But Sandwiches

I remember the first time someone said to me “Amanda, be aware of your ‘But Sandwiches’.”  Say what?  You know…..when you give someone praise, sandwich a “but” in there and then say something negative.  It negates the praise.

We have been getting a lot of “But Sandwiches” in our feedback about the house.  I am tired of them bringing their buts in this house! Smile

  • Home shows beautifully, love the layout and space, favorite of the day……but they would like larger bedrooms.
  • Home showed well, love the decoration and organization but would like higher ceilings.
  • Home showed great but would like bigger backyard.
  • Home showed well, it is their favorite but want to be closer to mother in Mansfield.
  • Home showed well, beautifully decorated, like a model!  But client needs 4th bedroom……
  • Home showed beautifully but clients didn’t like the color of brick……
  • Very nice home!!!!  But clients will pass because of location.
  • Beautiful home but clients don’t like layout.

The biggest one?  Our front door and back door line up with each other….It’s bad luck.  I wish someone had told me about that 4 years ago!

Our realtor gave us a little pep talk yesterday because Jeremy and I were seriously considering trying something else.  Either dropping our price, which honestly we can’t do if we want to be able to buy the kind of home we are wanting.  Or just taking it off the market for a year, saving money, paying the mortgage down and trying to sell it at a lower price then.  We don’t want to do either but……we have to be realistic here.  Anyway Mike, our awesome realtor, said that we are priced right, some homes just take longer than others, we have so many showings that he is shocked we haven’t had a legitimate offer yet and he thinks we will get something in the next 30 days.  I mean we had one but……well I don’t want to talk about it.  Crying face  We currently have someone lowballing us.  The ones who showed up an hour late last week. They keep calling Mike asking what we will take.  At first they asked if we’d take 17,900 less than what we are asking.  Then 12,900.  He was like NO!  Look make a formal written offer and we will go from there.  So we shall see how that pans out.

My new motto when we get feedback is “Good luck with that!”  Bigger bedrooms, bigger yard, ceramic tile, granite counter tops……they want it all for nothing.  So, good luck with that!  I am sorry if I sound aggravated, I really am.  It’s been a long 103 days ya’ll.

We have two showings scheduled for tomorrow……sigh……Fingers crossed

Ok enough about that…..


This was the other day while we were waiting out The Lowballers that missed their appointment and showed up an hour late.  Jeremy asked what we were doing so I sent him a picture.  She’s my little sidekick!

photo 1

The other day I put some chicken tenderloins, a jar of salsa and a packet of McCormick’s Less Sodium Taco Seasoning in a crock pot, cooked it on low for 6 hours and VOILA!  The best chicken ever.  I found the recipe on My Chocolate Therapy and she got it from Tasty Kitchen.  It is superb!!!!  I have made it twice and we have gobbled it up both times.  So easy!!!

The first time we ate it with shredded cheese over corn tortillas

photo 3

Today I just heated it up, shredded it and ate it with some fresh veggies and fat free cream cheese.  Delish!!!

photo 5

I made my oats a tad different this morning.  They were really good and kept me full for hours!

1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 tbsp. vanilla protein powder and 1 tbsp. almond butter.  Yums!

photo 4

I am still pretty sore from that stealthy workout the other day.  I feel like I am being punished for mocking Jillian.  I can just hear that raspy little voice taunting me. “Oh it wasn’t hard?  Didn’t ‘feel the burn’?  Ok…..you just wait buddy.”

I am stretching it out, walking around, stretching, stretching, stretching and letting my muscles repair for a few days because Jeremy and I are going to begin a new challenge on Monday…..

photo 2

Oh yes…..

My friend Cheryl and I traded my BodyBugg and her P90X system.   I am so excited to get started.  I feel like it’s just the thing I need right now to focus on since my hopes and dreams are currently on hold…..THANK YOU CHERI BETH!!!!!

Well, I wish everyone a beautiful weekend!  I PRAY I will have good news to share over the weekend….if not….catch you Monday with my first review of my first day of P90!!!!!



20 Snacks under 200

If you are like me…everyone you know is or has been sick. –  How Top Doctors Stay Healthy


I stand corrected

I can just pop in quickly today because sometimes (two days in a row for me as of now….Annoyed) you start out with your day all planned out and then sometimes things just don’t quite work out.

