The Bully serves the Bullied

On one hand, given my past, it is making me very uncomfortable to have my appetite absolutely out of control the past few days. On the other hand, I know I need to put back on a few of the pounds I have lost over the last several weeks.  The rational side of me knows that my body is like “Ummmm hello?  Can we please eat now?”  But the former fat girl in me is completely freaking out.

Yesterday I felt like my appetite was returning back to normal.  Interested in food again but not constantly hungry.  That was until about 3:30.  At first I had a little snack

photo 1

Then a little bigger snack.

photo 2

This time I measured everything out so I wouldn’t over snack again and ruin dinner.

After this snack failed to satisfy me, I gave up.  On the bright side, the tortilla chips and hummus are gone and I wasn’t hungry anymore!  Annoyed

This morning I feel like my appetite is a little more normal.  I struggled to finish my oats,

photo 3

but I knew I needed to finish them so I wouldn’t be hungry an hour later.  I also wanted to be sure to get a good breakfast in because I am going to get out and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and “warmth” (only 40 degrees!) on a run.  I am planning on trying to increase my distance a little.  My legs and tush are super sore from Shred-It yesterday, so I am going to say it was a good workout, just light on the cardio.


I have to share something that has been a such a huge help in our home recently.  As a mother of boys I have no shortage of carnage around here and apparently this is not uncommon.  I have found a site that has been such a source of comfort and encouragement for me. It has made me see that I am not alone in this work of raising boys.

The MOB Society

As a woman, I struggle to understand boys.  I don’t get the loud noises, the rough play, the fascination with Legos and video games.  The aversion to good personal hygiene.  The expression of affection by passing gas on each other, hitting & wrestling.  I can nurture them like a beast but when it comes to really understanding them…..not so much.  I feel so blessed to have two amazing boys who are really really wonderful.  They are smart, healthy and don’t have any behavior issues what-so-ever.

I refuse to accept the notion that “boys will be boys”.  No, I am raising my boys to be gentlemen, respectful men of God, ones who open doors and pay for dinner, ones who bring flowers for no reason, ones who are chivalrous, have manners, ones who will respect women and love them for the amazing creatures they are, ones who respect others, are kind and gentle in their ways, ones who put other’s needs before their own.

One of the issues we have is that the older brother likes to bully the younger brother.  It has been going on for what seems like forever & I have zero tolerance for it.  I can not stand rude & condescending comments.  Even though Aidan is just 5, I do not want him growing up feeling “less than”.  As parents we use our words to build up our children.  They get so much negativity thrown at them from the world.  We have the responsibility to do damage control and make sure they know how important they are regardless of what the world says.  So, I don’t need additional help from within! We have tried talking, reasoning, punishing, guilt,  none of it has worked.  It all came to a boiling point this last weekend.

Two weeks ago Aidan got a donut he didn’t like and threw it away.  Luke saved his so that he could have it for breakfast the next morning.  While Luke was eating his donut, he was adamant about being sure Aidan knew how much he was enjoying it.

“Hey Aidan, look, I’m eating my donut.”

Aidan really didn’t care.

“Mmmmmm this donut sure is good! Aidan…..MY donut is good!”

That pushed the “Crazy Mommy Button”.  After a looooooong lecture I had a brilliant idea!

“Luke, because of that rude behavior, you now get to SHARE your delicious donut with your little brother.”

Needless to say someone was not happy. <—–understatement.

I explained that a nice person would have had this thought pattern.

“I feel sad that Aidan got a crummy donut yesterday, I think I will share mine.”

The Bully Serves the Bullied

Last week I saw on the MOB Facebook page that bullying among brothers is not uncommon.  The way a lot of mothers handle it is by implementing a rule called “The Bully Serves the Bullied.”

Knowing how well the donut situation worked, I decided to try it in other areas.

Last Sunday Luke made fun of Aidan over a mistake he made on a video game that caused him to set his house on fire.

