The Plague of 2012

I don’t know about everyone else…, actually I do know.  While everyone else was eating treats and frolicking in the beautiful Christmas Snow, this is what we were doing on Christmas!

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After we did our Christmas Eve traditions of opening our Christmas Jammies and putting out treats for Santa and the reindeer,

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We settled down for a good nights rest only to be woken up by The Plague of 2012 striking down it’s next victim.   Jeremy.

Bless his sweet heart.  I made him sleep in Luke’s room.  The next morning I disinfected the entire house for a second time.  Jeremy slept last night for 13 hours and woke up feeling great.  Still very tired and afraid to eat anything, but better.  This morning I disinfected the entire house for a third time and I still don’t feel like it’s clean enough. I never thought I would ever say this, but I am really tired of cleaning!  I have been the Germ Nazi today, driving my family crazy but for real! So far I have not gotten it and I would like to keep it that way!  Luke came home from his dad’s today and I don’t want him getting it either.  They aren’t allowed to even breath in each other’s direction!  Lynn (my dear sweet father-in-law) came down with it, which I feel terrible about.  He said he hadn’t had a stomach virus since 1974!  Everyone else who was here is still well thankfully.  I don’t know how that miracle happened.  Gala (my mother-in-law) slept in Aidan’s bed!!!!  I am still afraid that I am going to get it.  I have absolutely zero appetite. Which presents it’s own set of problems.  So far I have been able to stomach oatmeal, apples and an entire sleeve of crackers.  A cookie here and there.  Yesterday I got a little bit of an appetite and ate two cookies, a few bites of banana pudding and some oatmeal.  Only to immediately  feel like I was going to hurl.  At that point I just knew it was my turn but I went to sleep and woke up feeling better.  Just super fatigued.  I hope I get my appetite back soon.  It’s a good thing we have a big freezer for all of the delicious Christmas treats no one has been able to eat.

Even though the last few days haven’t been ideal, I have to say that I am still very thankful for a few things.


Jeremy was off the Sat/Sun Aidan got sick and was able to help me.  He was able to help all through the next day and Christmas Eve, until it struck him.  He would be off the next several days in order to fully recover & not have to take sick time,  leaving the department short handed.  I am glad that our family was leaving on Sunday instead of being here in the middle of it all.


I am thankful that I had the opportunity to take care of my son in a way that no one else would.  Things like this create strong bonds between loved ones.  I am thankful I was able to take care of Jeremy the best I could.  And we could laugh about it in a twisted sort of way

Tom Thumb

Christmas morning I drove to 3 different stores thinking they would all be open but that was not the case.  Only Tom Thumb was open.  I had to get crackers, Gatorade, popsicles, tissues, toilet paper, juice, ginger ale, bread and they had all of it!  I am thankful that I had a car to drive there and money to buy the sick supplies.

Most importantly I am thankful it didn’t last long and they are beginning to feel normal again.  I feel like we got jipped on Christmas this year.  Poor A.J. & Jer-Bear.  Sad smile  One day this week I will get to posting about the good parts of our Christmas!


Super Parents

It’s not often that I (ok, pretty much never) feel like a great mom. I too often fall victim to the comparison trap.

good mom


But lately I have been feeling like SUPER MOM!

Starting last week with the boys Christmas“Winter” Parties….*eyeroll”

Aidan’s teacher asked me to do a big project for their party and I happily obliged!

It was a present of treats in a box, wrapped with 20 things, put in a bigger box wrapped with 20 things, put in an even bigger box wrapped with 20 things.

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photo 1 (2)

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The kids listened to music while passing around the box and when the music stopped the child holding the box took off an item. This continued until everything was gone and then they all got to have treats from the very last box! So fun to be able to do!

THEN I baked 9 dozen cookies for treats to give to the boy’s classmates along with cards from them.

photo 2 (3)

I got to put my “new” KitchenAide to good use! This was Jeremy’s Grandmother’s that his dad gave to me! This is the best gift I have ever gotten! I love it!

photo 2 (4)

I used a box mix considering my time constraint and the fact that I had to make so many cookies! They turned out fan-freakin-tastic! I highly recommend the Krusteaz Chocolate Crackle Cookie mix.

photo 5 (4)

Jeremy and I package all 45 little treat bags and sent them all to school the next day! I felt like a CHAMPION!!!!