One of the reasons the last two days are not going as planned is because I was absolutely without a doubt WRONG about Shred-It with weights.  The full blown DOMS don’t usually set in until 24 hours after you have done a new workout that your muscles are not used to.  After my post yesterday I got up from my desk and almost fell down because of the PAIN in my hamstrings, quads, inner thighs and butt.  It only got worse as the day progressed.  I am fully aware that the best relief from DOMS is to work it out.  So I tried to stretch, walk, stretch…..every time I got still for any amount of time I was right back where I started.  This soreness is the kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night when you try to turn over.  WOW.  I am STILL so sore.  I am being a complete baby about it but hey, I am just honest.  I don’t want to move.  And when I do have to do something, like getting my house clean by 9 am for a showing…..I am completely exhausted from the effort it has taken.



This morning I had planned on getting at least a walk in before anything could interrupt me. Like it did yesterday when I got a showing request for 1:15-2:15 and they never showed up so I went home and then they decided to show up late at 2:20 and ask if they could still show they house…..SURE!  Why not?…..I was just about to FINALLY eat lunch but no that can wait…..

But instead of a long morning walk to work out the DOMS, I got the house cleaned up in record time because I got a showing request for 9am.  Look…… beggars can’t be choosers so I approved it.  Then I went to the grocery store, came home, put the groceries away and then passed out for 2 hours.  Why the coma you may ask?  Well I was awake at 2:45 am until I decided to just go ahead and get up at 4:45.  I needed to get a head start on today anyway so why not make the most of my insomnia.

After my coma nap I felt refreshed and I got myself dressed to go on that walk after the boys and Jeremy got home this afternoon.  Well, at about 3 I received another showing request for 4:30…..anymore instead of getting excited about showing, I get annoyed….but this one is a second showing from the one this morning so I am not annoyed.  Not excited because we all know second showings mean squat, but I am not annoyed.  That’s a plus.

I would love to go into all the ridiculous feedback we have gotten on the last few showings but I just don’t want to be a Negative Nelly….I am remaining positive about the situation.  If today’s second showing turns out to be something good, I can not WAIT to talk about the conversation Jeremy and I had this morning…….

Well, I better get going!  Wish us luck!!!!!

Shred-It with Weights

I got myself all ready to go for a run this morning.  It wasn’t raining anymore and running seems to be just the thing I need in my life right now.  I got all my stuff laid out, ready to begin the process of getting prepared for a cold run.  But after I got it all out, the thought of the effort it takes to get it all on, get my gadgets all set, get my key in a certain spot….I was tired just thinking about it!

photo 2 (2)

Then I took a peeksies outside and said forget that…..

photo 1

I was already dressed for a regular workout so I just put my shoes on and looked in my library of workout videos.  I found one that I had bought several months ago that was still in the wrapper!

photo 1 (2)

Awesome!  New workout!

There are 2 levels and I did level 1.  I am not sure what I think about it yet.  My legs are a little shaky but time will tell if it was a good workout for me or not.  Good Workout = DOMS.  As of right now, it’s not my favorite video.  For me, it didn’t have enough cardio so it would be a nice accompaniment to a run.  She uses a kettle bell and I don’t have one so I used one of my hand weights. It felt awkward using them in that manner.  They worked fine but it would be a more effective workout with the right equipment.

I did break a sweat though so I suppose that’s a good sign!

Since I was warmed up I was able to make that green smoothie I have been craving!

photo 3photo 2

Ok so it’s not green but I know what’s in it and it makes me feel better to call it that.

This smoothie had:

  • 1 scoop of Jillian’s vanilla protein powder
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries (blueberries, black berries, raspberries, strawberries)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • lots of baby spinach
  • 1 cup crushed ice

photo 4


Not Happ’nin…..