“You SET your house on FIRE!!! HAHAHAHAHA”

The next thing I knew Aidan was on top of Luke punching him, screaming and in tears!

I am laughing hysterically about it now but it was quite alarming to see my sweet and gentle Aidan completely flipping out!  Jeremy was having to hold him back from beating the mess out of Luke.  Aidan didn’t get in trouble because as I told Luke,

“It serves you right.  What do you expect from him?  You push him and push him and push him… was inevitable that one day he would push back.”

Now don’t get me wrong, we did talk to Aidan about hitting and controlling our anger but seriously…..the kid puts up with a lot….A LOT  from his older brother.

So…..since the “incident” Luke has had to tickle Aidan’s back twice, read him a book and pick out his clothes.  It has been difficult to get Luke to take it seriously and I have even had to take his iTouch away but I am seeing how it is going to make a difference.  He is learning and being humbled a little more each time he has been rude or disrespectful.   I am loving this new form of “discipline”.  Everyone wins!   Maybe one day he will quit picking on his baby brother all together.   One can only hope.


Random ramblings…

It’s a gorgeous day here in the Dallas area! I love this time of year, cold but not too cold which is why

I Red heart Texas!

After my ONE….yes just one cup…..of coffee, I made some breakfast.

Steel-Cut Oats

photo 1 (3)

1/4 cup steel-cut oats

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp. Jif Natural Peanut Butter

1 tsp. ground flax seed

1 tsp. honey

When I first made steel-cut oats I didn’t know that they don’t cook like regular oats.  I am telling you that if it weren’t for Google, we would be eating out of boxes forever.  I tried to make them like my regular oats.  Oh no, not the same…..


Fun With Cats…..

photo 2 (2)

Isn’t this just ridiculous?  I took Trixie in for grooming yesterday and they brought her out with this thing around her neck.  I ended up putting it around her belly like a skirt because it was huge around her tiny little neck.  So this morning I thought it would be fun to put it on Rya.  The funny thing is that she just walked around like no biggie.  I am more than sure she is thinking “I hate you so much right now.”  I love you too huss.


I have a lot of people ask me what I feed my kids, how do I feed them, how do I get them to eat healthy food, etc..  The answer is simple.  I provide healthy food for them.  If they don’t want it, I don’t make them eat it. But the only other option is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I used to send them to bed hungry but I never could get right about it.  Then one morning Aidan woke up not feeling well and as he went to sit at the kitchen table for breakfast his hands and legs were shaking.  After he ate breakfast he was fine.  From that point on I decided to never let them go to bed hungry, but if they don’t eat what I make, all they get is a sandwich, nothing else.  Whereas if they ate my dinner they’d get a bedtime snack of a piece of fruit or a granola bar, bowl of cereal….

So what do I pack them for lunch? Some combination of the following:

  • Sandwich on whole wheat bread – turkey and cheese, natural peanut butter and all natural jelly or honey.
  • all natural yogurt such as Simply Go-Gurt or Trix.  Believe it or not they are making an all natural one. The kids love it.
  • pretzels
  • baby carrots
  • string cheese
  • unsweetened applesauce
  • fruit
  • goldfish
  • water (for Luke)
  • 100% apple juice for Aidan
  • Sometimes a Quaker granola bar if we are short on options

That’s pretty much it.  I am not one of these mom’s who packs spaghetti or quesadillas or hummus wraps.  They wouldn’t eat that anyway.

So this was Aidan’s lunch today.

photo 2 (3)

Orowheat sandwich thin with Jif Natural Peanut Butter and Welches all natural strawberry jelly, unsweetened applesauce, Trix yogurt, pretzels and apple juice.

And this was Luke’s

photo 3 (3)

Same sandwich as A, string cheese, an orange, pretzels and a full bottle of water.

Then I pack an ice block to keep it cold.

photo 4 (3)

Easy peasy!


