Request Denied….

So my abundant energy yesterday took a complete nose dive around 3:30 yesterday afternoon.  I was counting the minutes until Jeremy finally made it home.  I was so tired that I was laying in bed by the time he got home and didn’t even have enough energy to get onto my children who were completely taking advantage of the fact that Mommy was collapsed in the bed.

“Aidan, go brush your teeth.”


“Luke have you put lotion on? And please go put some socks on your feet, I mopped today”

request denied…..

“Boys please stay in your rooms until Daddy gets home, don’t talk to each other and please stop fighting.”

5 min later I hear them fighting… the living room.  Whatever, I didn’t even care anymore.  Been there before?

Jeremy walked through that door not a minute too soon.  He was so sweet and brought home some ice cream, but I was too exhausted to eat it!  Thumbs down I was dead to the world by 8pm.

I slept well last night and felt really good this morning.  I am still feeling really good which is surprising because normally I am worthless by 2pm.  Which got me thinking.  I had a really incredible workout yesterday.  Not only did I run, but I came home and did level 2 of 30 Day Shred, THEN I mopped our floors.  But by 3…..forget it.  It was literally like when your cold medicine has worn off.  It was sudden, I was driving home from the grocery store and it hit me.

This morning I had another incredible run.  I ran for 30 min increasing the speed every 5 minutes.  I did walk for 5 min in between but finished like I was some sort of machine at 5.8 for 2 min and then 6 mph for 2 min, which is fast for these stubby legs.  I really surprised myself.   I was definitely in “the zone”.  I did some ab work afterwards and then some stretching.  When I got home I felt like running another couple of miles or doing a DVD.  But I had to start on some other things so I didn’t have the time.  For some reason I decided to look up L-Carnitine which is the other supplement in the raspberry ketone I am taking.  I found that one of the benefits of a carnitine supplement is that it has been shown to reduce fatigue.   I am wondering if it has anything to do with the way I have felt during my workouts.  I took one this morning with breakfast and my morning vitamins and I also took one with lunch instead of dinner (like I did last night).  I am feeling great!  I did just drink some Spark,  so I am sure that has something to do with it too.  But it’s something to note!  I decided on the TopSecret formula after a woman at GNC recommended the L-Carnitine alone.  She had some good results in fat loss with it.  I have heard of L-Carnitine but have never been one for supplements so I never paid much attention to the uses of it.

WEB MD – Benefits of L-Carnitine

What’s funny is the above article says it is “likely ineffective for improving athletic ability. There is no evidence that taking L-carnitine supplements will improve exercise performance or endurance, even in trained athletes.”

Well, I am here to tell you now….it seems to be workin for me…..Winking smile  But then again, I could just be having a good couple of days!

So far I am liking the supplement.  I should be getting my kidney bean extract sometime soon.  I am still deciding if I want to start taking it as well.  I think I will wait until I am finished with the ketones so I don’t contaminate the experiment Winking smile

My eats and treat so far today are:


photo 1

Another Smoothie.  I have been craving them in the morning.  I think because it’s not as chilly and they seem to settle faster enabling me to get to the gym earlier.  Even though I LOVE this combo, I need to come up with a new one.  Today’s smoothie was exceptional and super thick.  I almost had to eat it with a spoon.

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop EAS Lean 15
  • 1 tablespoon chia
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 small frozen banana

Post Workout Snack

photo 3

Fuji Apple, Cara Cara orange, Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread


Was SO delicious!

photo 2

Van De Camps Parchment Bake Tilapia in Lemon Pepper, Archer Farms broccoli in a 4 cheese sauce.

I love the Parchment bake so much.  It is so quick and easy to make.  It only takes 20 minutes to bake, there is ZERO mess to clean up and it is delicious!


The ice cream Jeremy brought home last night that I was too tired to eat.

photo 4

Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge Brownie

I have to get started on the meal planning and grocery list now so I can go grocery shopping later this evening while Jeremy takes the boys to church.

Speaking of grocery shopping….I stumbled upon this this afternoon!

Avoid Grocery Store Aisles – Greatist

I do tend to stick to the perimeter,  but the stores are really getting good about stocking shelves with more natural products.  I also think many manufacturers are catching onto the idea of producing more natural products.

