affair with my crock pot.  I love throwing together everything in the morning when I am at my best; before the exhaustion of the day takes over and I just throw in the towel.  My poor kids have eaten so many sandwiches and bowls of cereal for dinner.  What am I talking about, poor kids.  They would live on cereal and sandwiches if I let them!

This dish was good.  I think I like the other recipe better.  The chicken was a bit bland and sort of dry for some reason.  I think I should have made sure it was submerged in order to better soak up moisture and seasoning.  It made a lot and to that I am thankful.  I love to cook, but I don’t necessarily like to cook at dinner time.  Winking smile

Trixie liked it!

photo 2 (3)

Look at the desperation in those eyes!

photo 3 (2)

For dessert I had two pieces of Jamie’s Bread that I made yesterday.

photo 2

J and I are going to see The Hunger Games today and I couldn’t be MORE excited!  I hope that we can eat at Mimi’s but if not a cupcake will do!



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