Today I wanted to try out my “new” – as in I bought it about 3 months ago and haven’t opened it until today – workout video.

yoga melt down

Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown

I did Level 2 of 30 day Shred and then popped my “yoga” video in.  I should have known this wasn’t your normal yoga video.  I lasted  5 minutes before realizing this was yoga on steroids.  After doing Level 2 of Shred, this one was not happ’nin today!  Instead I looked for a yoga video on AT&T’s On Demand.  I didn’t find yoga but I did find a lame 20 min stretch video.  I did that for 10 min and then decided to do some of my own yoga stretches.  Annoyed


The mystery of the Sunday afternoon no-show has been solved.  This time the excuse seems legit.  We got a message today saying they ran out of time and the kids ran out of energy so they will try to show the house on Saturday. Awesome!  We also got some good feedback about one of the showings on Saturday,  “House showed well. Clients liked the layout and space.”  That made me laugh because the other showing from that day said “House showed beautifully, like a model.  Clients didn’t like the layout or how the house was open from front to back.”  Geez Louise!   Last night I may or may not have had an emotional breakdown over this whole process after yet another one of our favorite houses went under contract.  One of our other favorites went under contract earlier this week.  But today I am feeling much better and still standing strong in believing our time will come soon.  Isn’t that funny how a good cry can make everything just seem better?


I was super hungry this morning.  I started out with a good bowl of oatmeal.

photo 2

Today I added half a banana on top hoping it would last a little longer than yesterday.

I really need to get some more eggs for the morning because I was hungry two hours after this.

Snack #1 at 10am was an apple and a handful of almonds

Snack #2 at 11:30 am was 2 oz. of turkey and a low fat cheese stick.

I was good after that for a while.  I watched Dr.Oz, folded some laundry, talked to my friend and then did my workout.  I got hungry again around 3 but had to go get Aidan so I ate when I got home.


I had some leftovers from dinner last night.

photo 1

Which was a spoonful of brown rice, Green Giant Tuscan Seasoned broccoli and some chicken apple sausage.

I also had an apple and another handful of almonds.  Hungry girl today!


Today in Luke’s folder was a letter from the school nurse.


This makes me so sad.  While I am glad that the school is being pro-active, just the fact that they are testing elementary children for Type 2 diabetes is heart-breaking.  When is the world going to wake up and stop accepting obesity (even just being “over-weight”) as a normal thing?  I wish there was more that I could do, but for now I must continue to be the change I would like to see in the world.

3 in a Row!

So yesterday I wrote about how our 2pm showing never showed up.  Apparently they drove up to the house, didn’t like the color of the brick, and drove off.  Yeah….that didn’t happen.  I never even saw anyone slow down or stop in  front of the house. Whatever. When Jeremy told me that today I just started laughing so hard.  I mean, really?  Anyway, it is what it is.  We had another showing today at 3 and I am pretty sure that was a no-show too.  I had to drive down the street from my post and get Aidan at 3:15.  That took all of two minutes.  Unless they “pulled up and drove off” in that time, no one ever came.  Oh well, what-a-ya-gonna-do?


After not sleeping Sunday night and dragging through the day yesterday, I woke up refreshed and ready to go.  I knew it was going to be a great day!


photo 1

Two hard boiled eggs, oats made with 1/4 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 tsp. chia seeds, 2 tsp. natural peanut butter & cinnamon.

The vitamins are: a Multivitamin, magnesium, probiotic, fish oil & calcium.

After some housework, I did Level 2 of 30 Day Shred.  It was brutal! I am so out of shape!

photo 3

But I felt good afterwards!

I showered up & talked to my BFF over lunch. Even though we live miles and miles apart, we can still “do-lunch”.

photo 4

Tuna Salad and a baked sweet potato.

I made the tuna salad a little different than I normally do.  I used light mayonnaise instead of Miracle Whip and instead of relish I crushed up some kosher dill pickles in my food processor.  I normally use Miracle Whip, but I discovered it has high fructose corn syrup in it and honestly a whole list of questionable ingredients.  So I switched to light mayo.  I have never been a fan of mayo but it is really good in my tuna salad.  I also used relish before and realized that ALSO has HFC so I decided to make my own relish!  It was very tasty!

Tonight is Spirit Night for the boy’s school at Chick-Fil-A!  Our favorite.  So that’s what will be for dinner!

Even though we had a no show for the third time, today was indeed a great day!

Well….um hello!

Hello darlin….nice to see ya….it’s been a long time, you’re just as lovely as you used to be…..If you don’t know Conway Twitty then I don’t want to know you…I’m kidding….sort of!