Today I needed to go shopping for a new workout top to wear on Friday for my super exciting thing that’s happening.  I can’t wait to share the news.


photo 5 (2)

Top: Ross

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots: Payless

I was trying to show the side of my boot but it didn’t turn out so well…..Thumbs down

I was able to find two awesome shirts on sale at Marshalls and Target today! I will be outside and you never can trust the weather report in Texas to be accurate.  To be safe I bought a thick one and a light one. I love the lighter blue one because it has has thumb holes and a light fleece lining.  The darker one has a super cute ruching on the neck and cuffs as well as a hood.

photo 3

photo 4


After Marshalls and Target we headed to Chick-Fil-A for one of my favorite lunches.

photo 2

Side salad, sunflower seeds, berry balsamic vinaigrette, and a small fruit cup dumped on top.  Delish!

After lunch I had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice tea with a tsp. of honey.

photo 5

Since the cleanse I have stopped eating sweets after my meal, actually stopped eating sweets all together.  Even though the cleanse really helped with the cravings, the habit is still there.  How do you get rid of a bad habit?  Replace it with a good one!  So I have been making a cup of herbal tea before my meal.  While I am eating, it’s cooling and ready to drink when I am finished in place of dessert.  It’s warm and comforting.  It signals my brain that the meal is over.  It also fills me up if I am not quite feeling full yet.


So I have this crazy thing about weird and fantastical chotchkies.  I wish I could have a little closet full of them.  I love them.  The best place to find them are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross.  Lucky me, I frequent those places often!

I found this little gem today!  I couldn’t stop staring at it.  I am so fascinated by this one’s moobs.  The nipples were sharp!!!!!

photo 1

I found this one last week at TJ Maxx.  I SOOOOO wanted to buy it!!!


Since I know better than to spend money on stuff like this (lest I be thought of as strange)……I have to settle for a photo album of pictures.


Please click below to meet your cuteness quota for the day!!!

Cute Babies!

Finally Friday

It’s been a long week friend.  I am glad it’s Friday.  I get to SLEEP IN tomorrow!  Whatever that means!  I pray the boys will have the same thing in mind.  It’s supposed to be rainy all day so hopefully the dark clouds will trick them into thinking it’s still night-night!  One can only hope.

Dinner last night was a delicious comforting bowl of Progresso Light Italian-Style Soup.

photo 1

When school started we changed up our eating schedule to accommodate the famished children that come home in the foulest of moods.  To be honest, I am famished by 4 pm too.  Instead of eating dinner at the traditional dinner time, we eat it after school and then have a snack later on in the evening if we get hungry again.  Most times they don’t or they get hungry for a little something right before bed.  It has been working out so well.  They relax for about 30 minutes then eat dinner. Afterward, I clean up the kitchen while Luke does his homework and Aidan plays.  So by 6 pm we are relaxing and enjoying the evening instead of just getting dinner on the table.  Rushing through it so that I can get them started on their bedtime routine while cleaning dinner dishes.  <—–impossible.  Another advantage is that they aren’t snack, snack, snacking every 30 minutes because 1) they haven’t eaten since 11am and 2) They are much happier having had a full meal because they come home HANGRY!


I also am not snack, snack, snacking my way to dinner and ending up not hungry for dinner but still unsatisfied because I haven’t had the ritual of dinner.  It’s a win-win.

So…..later in the evening I had a little treat of a Chia Tea Latte and a Luna bar.

photo 2

A few hours later I was hungry again and had an apple, a few almonds and a piece of Jamie’s cinnamon bread.

The Bodybugg looked good again yesterday!  Even though my workout was a bust, I stayed active enough the rest of the day to make up for it I think.

photo 3


Today’s breakfast was the same as yesterday. Nature’s Own Bagel Thin and peanut butter…..I actually sat down for 2.5 seconds to enjoy it! Winking smile  Better than on the run.

The weather in Dallas was dreary dreary dreary.  One of those morning I would have loved to have snuggled back down in the bed and listened to the rain.