Lastly, something to make you giggle….or at least smile….and please excuse the language in the first part….but unfortunately, it’s the truth. Annoyed

Men Vs. Womenvia


A Weird Saturday

Sleeping until 9:30am does not suit me well. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and I am sure I needed it, but it was 5:30pm before I knew it! I got a lot of housework done thanks to my abundant energy. What I did not get done was a workout, Thumbs down but my entire house is spotless. I also did not take my little boy to the book store, but I ironed 3 of his shirts! I suppose those count for something! Mopping my floors alone is a good cardio workout! Seriously, I wore my heart rate monitor once and found I burned almost 200 calories in 30 just by mopping. So, just sayin….house work is WORK! And for the record, he is as much a homebody as I am so he wasn’t really interested in the bookstore anyway.

My lunch yesterday was more of the same

photo 1photo 2

Romaine lettuce, baby carrots, blueberries, chickpeas, almonds, strawberries, reduced fat feta cheese and light balsamic vinaigrette.


photo 3

Larabar in blueberry muffin.

Here’s a shocker, I wasn’t crazy about it! It didn’t really taste like blueberry. Bummer.

After I got all the housework done, I felt a strong need to do some baking.

photo 4 (2)

photo 5 (2)

Jamie Eason’s Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread


Homemade Larabar Bites

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

I got the idea for these from one of my favorite blogs called Peanut Butter Fingers.

I used that basic recipe and made a few changes.

12 pitted dates

1/2 cup raw unsalted peanuts

1/3 cup oats

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla

2 tbsp. water

I put everything into my food processor and let it whirl until a paste formed. Then I rolled them into balls and refrigerated them. They strangely taste like those oatmeal chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies.


One Ginormous Homemade Larabar

photo 3 (2)

I used the recipe found here for the Peanut Butter and Jam Bars.


photo 5

My first and most likely last attempt at homemade cinnamon raisin peanut butter.

It was a sad sad outcome. I didn’t even put raisins in.

I used the recipe found here.

It tastes pretty good but I will stick to buying my all natural peanut butter. Some things aren’t worth the trouble!

So instead of working out, I baked for 2 hours. Hey, at least I have some yummy & healthy treats for after I DO workout!

Dinner was basically me tasting all my goodies. I ruined my appetite for anything else. I’m telling you, Larabars are legit! They keep you full and satiated for hours!

This morning I have a class at church and then service. I do plan on making up my workout from yesterday, it’s going to take some extra effort because working out has no place in my Sunday, but, I need to make it happen. Then this afternoon Aidan FINALLY gets to play some soccer. I PRAY it doesn’t rain. Spring Soccer? Maybe not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.

Do find yourself eating even though you aren’t hungry? This may help…..

Why do I eat when I am not hungry? – Greatist

Everything is Done!

I am feeling so so much better.  I have slept GREAT the past two nights, been eating right, drinking plenty of water and getting caught up on everything that has been put on the back burner for a few weeks now.  I feel like things are balanced again and this break was exactly what my recent case of burn out needed.  Party smile

After the laundry was put away, Aidan and I went outside to pull some weeds in my flower bed.  Well, I pulled weeds, Aidan squished grub worms.  I told him they were bad because they ate my flowers, he said he was “getting them” for me.  Ahhh, boys, so sweet.  Dealing with the weeds in my flower bed was one of the things that just kept nagging me but I never could find the time to get out there to do it.  It only took about a half hour to do, but sometimes half a minute is too much!  I would have liked to have gone to get a haircut and a manicure/pedicure (also on my to-do list) but I don’t think there’s enough candy in the world to bribe two little boys to sit in a beauty salon for 2 hours.  Thumbs down

I was really hungry this afternoon and had two pretty substantial snacks

photo 1 (3)

Apple, Dannon Greek Yogurt in Vanilla, Jamie’s Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread on top.

A couple of hours later I had this…..

photo 5 (2)

Larabar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

At least it was a snack, which is what its supposed to be, instead of my “meal”.  Baby Steps.

I got the menu planning, coupon clipping and grocery list making done for the week. Usually I do this on Tuesday nights but I think putting it off until then (like I have the last two weeks) has been the beginning of me being sleep deprived the rest of the week from staying up late to do it. When I start my “grocery shopping project”, I always go through and see what I already have and go from there.  It was easy this week because we still have a lot of things from last week and I can make some of the same meals again plus we have some leftovers that I had put in the freezer. Thumbs up

Tonight I made spaghetti for the boys but I really wanted some more of Gina’s salad and the veggies I roasted earlier today.

photo 2 (3)photo 3

and a roll.

photo 4 (2)

I cleaned the kitchen, folded more laundry, helped pick up the boy’s rooms, and now I am happily getting myself into bed at a very reasonable hour!  I am looking forward to getting up early and getting my Mommy’s Day Out started!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

On Tuesday night I stayed up way too late trying to find some new recipes, finding coupons, meal planning and making my grocery list.  Last night I was up too late also.

