Easter Fun

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope ya’ll had a great weekend.  I know I did.  It was lovely,  perfect, full of family time and WAY too many sweets.  I tried to eat sensibly this weekend and started out well Saturday morning.  I ate well Saturday during the day, but because of my lack of planning, I found myself eating a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A on Saturday night.  It was my only option and I was super hungry.  My will-power and discipline were no match for Crack-Fil-A.  I only ate half of it, not because I was full, but because I was thinking my digestive system may not appreciate it too much.  It’s not accustomed to deep fried poultry!  *YIKES*  By Sunday night I found myself uncomfortably full.  Fortunately, I am able to start fresh today. The Easter Bunny did not fill Aidan’s basket with a ton of candy and the remaining scrumptious cupcakes I made are stored away in the freezer for next weekend’s visitors and also a rainy day. My sweets stockpile keeps getting more and more abundant!

Holidays are always so wonderful but I have to admit I do get a vague feeling of anxiety because of the bombardment of food.  My dog ate Aidan’s chocolate Easter bunny (more on that later) so Jeremy had to go try and find one on Saturday afternoon.  I wished him luck on the way out the door.  When he got back he said there was actually a lot left.  I mentioned how it would all be 75% off come Monday.  He *jokingly* said “Oh you’ll have to go stock up for me!”  I knew he was kidding, sort of, but out of my anxiety I said, “You know, that’s mean, if I were an alcoholic you wouldn’t send me to the liquor store for a buy one get one free sale.”  I could tell the poor thing was thinking “Oh man, that was the WRONG thing to say…..”  I really try not to let my own struggles affect them.  They aren’t the ones with the problem.  But sometimes it rears it’s ugly head.


We had a soccer game.

photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (16)

Aidan is the best goalie in the world!

Came home and found this:

photo 4 (15)

Let freak out commence.  She’s fine.  FYI…..if you didn’t already know, it takes 1 oz. of MILK chocolate per pound of dog to be poisonous.  This was a 2 oz. bunny & she weighs 8 lbs.  If it were baking chocolate or even semi-sweet, we would have spent Easter in the Pet E.R.  This bunny was in my closet in a bag, that was in a bag, tied up.  I couldn’t believe it.  Relentless BRAT.

There was a picnic at our church.

photo 4 (13)

With a HUGE Easter egg hunt.

photo 5 (13)

I told him, “You be aggressive, get out there and get as many eggs as you can, but be sweet about it!”

We ate chicken sandwiches,

photo 1 (12)

and enjoyed the perfect spring weather.

photo 4 (12)

We listened to an Easter message and enjoyed some music on the lawn.

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (10)

Then we went to a blasty blast of a birthday party for one of Aidan’s soccer friends.

photo 4 (10)photo 2 (9)

I need a bouncy house in my back yard.  He was worn out after all that and so was I!


The Easter Bunny came to see a very special little boy.

photo 2 (5)

photo 4 (5)photo 5 (5)

We went to Easter Service.

photo 1

I got to wear my new shoes!!!  Aidan doesn’t like wearing shoes.

photo 3 (3)

My loves

When we got home Aidan and I made these.

photo 3

Resurrection Rolls

Easter Dinner


Ham, roasted sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and a strawberry & greens salad. We have a lot of leftovers so those will be on repeat for a few days.  I also roasted green beans and asparagus.  I did it with out a recipe, out of my own confidence thinking you can’t mess up roasting veggies. Well, they weren’t very good.  Edible, but….yeah…they are in the fridge but will most likely get trashed today!

And finally, the best of the Easter Eats.

photo 4

photo 5

Gina’s Skinnytaste Coconut Cupcakes

I used jelly beans for topping because the mini eggs kept rolling off.

I apologize for my lack of food documentation over the weekend. Like I said, my eating was sporadic and frequent.

I am going to play catch up today & possibly make it to the gym.  If not I’ll do a workout at home.  I plan on drinking about 150 oz. of water (kidding, but seriously) and my main goal for the week is SUGAR DETOX!  I anticipate my cravings to be out of control but thankfully I know what it takes for me to get them under control again.  I am definitely feeling the physical effects of too much sugar and unbalance eating from the weekend so I don’t think it will be too hard to stay away from them.  Can you say Sugar Hangover?

don't give up

Did you eat too much this weekend?

What are your goals to help get yourself back on track?

I LOVED this article, and you might too! – Beat Sugar Addiction from Dr. Oz


A Good Good Friday


Good morning friends!  I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend.  I love Easter.  I love what it represents, I love all the beautiful pastels and pretty clothes.  I love the feeling of renewal that it brings.  What I love MOST is that I can now wear white!  Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I scoff at those who wear white all year round.  Do they not know the rule?  No white after Labor day until Easter?!? I know, I am awful.

I am going to have to make this a quick post as I slept in until almost 7:30am and I have to get my day started a.s.a.p.

Breakfast yesterday, was my oats at about 8am.  I like to note the time, because it is interesting to me how long it takes to get hungry again after eating different types of food.  The oats made a HUGE difference yesterday.  I could really feel the difference all day.  While I didn’t really feel like going to the gym, I didn’t feel like working out at all, I ended up have a really great run on the treadmill.  I lasted an entire hour.  I did some intervals, some slow jogging, some sprints.  I did what felt right.  I knew I needed to spend an hour so I didn’t push myself too hard but I stayed steady.  Slowing when I got tired, speeding up when I felt recovered.

When I got home at about 12:45pm, I wasn’t really hungry yet so I snacked.

photo 2

Apple and a Carrot Cake Larabar

I did finally get hungry about an hour later

photo 3

Orowheat Sandwich Thin Panini w/ turkey and Sargento reduced-fat Pepper Jack Cheese & BBQ Popchips

I got super tired around 3pm so I had a Spark

photo 1

When Jeremy got home from his extra job we went to Target for some groceries to make Easter Dinner & we all got new pairs of shoes!  The boys got flip flops and I got a pair of sandals. That’s another thing I love about Easter, new shoes!  Afterwards we picked them up a pizza for Pizza Night.


I made a salad around 6pm.

photo 4

Baby Spinach, baby carrots, honey roasted peanuts, a slice of pepper jack cheese (diced), grapes and light vinaigrette.

I also cut a tiny sliver off a regular slice of pizza.  Oh my word it is so good.  I could totally go overboard.  I remember when I would scarf down 3-4 slices.  *YIKES*  Even though I was hungry, I wasn’t ravenous.  It’s all about the oats!

After dinner we dyed Easter Eggs!

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 5

photo 3 (2)

photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (2)

I also made some cupcakes.  They have a cream cheese frosting that you have to frost right before eating.  There are 24 of them so I didn’t frost and decorate them all.  I decorated two for Jeremy and I (Aidan wasn’t interested) and then immediately ate them.  Taking a  picture was an afterthought!  I will definitely be sure to capture them tomorrow!  They were delectable!

I have to note what Aidan said about the cupcakes.  I swear this child teaches me so many things.  He has been better than therapy at times.

Me: “A.J. you want to try a cupcake?”

A: “Sure!” ~takes a bite~ “Mmmm good!”

Me: “Do you want one of your own?”

A: “ummm, no, they are good, but no thank you!”

How precious and polite.  I need to remember that.  “These are good, but no thank you!”

Well, I am off to get ready for a soccer game, a picnic and a birthday party!  I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!