Instead I went to the gym and did an upper body workout.  It was a nice compromise.  Even though weight lifting isn’t easy, it is easier than running for an hour when all you want to do is crawl back in bed!

I printed a workout from that I found a few months ago.  It’s a fat loss training program and I REALLY like it.  It has an upper body workout, a lower body workout and then a total body.  I like separating the strength training this way because I think it works well with my body type.  Since I tend to put on muscle pretty quickly and being as short as I am I don’t like to spend too much time on it, but I know it’s essential.  I skipped the air bikes and did 20 minutes on the elliptical instead of the Stairmaster.

photo 5

After my workout I had my ever trusty Luna Bar.

photo 4

Lunch was a Blueberry Banana Protein Shake

photo 1 (2)

Today’s Shake Had:

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1 scoop MRM protein powder
1 cup water
lots of crushed ice
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 tbsp. sugar-free vanilla pudding mix.

100% delicious!

After talking to my dear friend for 2 hours….I went to pick up my sweet baby girl from the salon.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3

It’s tough being a diva.

What’s funny is that she’s not really a diva.  She’s a total tomboy.  The groomer was not happy when I reminded her not to put bows in her hair.  I said “For real….I can’t explain how much we both hate them!”

After school the guys ate yummy delicious greasy pizza from Little Caesars and I had a French bread pepperoni pizza from Lean cuisine!

lean cuisine

It’s ok though, I had a cookie afterwards.

kashi cookie

Kashi Cookie

Sorry there is no lovely picture because I am sure we have all seen a lean cuisine pizza but honestly I was so hungry I forgot until it was half gone….and the cookie, I was just too excited about having a cookie.

Sadly, the cookie wasn’t very good.  I am surprised because I love Kashi foods.  Especially the dark chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Strangely enough it started to taste good about four bites into it.  I think the flavor of the cookie didn’t agree with the spicy pizza I had just eaten.  I will just have to try it again!

We are planning to watch Snow White and the Huntsman tonight but what I really want to do is watch my DVR’d X Factors!!!  We’ll see who wins! The odds are not in my favor….I am out numbered ya know!

A Civil War and a Great Wolf Adventure

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t prepared for the summer break. I didn’t know I needed to be. My children love each other. Or so I thought. Last week was like a civil war around here. Do any of you know how mentally exhausting it is to be a peacemaker? I didn’t, but I do now! Thankfully Jeremy is on vacation now and the boys will be going to Mimi and Papa’s house next week. Vacation! Couldn’t have come at a better time. I love my kids more than anything but…..sometimes, a sistah needs a break!

On to happier times…..

Monday-Wednesday the past week we took our little family to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Tx.



We stayed in a Wolf Den


This picture in not mine, it was taken from the website. But this is what it looked like. The boys were in heaven in that little den. I guess I could have climbed up on the counter for a shot? Next time for sure!


Enjoyed a beautiful view from our room. That’s the Gaylord Texan in the distance.


Slid down these slides not nearly enough.


Got splashed by this thing that howls and sprays water every 15-20 minutes.


Mom and Dad attempted to work on their tan while wearing SPF 50,


and watching the boys swim their little hearts out.


They made me laugh with these goggles

photo 2photo 1

The first night we ate at Fuddruckers. I was absolutely starving by this point and forgot to take a picture. So I took one of what was left. This would be the pattern over the next few days. I got the turkey burger and fries. I divided the meal in two, ate half and boxed up the rest. Which I never ended up eating. Thumbs down

photo 1 (2)

There were cuddles with the little one,

photo 2 (5)

….and the big boy was attached at my hip the entire time.

photo 4 (4)photo 5 (3)

Ice cream at the Bear Paw Sweets & Eats.


the little one was attached to Daddy’s hip the entire time.