Tuesday night I found myself hungry around 9pm

photo 3

photo 4

Luna Bar & an Apple

Last night I found myself hungry around 9pm

photo 1

photo 2

M&M’s and a Quaker Granola Bar

We all have our diet down falls.  Mine was/is late night snacking.  Now, there is nothing wrong with having a little snack after dinner but when it begins to sabotage your healthy eating plan, it can become an issue.

When Jeremy was working nights right after I had Aidan, I found myself staying up until 12-1am.  I couldn’t go to bed because because,  1. I was worried about him,  2. I was lonely and 3. It was the only time I had to myself to read, watch T.V., chat with friends, and eat in peace.  I found myself eating more late at night than I did all day.  Pringles, Diet Cokes, snack cakes, you name it.  Anything salty, sweet, salty & sweet.  I was using food to soothe myself late at night when the loneliness was too much.

In Jan of 2010 when I started Weight Watchers,  I ate really good all day, and then when  I would be up late, I found myself fighting the Late Night Snack Monster.  One of the things I did while I was on the diet was make excuses for myself.  I deserve this bag of Goldfish, I am exhausted, I have been doing so good, I just need to have this and then I will be extra good tomorrow.  Jeremy had gone back to the night shift and subconsciously I was looking for a way to soothe my loneliness and stress again.

When I decided to lose the weight, I had a resolve that I had never had before.  One of the things that I did was make a list called “Solutions For My Excuses.” I wrote the excuse or problem;  ex. Not Exercising or Late Night Snacking.  And then underneath it I would brain storm solutions.

Excuse/Problem: Late Night Snacking

Solution:  “MAKE myself go to bed early.”

This will  be beneficial for two reasons:

  1. If I am in bed asleep, I can’t be in the kitchen eating.
  2. I read that being sleep deprived is one of the main culprits behind unhealthy cravings.  If I get more sleep, maybe I won’t be so hungry in the afternoon and at night.”



I started putting the boys to bed by 8pm and I was in bed by 9pm.  I wasn’t necessarily asleep, but I was on my way.  I wasn’t going to get up and eat if my teeth were brushed, I wasn’t going to get out of my comfortable bed and put down my gossip magazine to eat.  Over time this became easy for me.  I began looking forward to going to bed early and began counting the hours until my own bedtime.  I began getting up very early in order to have some time to myself, instead of staying up very late.  Now I get up at 5am and I am in bed as soon as I can get there.  Sometimes, I am in bed before Jeremy even gets home.

This brings me to the last two nights of late night snacking.  Even though I was legitimately hungry, I do get hungry every 2-3 hours, I wouldn’t have been if I was asleep.  Those snacks didn’t send me over what I try to keep my daily calorie intake at. I was legitimately hungry and I wasn’t emotionally eating.  However, it was a good reminder of  those days long ago and of why I changed my sleeping habits to the old saying, “Early to Bed Early to Rise”

You may also enjoy: WebMD – How sleep deprivation affects you weight.

My husband, my personal trainer

I love working out with my husband because, he pushes me out of my comfort zone by showing me exercises I have never heard of.

Me:  lil_jon_dave_chappelle_

Jeremy: lil_jon_yeah

He helps me use heavier weights by lugging them around for me as my puny arms & back cannot lift up a 45 lb. plate for a leg circuit, and he makes me laugh by doing this impression,

when I absolutely can not lift myself up even a single inch more.