I was given another opportunity to feel like Super Mom this weekend when my sweet Aidan fell victim to the dreaded…….Stomach Virus……

Jeremy’s family came to visit for Christmas last Friday and we had our Christmas on Saturday. That night around 9:30, Aidan was complaining of stomach pain. I didn’t think anything of it except it was probably gas. He did eat a lot of turkey and his little belly isn’t used to all that meat. Well…..I was wrong wrong wrong.

The 3 of us camped out in the bathroom on pillows and blankets, read books & listened to the classical station on Pandora all night. From 10pm until 4 am we were up every 30-45 minutes. It was so sad. We have been so lucky to not have had a bout of stomach flu in this family in almost 10 years. I was so proud to say we had been “Vomit-Free-Since 2003”. I am very diligent about keeping my house very clean, the boys are constantly washing their hands, so are Jeremy and I. I wipe down grocery carts, tables at restaurants, use hand sanitizer. I don’t ever eat questionable food nor do I allow the boys to. If you had been through the last bout of stomach bug we went through (in 2003) you would be just as diligent. That kind of trauma never leaves you.

But alas….it was only a matter of time before all of our precaution was just not enough to keep it out of our lives. Poor Aidan. The saddest thing I think I have ever heard was him say “What’s happening to me?” Bless his sweet sweet heart. He was such a good boy through it all. I felt terrible because he was so thirsty and I knew I couldn’t give him anything so I let him suck on an ice cube. Talk about heart breaking. I couldn’t sleep at all. I read my new book, looked on Pinterest, stared at him, prayed for him. About 4am is when the vomiting every 30 mins finally stopped. From about 4-7 am I was neither awake nor asleep not wanting to miss the first signs of another attack. I was supposed to volunteer that morning so I got up and texted the director of the children’s ministry that I wouldn’t be there. Jeremy went to the store for Pedialyte. Our family left early so we could take care of Aidan. After they left, Jeremy and I disinfected this house from top to bottom. We stripped the beds, mopped, Lysol’d anything that stood still, and opened all the windows even though it was 50 degrees. I was so incredibly thankful that we made it to the toilet every single time so the worst part of cleaning up wasn’t something we had to deal with. Thank you JESUS! Aidan was feeling completely normal after some Pedialyte and Pediapops.. I don’t get that! He wasn’t even tired! Oh to have that kind of energy! Jeremy and I were totally wired on coffee and probably a second wind.

That afternoon he started to feel bad again and vomited a few more times. But after the second time we convinced him that maybe some toast would make him feel better. He was so afraid of eating anything. Understandably! But he did begin to feel better after the toast. And by better I mean not a constant feeling of needing to make a trip to the bathroom…..Sad smile You just never can trust that stomach flu. It’s a beastly thing.

We watched Home Alone on Jeremy’s tablet,


and finally fell asleep around 9. Poor Jeremy slept on a cot in Aidan’s room so that I could get a full nights rest. We were pretty sure Aidan would sleep through the night but, honestly, you never know. Jeremy hardly slept because Aidan was up needing to go potty, or was thirsty. I, on the other hand, slept like a rock for about 11 hours. To say the least we will ALL sleep tight tonight on this lovely Christmas Eve!

Aidan is feeling much better today. We have been following the B.R.A.T diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. He has been tolerating it very well. I’ve also been letting him have white grape juice and Gatorade. I think we will continue with that tomorrow and I will let him have some chicken soup tomorrow night for his Christmas Feast!

I am super afraid that Jeremy and I are next. I pray my in-laws don’t come down with it! So far Jeremy and I are good but…..ugh. I have been so afraid to eat anything lest I spend the next 6 hours worshipping the porcelain throne! At this point I can’t tell if my slight nausea and weakness is from the lack of food or the first signs that it’s my turn!!!! I went to Target today to relieve my cabin fever and started to feel hot and dizzy while picking out fruit! Hopefully this fear will pass. I just know it could take a few days to show up and I don’t want to be caught of guard!!!!

Well, I am off to get ready for Santa Claus!!!! I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!

Here is a VERY good link that I followed through the night and the next day to the T. It was immensely helpful for someone who has never really had to handle this. Except in 2003 when I was completely clueless on how to treat the stomach bug. I did all the wrong things which is most likely why it was so awful.

Dr. Sear’s