I am not quite sure why he has started with this all of the sudden…Confused smile

photo 3 (2)photo 4 (2)

The Iron Horse Fitness Room in the hotel was really great. I was so excited to use their fancy treadmill! We all worked out Tuesday morning and on Wednesday morning I got up super early to work off those ice cream cones. Yes….THOSE…as in plural. As in two to be precise!

photo 3 (3)

photo 1 (3)

photo 5 (2)

There was a small crisis that my brilliant son averted.

“Jeremy….I left my running shoes by the front door yesterday morning….”

“Mommy, you can wear my shoes!”

“Oh my gosh….Luke you are brilliant! I CAN wear your shoes.”

They were a little big believe it or not, but they did the job!


In order to still eat healthy while on vacation, we always pretty much pack our entire pantry…We also went to the grocery store to stock up on cold foods that we kept in the refrigerator in the room. Minus the Fuddruckers and breakfast Wednesday morning we snacked all day and had cereal and sandwiches for our other meals.

This is also a good idea if you are the type who is not inclined to spend a small fortune on food.


Aidan and I enjoyed our “Waterpark Picnics”


Not wanting to wait a few minutes before swimming….he decided to ignore us.


There is a game called MagiQuest.

They love it. They actually were able to finish the game this time! The last time we went, it was for only one night and they didn’t get nearly enough MagiQuest time.

The game is described as this….

“With a magic wand in-hand, you’ll explore an enchanted kingdom and join in the ultimate adventure as you enchant objects, befriend a pixie, learn from an ancient wizard, battle a goblin and outwit a dragon. We guarantee this live-action adventure game is unlike any other you’ve ever played. You’re sure to become legendary when the getaway you planned becomes epic.” – Great Wolf

It is like Zelda except its in real life! Super cool. They have these wands that you point at different objects through the entire hotel. The objects talk to you and do all kinds of cool stuff. That’s all they wanted to do….



I always poke fun at them (Jeremy included) for being video game nerds….

This is my impression of them!


Aidan was exhausted one evening so while Luke and Jeremy played the game, we went back and pretended to swim in the ocean with our “Snerkle”

photo 3 (4)photo(5)

I indulged in my own personal guilty pleasures!

Over-priced coffee and gossip magazines? Yes please!

photo 5 (4)

Wednesday morning we went to I-Hop for breakfast. I got the Simple and Fit Whole Wheat French Toast. Once again I was starving and Luke said “MOMMY! You forgot to take a picture!”….soooo once again this is what was left.

Our first visit to Great Wolf was for Luke’s 9th birthday.




Trust me, I was mortified when I saw that my child had his mouth on the bears nose. Mortified.


It was such a great time and we are going to (God willing) make this a yearly trip for as long as we can! I don’t think the boys will EVER out grow it.

7th Anniversary!

Yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary with the most incredible man I have ever known.


photo 3 (2)

Nutrigrain Honey Oat Waffle, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, sprinkle of cinnamon, 1 orange


I was SO excited to go to the gym yesterday morning.  I made it to my first Spin Class!  I loved it.  I was very much out of my comfort zone.  I had no idea what to do with that bike.  It was unlike any other bike I have ever been on.  The instructor was awesome; showing me how to use it but I still have some learning to do.  At first I had the gear too easy, then it was too hard.  I felt like I was going to pass out at one point!  But I got the hang of it by the end and I am looking forward to going back!


When I got home I intended on having a snack, showering and then having a real lunch.

photo 4 (2)

Gala Apple & 14 alomonds

photo 2 (2)

2 pieces of Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread w/ 2 teaspoons peanut butter

I was so hungry I ended up eating all of the above and wasn’t hungry for lunch.

I spent the afternoon preparing a surprise for Jeremy.

With the boys sufficiently bribed with Chick-Fil-A and candy as well as threatened with no Pizza Friday or videos games if they interrupted us…..

We had our

7th Anniversary Dinner!

photo 2 (3)

photo 3

Candles…check.  Wine…..check…..Jeremy’s favorite dinner…. check.

photo 5

One Prince Charming…..check!

photo 1

The ugliest cookie dough truffles you’ve ever seen…..CHECK!

photo 3 (3)photo 5 (3)

It was perfect.