Rolling on the floor laughing We did chest and back today through a series of supersets.  Totally out-of-my-comfort-zone supersets at that. They left me barely able to hold the pen to write down what we were doing. I can’t wait to try it again! You start out with a warm-up weight, add more for the second set, a little more for the third and then drop back down to the beginning weight for the last set of ten.  For ex. On bench press, my sets looked like this

Set 1 Bar (45lbs)

Set 2 Bar plus 10 (55lbs)

Set 3 Bar plus 20 (65lbs)

Set 4 Bar (45lbs)

The point is to work to fatigue & by the last set it should be hard to lift the lightest weight. image

I also did my ab challenge


Breakfast was, SURPRISE!  A little different.  We slept in this morning until 7 and had to be at the gym pretty soon so I wasn’t super hungry for breakfast but knew I had to eat something.

photo 1 (2)

1/2 and Orowheat sandwich thin, 1/2 tbsp. all-natural peanut butter, sprinkle of chia seeds, 1/2 small banana, sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.

Then it was off to the gym to join Jeremy for his ridiculous chest and back workout.


photo 3 (3)

Leftovers for them and back to reality for me!

photo 3 (2)

Yes again…when I get on a kick it lasts at least a week!

Later I decided to go for a run

Perception of Running(via)

photo 2 (4)


Before I went though, I needed a snack

photo 1 (4)

Clif Kid Z-Bar

photo 2 (3)

And when I got back, I needed a snack

photo 4 (3)

Protein bread, apple, almonds

photo 3 (5)

I say that takes care of at least ONE cupcake.

And finally some dinner

photo 1 (6)

Whole wheat spaghetti, ground turkey, Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce, a pinch of fat free mozzarella cheese, multi-grain dinner roll.

photo 2 (5)

Vitamin Water Zero Glow = Favorite drink

Dinner was so yummy I went back for just a little bit more.

It’s been a long, lovely, beautiful day.  Church tomorrow morning, soccer tomorrow night.  I better hurry up to bed.  We may have to catch the late service in order to sleep a tad bit longer!

Good to know:    Exercise Your Brain –Women’s Health

Ready for Fun

We have quite a few things going on this weekend starting this afternoon with some friends coming over and then they are going on a date while we watch their little ones!  2 girls, having them over is so refreshing!  They are so sweet and precious.  They always tell me how pretty my hair is and that they want to brush it.  They want to play with stickers and talk about Barbies and princesses. The most noticeable thing is how much calmer they are than my boys!  They are just lovely.

Breakfast was the usual.

photo 2

I added some pumpkin pie spice on top of the bananas.  Yum!

My workout was a 40 min jog on the treadmill followed by my ab challenge and a stretch out. Hopefully soon I will be posting what my ab challenge actually is and my treadmill workouts.  Work in progress!

Post workout snack

photo 5photo 1

I love Kashi bars, not as much as Larabars, but….almost.

Lunch was a repeat of a few days ago.

photo 4

Baby carrots, grapes, strawberries, my tuna salad on an Orowheat sandwich thin. I also had an apple while I was preparing lunch.

I was a vegetarian for 2 years and this sandwich was one of the reasons I am slowly incorporating some meats back into my diet!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Oh Happy Day!

I found myself super tired yesterday evening around 5:30, all I wanted to do was to get in the bed.  I guess the adrenaline rush from the little fender-bender yesterday had worn off and I crashed.  No pun intended Winking smile.  I hadn’t planned anything for dinner. It was going to be a “cereal night” because we were out of everything and I desperately needed to go to the grocery store.  I couldn’t really pin point anything I wanted.  I had a handful of peanuts, a few bites of granola, and a of couple almonds before I went to my default choice of Honey Bunches of Oats.  Can’t go wrong with that!  A few hours later I had a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar.  Not a nutritiously stellar dinner, but I was satisfied and that’s all that matters.

I slept in about 30 minutes this morning. I couldn’t pull myself away from the warm man sleeping next to me.  But alas, his alarm went off and we both had to face the day Thumbs down.

I didn’t get my quiet time in this morning because Aidan got up with us and Jeremy and I were catching up from the week. Other than that, it was routine as usual.


photo 1

~ 1/4 cup old fashioned rolled oats

~ 1/2 cup Silk unsweetened almond milk
~ 1/2 tbsp. all natural peanut butter
~ 1 tsp. chia seeds~ 1/2 small banana
~ 1 packet Truvia

Microwave the oats and the almond milk for 1:30-2:00 min stirring often to prevent boiling over.  Stir in extras.

….same but different Winking smile

My workout this morning consisted of 30 minutes on the elliptical, which was pretty intense.  I was having a hard time getting my heart rate up so I kept having to increase the resistance.  After that, I intended to do the same lower body workout that I did last week, but my legs were really tired for some reason (5 mile run perhaps?). So I just did the exercises that would work the large muscle groups.