Conway Twitty

It has been a while.  It’s been interesting over here.  I’ll spare the details but I can list a few things that have kept me from my beloved health obsession outlet that is my blog.

1- We thought we were going to have to put my sweet Trixie down because my wonderful veterinarian told us she needed a $1700 surgery.  WHAT?  I cried for 2 hours only to find out that it wasn’t an emergency.  What in the world could have prompted this?  We were walking her one day and she started peeing blood.  Yes, blood.  We immediately took her in and she has bladder stones.  Upon speaking to another vet in the office, she does need surgery to remove them but there are other options to try first and they are also manageable. They almost never cause blockage in females and on and on…..SO Miss Thang is on a special diet now and we are managing them.

2- We had a potential buyer for our house.  She asked for a seller’s disclosure and came for a second showing only to decide that she needed to move further west.

3- Parenting a pre-teen is exhausting. Mentally and emotionally.  Those of you WITH pre-teens feel me on this.



My sweet (most of the time) Luke turned 11 at the end of October.  Isn’t he handsome??  Good thing for him he’s got those adorable dimples and the fact that I love him more than anything.


4- I tried to start running again about 3 weeks after my “cancer scare”.  My scar seemed to be healed well enough and I gave it a go.  I started out run/walking on a Monday for 30 minutes, same thing on Tuesday.  By Wednesday I was able to run the entire 30 minutes.  That day I locked my keys in the car and ended up walking another 30 min home……Annoyed  Clearly not thinking straight….The next day my scar hurt so bad.  I realized running wasn’t in my best interest right now.  Wouldn’t you know this would happen after we cancelled our gym membership. We cancelled it because I can run outside and do my favorite videos now that Aidan is in school (not to mention it saves us some money).  So I wasn’t able to use the bike or the elliptical instead.

All this emotional up and down and not being able to run put me in a funk.  I wasn’t eating right, sometimes not eating at all, not exercising, feeling exhausted all of the time, moody, depressed, grumpy, angry at times …I wasn’t myself in any sense of the word.

I had a well woman exam two weeks ago and while everything is fine and perfectly normal, my cholesterol levels were weird.  My LDL went from 77 to 126!  My HDL went from 80 to 89 and my triglycerides went from 43 to 21.  Even though the good numbers were better, the bad number was worse.  I attribute that to my less than stellar eating and lack of exercise motivation (i.e. burn out).  That report snapped me out of it.  I realized that I can’t just phone it in.  I can’t just base my health on the number on the scale….which was relatively the same.

I took a good look at my diet….made the choice to start making working out a priority again(even if it’s just a good long walk) and made the change.  I decided I can’t continue to let my emotions rule my life.

So after a nice Thanksgiving indulgence I did Dr.Oz’s 3 day detox cleanse.  I will do a separate post on that.  Yes, it was that awesome.  I am feeling back to my old self and back on track.  I have done my trusty 30 Day Shred the past two days….even if it was only level 1.  I am sore as can be and loving it!

We have a potential buyer right now that we have yet to hear anything from.  I am really trying not to let it take over my thoughts and trying to maintain as normal of a life as I possibly can.  You never know when an agent will want to bring a buyer.  Sometimes it’s as you are stepping into the shower …..<——True Story.

So that is that!  I have some SUPER SUPER exciting news happening right now…..but I will save that for later!

I would like to share a few things that kept my head above water the last two months…..

Adorable Lamb

Grumpy Cat

Agreed Grumpy Cat!

Women’s Intuition

I have some exciting news and some not so exciting news….Thumbs down But I will get to that in a minute.

It’s been a CRAZY few days.  Since Friday we have had so much going on that I honestly wouldn’t remember what we did if I didn’t have a couple of pictures to remind me!

Friday we ran some errands including taking my wedding ring in to be shipped off for inspection and polishing.  I have had numerous borderline panic attacks since Friday after trying to nervously twist it and it’s not there! We also went to Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby to look for a Christmas tree!  We found one but are going to wait to buy it considering it isn’t even October yet Winking smile.

But look what I did buy!!!!

photo 1

I was over the moon about finding these at Garden Ridge on the cheap!!!!  I have wanted both of these for awhile now.  I haven’t tried them out yet but I will give a full review when I do!