I was starving again this morning.  I had a huge breakfast which I guess was good because I didn’t have another opportunity to eat until almost 4pm.

photo 1 (4)

Orange, Dannon Key Lime Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup homemade granola, Nutrigrain Honey Oat Waffle with 1 tbsp. peanut butter & cinnamon.



Dare I say it was much easier?  Getting better!


Luke had his End of Year Awards today!  Proud of my baby!

photo 2 (4)


I didn’t have time today to eat lunch, but honestly I wasn’t really all that hungry.  I did have a Spark & a granola bar before we left for the awards.

photo 4 (3)

La Tortilla Factory Honey Oat Mini tortilla w/ turkey and reduced-fat Colby jack cheese.

x 2

an Apple, and 2 Cookie Dough Truffles.

I am incredibly exhausted just sitting here.  Jeremy had to go to a meeting at work this afternoon so when he gets home, I am hoping I can go to bed super early tonight.  Like 7 pm early!  9-10 hours of sleep sounds gloriously divine!

Last Date Day

Aidan’s last day of school was yesterday and it was our last “Date Day”.  The boys will be going to spend a week with Mimi and Papa over the summer so we WILL get to have another date or two over the summer, but besides that…this was it until Aidan starts K in the fall.  Then we will have tons of them!  It’s so crazy to me that we are finally moving into the next phase of our lives.  I was changing out some of the pictures in our frames last night and found one of Luke at age 5.  Then I put Aidan’s 5 year picture next to it and thought….Wow, where has the time gone?  Cliché, I know, but it’s the truth.  Seems like yesterday……It’s so bitter sweet.  I am happy, relieved, hopeful, excited about the future.  Being able to finally do some of the things I have only dreamt about being able to do over the past 10 years, having sense of freedom.  But at the same time, I am sad that my baby boys are growing up so fast.  It makes me want to savor every moment and sad that life is so busy and hectic that I can’t.  I just pray I am not missing valuable opportunities to teach them, love them and nurture them.  I pray that I am not making mistakes I will regret later.  I pray that they will grow up knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love them more than anything and that our house and our family is their sanctuary in this messed up world.

Ready for our date!

photo 1 (2)


photo 1

Orange and not pictured, a bowl of oatmeal.

  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 tbsp. natural peanut butter
  • 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1/2 tbsp. Ideal Brown Sugar Blend


photo 3

I tried on about 27 things before settling on this….I don’t know why I even bother with more than a t-shirt and jeans….it’s what I always end up wearing anyway.

  • Shirt: American Eagle
  • Jeans: New York & Company
  • Sandals: Target
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Bracelets: Charming Charlie

Our first stop was to Sephora.  I finally picked a new fragrance after trying the ones in the Sephora Fragrance Sampler that Jeremy got for me a few weeks ago.

photo 2 (2)

 Michael Kors Gold

“This fragrance brings together iconic yet complementary scents to create the perfect accessory. Exquisitely alluring notes of magnolia and freesia blend with delicate violet flowers to cast a brilliant sparkle that commands attention. The headiness of tuberose and the peppery hint within peony meld together for a sensational presence at the fragrance’s heart. The finishing glow of ambergris drapes you in a sexy aura of gorgeous, glimmering gold.” – description of the scent on Sephora.

Who writes these?  I love it!

Then it was time for our movie.

The Avengers


I wish I was like everyone else and could say this movie was the best movie ever made, but for me it was not.  Let me just say first that I really like super hero movies.  I love the witty humor. I love the heroism. And of course there is usually a love story.  My favorite super hero is Iron Man.  Robert Downy Jr. is just adorable.  I loved the first part of this movie, but by hour 2, I was bored.  All I could think about was how much longer would this be going on and what I wanted to eat for lunch.  It was so freaking loud and the violence was just way over the top for me.  I was getting a headache.  I know….what did I expect?  I just have a short attention span and anything longer than two hours is just too much.  Over all it was a good movie, just (IMO) did not live up to the hype.  Definitely a guy movie.  My favorite part was when Hulk smashed Loki like a rag doll.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  There have been a few people I wish I could have done that to.  Smile  KIDDING!!! not really.