Post workout snack

photo 3

I ended up eating just the almonds and ate the banana after the grocery trip.

Right after the gym we went to the grocery store.  Aidan and I play a little game called “How Fast Can We Get Out Of Here?”.  Depending on the amount of things we need, I will set a time and the goal is… guessed it, to see how fast we can get out of there.  Today we made it out 5 minutes under our goal!  Holla!  I love a full pantry and refrigerator, but man do I hate grocery shopping.  I try to streamline it with a grocery list that I type up in word.  It has all the items listed in order to follow how the store is set up.  Also, I keep my coupons in order the same way.  OCD much?  Hey, it comes in handy sometimes.

We went home to drop off the groceries, then I had to go to Target for some other items.  While I was there I picked up my needed items and then browsed for a while.  Usually that spells trouble, but today I found the clearance section and got some awesome deals!

photo 4

I have a serious addiction to really like Larabars, a lot.  But they are very pricey.  Between $1.20 and $1.50 per bar. I get them only when they are on sale. One of these packages was $5.60 and the other was $4. I am set for a week several weeks! Thumbs up The Annie’s Mac-n-Cheese was on sale for $3.60.  I love when I find good-for-you foods on sale.  Oh Happy Day!

When I got home from Target I was a little hungry so I had the other half of the banana, but really didn’t feel like anything else.  I showered, talked to a friend, and THEN 3 hours later…..I was finally hungry.

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (2)

Tuna fish salad on an Orowheat Sandwich Thin, baby carrots, grapes and strawberries.

Mandi’s Tuna Salad: makes 2 servings

~ Canned Tuna
~ 1 tbsp. Light Miracle Whip
~ squeeze of mustard
~ 1 tbsp. relish
~ salt and pepper to taste

This intuitive eating thing is taking time to get used to.

Right now this is what’s going on.


Luke and Daddy are in a serious match. Aidan is thinks he is involved too.

Hopefully the last part of my day will be as lovely as the first part.

Happy Friday!

I know it’s confusing for most, it even confuses me sometimes.  But today is our Friday!  I am so glad that I will get to see my husband for more than 30 minutes at a time, for a few days at least!

It was really hard getting up again this morning, even though I went to bed pretty much as soon as Jeremy walked in the door last night.  I developed a rotten headache around 6 o’clock and was counting the minutes until he would get home.  I think my hunger levels may have been a combination of a lot of things yesterday.

Once I was up it was business as usual.  One of the things that helps me get out of bed early like that is thinking…..alright, if you can just get to the coffee maker, you are good to go girl…so get up, get up now, get up…..ok now….

Coffee, quiet time and chores.  One of the things I do every morning is wipe down the bathrooms.

photo 1 (4)

When you live with three boys, these bad boys are essential.  Whoever invented these is brilliant.

Breakfast as usual:

photo 2 (4)

I knew I was going to have a 5 mile run this morning so I used the whole banana and a whole tbsp. of peanut butter instead of half.

Then it was time to wake up this little angel.

photo 5 (3)

And get him his breakfast

photo 3 (3)

I’m kidding, but holy allergies batman, poor kid.

Off to school then home for a run.

photo 2photo 4

Jogging in the middle of February in a tank top is glorious.

Post workout snack while I stretched & rehydrated

photo 1 (2)

Apple & Jamie’s “banana” protein bars

Got cleaned up, spent too much time texting baby daddies and then…


photo 4 (2)photo 5 (2)

Turkey and Provolone Panini on whole wheat, baby carrots, grapes and Cuties.

And that was my Mommy’s Day Out!

After I picked up A from school, I planned to go get the car washed.  I was on my way there when I was rear-ended.  No biggie, my car is amazing because he hit me pretty good and there are just some scratches. I feel like a pansy for saying that my head hurts but sadly it does.  I knew I needed to, but I didn’t want to, call “The Law” and tell him I was rear-ended.  I am glad I am married to him though because he is the one calling the insurance company about it, only because he knows I won’t.  Anyway, we did make it to the car wash then headed home.

I had two snacks this afternoon

Snack 1

photo 3 (4)

Low-fat vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, almonds, banana protein bread.

Snack 2

photo - Copy

I could live on Luna Bars.

I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon meal planning, coupon clipping and grocery list making.  My Luke is finally home after the long weekend and all is well again.