Saturday was an epic grocery shopping trip that included 3 different stores.  We stopped for lunch at Corner Bakery because I had been craving the Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad & Tomato Soup for days!  As a matter of fact I am going to recreate the meal tonight! Minus the Sweet Crisps unfortunately…..Thumbs down

photo 3

Over lunch Jeremy and I had a life changing conversation.  I expressed some frustrations I had been having and that led us to an exciting decision that is in the works.  I won’t say what it is just yet.  We have a meeting about it Friday afternoon so maybe after that I can share!

So I have been busy the last few days because of this decision and haven’t had a spare second!  I have lost sleep over some of the things we had to consider first but it seems to all be working out perfectly.

So that’s the super exciting news!

Now for the not so exciting news.  First let me say it isn’t serious, everything is fine, but never under estimate the power of a woman’s intuition!

I have a condition/syndrome called Dysplastic Nevus.  Basically it puts me at greater risk for skin cancer and I am supposed to stay out of the sun (check) use sunscreen at all times (check) and be checked once a year for changes in my skin (ooooops, no check).

I learned I had it many years ago but disregarded it because I was young and stupid.  You know what else I did when I was young and stupid?  I tanned in a tanning bed.  For years…… Within the last few years my regular doctor removed one spot that came back normal and since then I have been diligent about checking spots for changes.  I haven’t had any real changes but something was telling me I needed to have a full skin check done by a dermatologist.  Since I didn’t have one, I visited my general doctor last week for a referral.  I was able to get an appointment right away.  She check me over but missed one area that I was concerned about.  When she checked it she was glad that I had showed her.  At first she instructed the assistant to put a watch on it but then after a few minutes she wanted to look at it again. At that point she decided to do a “shave biopsy” **cringe**.  It wasn’t bad.  Not even CLOSE to when I had the other spot removed from my hip.  OUCH!

With all the other excitement over the weekend I completely forgot that I would probably be hearing from them on Monday morning.  Around 10:30am and within the first 15 minutes of me vacuuming, the office called and of course I missed it.  I listened to the message and was immediately freaking out because on my new patient forms I checked for them to leave a message with normal test results.  This message said “call back so I can go over the pathology results of your biopsy with you.”  Commence Freak Out.  “Pathology results of the biopsy”?  Scary.  Plus, they were supposed to just leave a message.  WTH is going on?

I immediately called them back and what do you know?  I have to leave a message.  Let me tell you what, I am SO glad I had the “exciting news” to get ready for (and Target) to keep me distracted because after an additional phone call and message left by me, I finally heard back from them at 4pm!

“Hi Amanda, do you have a few minutes?”

“Yes! Of course!”

My heart is pounding out of my chest and I feel like I might hurl at any moment but yes of course I have a few minutes.  Disappointed smile

She said the spot came back as (long complicated term alert)

Atypical Melanocytic Hyperplasia

Definition: proliferation of melanocytes showing nuclear atypicality, especially as scattered single cells high in the epidermis; interpreted by some pathologists as malignant melanoma in situ. (source)

“An atypical or dysplastic (abnormal, irregular) mole or lesion are also known as atypical melanocytic hyperplasia, atypical mole, or dysplastic mole. The majority of these moles or lesions are benign (non cancerous). Some have a significant risk of actually being a melanoma or developing into melanoma. This is determined by physical examination or a biopsy by a physician.” (source)

I have an appointment on Thursday to have the rest of the area removed.  OH JOY!

I have always had a certain gift of discernment/woman’s intuition/whatever you will.  I used to dismiss it but have really honed in on it over the past few years.  I am glad I have and I am also glad that my Dermatologist seems to have it too.


Boys are coming home soon and dinner needs to get prepared for their hungry bellies! I guess I should do something about that!  Winking smile

Dr. Oz experiment update!

Guess what I got yesterday?

photo 1

It’s the raspberry ketones I talked about last week.