So all I could think about during the last part of the movie was this salad. Actually, not this salad but THIS salad.  The Chick-Fil-A in our mall didn’t have it so I settled on the regular one.  I should have ordered a fruit cup and put it on top.  Definitely next time!

photo 4

Chick Fil A Chargrilled Chicken Salad

I added the sunflower seed and crouton packets and used fat-free honey mustard.

and then this happened…..

photo 5

Small Snickers Blast from Sonic

I am not sure what got into me.  I don’t think I have had something like this in….well, ever.  I think I was wanting a Blizzard from Dairy Queen but we don’t have one around here.  I had been craving one since Sunday and suggested….(during the movie) we take Aidan to get a milkshake to celebrate his last day of school.  What was up with that too?  I never “celebrate” with food.  At least I try not to SAY we are, even if we are.  Sadly, this wasn’t even that great, but you better believe I ate all of it and had a stomachache afterwards.  At least I got THAT out of my system!

I spent the remainder of the day chillin out on the couch or just putzin around the house.  Jeremy and I stayed up too late and since I was still full (and nauseous) from the Sonic treat, I had skipped dinner.  Of course by 10pm I was starving.  First I had an apple.  That just made me hungrier.  Then I had an Annie’s PB&J granola bar & finally had a bowl of cereal.  Not exactly the best things to be eating right before bed but it’s whatever.

We don’t have any plans today besides going to the gym this morning.  I do need to catch up on some housework and about billion other things.  Hopefully I will be able to get all those things done for my sanity!

I stumbled upon this article yesterday while I was in my sugar coma on the couch from the Sonic Blast

Best Health and Fitness Apps – Greatist

I downloaded Stress Check, Epicurious, ShopWell and Fooducate.  Then I scanned almost all of my food items obsessively.  Thankfully they all came up with good scores!

I hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL Friday!!!

Oh Channing, I am disappointed.

I enjoyed my smoothie so much the the other day, that I decided to make it again yesterday morning!

photo 1 (2)

Plus I needed something that I could eat/drink while I was getting ready for a hot date with my hunky husband


Look at that baby face. Just 22 years old. So sweet and innocent, un-jaded by life’s curve-balls and the things he has seen in his line of work.


photo 3 (2)

Shirt: Target

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots: Payless (had them forever)

Jacket: ???? Had forever?

Necklace and earrings: Charming Charlie

I ended up not liking this jacket because it didn’t fit right. I wore it anyway because I liked the color combination. I have had it since way before I had Aidan when I was at my thinnest before now. It’s really funny to try on things I’ve had since back when I was “thinner than ever”. I remember last year when my “skinny jeans” were too big. Throwing those jeans away because they were too big was a major moment for me. Looks like this jacket will get the boot too. It’s an odd feeling to get rid of clothes because they are too big.

We saw 21 Jump Street.

21 Jump Streetvia

I was SO excited to see this movie but was incredibly disappointed by it. I watched the T.V. show when I was younger and was completely in-love with Richard Grieco. I love Jonah Hill. I love Channing Tatum. There were a lot of funny parts. I liked that a lot of the old cast made cameos. The basic plot was good.

The completely unnecessary use of the f-bomb and other language took away from the movie. It was distracting and tasteless. There were SO many crude moments that just were gross. I really didn’t like seeing Channing play this type of role. It was 2 hours of my life & $10 I will never get back. Thumbs down

We had planned on going to Mimi’s Cafe again for lunch but the movie was 2 hours long and we didn’t have time. I was REALLY looking forward to it. Steaming mad We settled on Chik-Fil-A in the mall.


photo 4

Side Salad with all the toppings and Fat Free Honey Mustard, Medium Fruit Cup & a Diet Dr. Pepper.