Top Secret Raspberry Ketones

I have taken two so far.  One last night and one this morning.  My plan is to take two a day for 30 days.  I took my measurements last night and I’ll take them again in 30 days.  I haven’t felt any weird side effects so that was win #1 since I am super sensitive to things.


photo 2


  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 tbsp. chia seed


I was feeling super energized this morning, unlike yesterday, and couldn’t wait to get started.  The gym was PACKED and I literally drove around for 5 min waiting for a spot to open up.  I guess the parking lot situation was because there were at least 3 group classes going on.  The cardio equipment was open & I got my favorite treadmill!!!  I planned on doing 30 min on the treadmill then some upper body strength but by the time I finished the treadmill work there were about 4 people in the spot I like like to use.  So I decided I would go home and do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred.

By the time I got home I was famished. So before I started Jillian’s workout I had a little snack.

photo 2 (2)

Fuji apple, 1 piece cinnamon protein bread


photo 3

1/2 large baked sweet potato with spray butter and Ideal Brown Sugar Blend

I didn’t have time to eat the other half.  Thumbs down


Before I left to pick up Aidan I knew I would need something else to tie me over until I could get back home.

photo 4

Annie’s PB & J granola bar, Vitamin Water

Bank trip

Aidan had saved up a bunch of coins and wanted a new toy.  We went to the bank to exchange them after school today!  $9.06.  Then we went to Target for a new toy!

photo 5


By the time we made it home it was 3:15 and clearly I had not eaten enough earlier in the day.  This is just one of the things I ate this afternoon!  I.WAS.RAVENOUS.

photo 1 (2)

Dannon Greek non-fat yogurt in Strawberry, protein bread

You can add to this: peanuts, another few pieces of bread, a granola bar.  I am planning on eating the other half of that potato for dinner tonight so I will have at least 1 serving of veggies today.   Note to self: eat better tomorrow…ok?

Of Interest?


Unusual conversations

I apologize that I am going to have to fly through this post.  My alarm wasn’t set or something and I was late getting up….Booooo.Thumbs down Don’t cha just LOVE when that happens?

I had a so-so day yesterday.  I had a great day on the eating and exercising front, but the effects of Mrs. Murphy were dragging me down.  A series of melt downs with Aidan didn’t help either.  I was for sure ready for bed by the time Prince Charming arrived home.  Speaking of Prince Charming, we have the most unusual conversations.

photo 2photo 1

Being the wife of a cop…..can be….twisty at times.

The conversation we had when he got home was even more interesting.  I’ll spare those details…..Winking smile   And yes, I call him my Baby Daddy….a lot.  He loves when I actually serenade him with “Who dat be? That just my baby daddy.  Who dat is?  That just my baby dad!”   Twisty, that’s what we are.

After a breakfast of yummy oats, cleaning, laundry, and temper tantrums…..I made it to the gym! Sweet relief.

I stayed on the treadmill the whole time & thanks to Pandora’s 80’s Cardio Mix, I actually really enjoyed myself!  The man running next to me had some great energy too and it was rubbing off on me.  I managed to bust out 5.03 miles in an hour.  I walked for 5 min at 4.3 every 15 min and stayed pretty steady the whole time alternating between 5.4 and 5.8.  After the run I did my abs challenge and stretched out for a good 15 minutes.  The abs challenge was a real challenge for me yesterday since it had been a while since the last time I did it!


For lunch I threw together a salad and had an apple and a Cara Cara orange.


The salad had two handfuls of baby greens, 14 carrots, sliced up deli meat, 1/3 cup frozen peas, 1 oz. almonds, sliced up light string cheese and 2 tbsp. sugar free raspberry vinaigrette.


4-16 pic

1 cup grapes and a bag of Jolly Time popcorn.

The popcorn REALLY filled me up.  I forgot how filling it is.  Probably because I ate so much of it in 2010, I totally burned myself out.  But it has definitely made a comeback.

I wasn’t hungry for dinner but I knew I needed something so I settled on a smoothie!


photo 3

1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder.

 I realized my eggs were about to expire so after dinner, I baked up a couple batches of Jamie’s protein bars.

photo 4

Carrot Cake on the left, Pumpkin (without walnuts) on the right.

This bread is so amazing.  It tastes delicious but isn’t overly sweet making you want to devour the entire pan.  The oat flour and high protein content make it incredibly filling.  It keeps me satisfied for hours and at only 47 calories a square it is the perfect snack.  This bread is a secret weapon in weight loss.

It’s time to get this party started!  I am planning a long run again, most likely outside, and then a workout from the Tone It Up Girls Bikini Challenge.  I hope everyone has a GREAT day!

P.S.    I am adding this to my collection ASAP!

Jillian Micheals Ripped in 30– Fit Bottomed Girls

Questions of the day:

What are some unusual conversations you find yourself having that are strangely normal to you?

What unusual pet name do you have for your significant other?

The Most Intense Workout Ever.

My appetite was still M.I.A for the most part of the day yesterday. Breakfast was the usual.  I did TRY to make a new kind of oatmeal.  The recipe was for Pumpkin Spice Oats, but I misread the recipe and got it all kinds of wrong.


With as much baking as I do, you’d think I would have known that 1/2 tsp. of nutmeg was a smidge too much.  As I was putting it in the pot I even thought, “This seems like a lot of nutmeg.”  I can see now why I read 1/2 tsp. each for the spices.  For as many successes as I have had, I have had twice as many failures!  I am going to try try again soon.  Thumbs up

Now let’s discuss this workout

photo 3

Bob Harper: Ultimate Cardio Body

I got this DVD several months ago when I read a review of it on Fit Bottomed Girls as being one their top favorite fitness DVDs.  I did it once, and never got it out again. Yesterday morning, I remembered why.

“He pushes you, but does it with that cute-boy charm and those baby-blues that make you smile, laugh and keep going for the full sweaty hour. “ – Jenn from Fit Bottomed Girls.  I couldn’t agree more.

I was in the mood for a really intense workout so I skipped the gym and popped that bad boy in the DVD player.  I knew it was intense but had forgotten exactly how intense.  My legs were on fire by minute 6.

Bob Harper: Ultimate Cardio Body


I didn’t think anything could ever be more challenging than Jillian’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.

Banish Fat


This used to be my “I-want-my-butt-kicked workout.”

What I love most about Bob’s video is that the people in it were sweatier than I was.  At one point the guy in the video(Joe) stops. Bob goes over and makes him keep going.  The looks on their faces as they were doing squat # 5,000 was enough to make you feel sorry for them.  Knowing that they were working just as hard as I was made me stay focused and motivated.  Just when I thought he was going to show a little mercy and have us cool down, we started doing one-legged hops that were sort of fun, in a painful sort of way.  Bob is just so darn adorable with that Southern accent, that I was actually smiling in the end.  When the workout was actually, over I could barely move.

still look prettyvia

Me for about 30 min afterwards


photo 2 (2)

Sweaty & Red Faced = A good workout.

I was toast. This morning I can hardly get up or down & I’m hobblin’ ’round like an old lady!  It’s been a long time since I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and it felt so good to push beyond what was comfortable.

Comfort Zonevia

I had to get something in my tummy a.s.a.p. so I grabbed half a banana and a handful of almonds. I inhaled it so quickly that I forgot to take a picture.  My arms were so fatigued I could barely peel the banana.  Toast.

When I recovered (i.e laying on the floor for 30 min looking at Pinterest Funnies) and got showered up, the only thing that sounded appetizing was a smoothie.

photo 4

Yummy Berry Protein Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 scoop protein powder (chocolate or vanilla, I used chocolate in this one)

1 tbsp. Chia Seeds

Later that afternoon, I went grocery shopping and my appetite seemed to be coming back.  I found this on sale at Target for $.89 so I thought I’d give it a try!

photo 5

Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple

It was REALLY tasty.

We did get to have a soccer game last night that was a total blasty blast!  Those little guys are so adorable!!! By the time the game was over my appetite was back to normal.  I couldn’t wait to get home and eat!!!  Since it was late, the boys had some leftovers and sandwiches.  I had some yummy tacos!

 photo 1

White corn tortillas, guacamole, fat free refried beans, reduced fat shredded cheese and salsa.

photo 2

The last piece of Jamie’s Bread with PB on top.

I also had some peanuts while I was deciding what I wanted to eat and I made another taco with beans and cheese. I could have eaten more but restrained myself.  Winking smile

I am SO glad today is a rest day.  We are going to go see 21 Jump Street, L has a dentist appointment this afternoon and I am going to try out a new recipe for Double Strawberry Cream Cheese Filled Muffins.  Don’t worry, they are healthy!

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