The lady at the counter was so sweet. She said, “I love the way you are eating! I need to eat like this.” It’s those little moments that remind me why I am doing this.

photo 5

There was a cupcake shop right behind us. No, I didn’t have any. Strangely I didn’t really want one! I think J did though. He kept talking about them!

When we got home I ate a little snack ( Z-Bar) and was off to pick up Luke for his dentist appointment. It took forever because they are just so darn friendly, we talked and talked. Luke kept making starfish on his tongue with the sucker thing and looking at his charts. When we were done I needed to go by Target for a few things and Luke announced that he was “STARVING”. So was I for that matter. We both picked out a Luna Bar and shared them. When I got home I had this,

photo 1

Chobani Kids

Not good but not terrible. I also had some peanuts.

Then I got my Betty Crocker on.

photo 2

photo 3

(Healthy) Double Strawberry Cream Cheese Filled Muffins

These are SOOOOO GOOD! I accidentally left out the Wheat Germ so I calculated these to be around 150 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 5 grams of protein. With the germ they are about 160 calories.

I found the recipe on another one of my favorite blogs called:

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Because of the Luna Bar, Greek yogurt, peanuts and the above muffin, I ruined my appetite for dinner again. Annoyed Blerg….. When will I learn?

In other news, if you got to see The Hunger Games today, I don’t like you.

Hunger Games

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I really love Mondays.  Now before you throw something at the computer screen here is why.  Every other weekend Luke comes home on Mondays, Mondays are my Thursdays,  Mondays feel like a new start, Saturdays and Sundays are usually pretty packed, so I welcome Monday, it’s the slowest day of the week and it always feels good to get back into my routine.  My least favorite day?  Friday! Winking smile

I slept REALLY good Sunday night and woke up feeling refreshed.  I did my usual routine, had my new usual breakfast.  I topped it with my homemade nut butter.

photo 1

The only thing crummy about Day Light Savings is that it is still dark at 7 am when I eat breakfast so my pictures aren’t as nice.

I then cleaned up the house and went to the gym.  First, I did 30 min of treadmill work.

Min          Speed

0-5          4.3 warm-up

5-10        5.2

10-15      5.4

15-20      5.6 

20-25      4.3  (recovery walk)

25-26      5.8

26-27      6.0

27-28      6.2

28-29      6.4

29:00-29:30       6.6

29:30-30:00       6.8

30-35      4.3 cool-down slowing every 1 min

Then I completed the first two exercises in my upper body workout and went over to the part of the gym with the benches and free weights I like to use for my shoulders.   It was occupied by a strange little man who had spread out 4 sets of free weights, taking up the entire space.  He also had an exercise ball taking up part of the space.  Thumbs down I looked for a bench to use for my dips, also occupied.  Steaming mad I decided to call it quits and go home.  I intended to finish up the workout at home using a chair and my own free weights but my appetite got in the way of that.

I had a snack.

photo 4

Apple, Jamie’s Protein Bread with my homemade nut butter.

I intended on finishing up the rest of my workout after my snack, but the rest of my life got in the way.

For lunch I made something new!

photo 5

White corn tortillas, guacamole, reduced-fat shredded cheese, salsa, fat-free refried beans.

It was SO good, and super filling!

My sweet Luke came home and gave me the biggest hug I think I have ever gotten from him.  He is 10 years old and is really beginning to limit how much affection he lets me give him.  So when he is the one doing the lovin’ on,  my heart swells.  I even tried to let go and he just hung on!  Sweet boy.

We all had an afternoon snack.  I had this,

photo 1 (2)

Dannon Greek Yogurt in Strawberry with Cinnamon Burst Cheerios.


Around 5pm I started to get a massive headache for some reason, so I took some Aleve and drank a bunch of water. My goal was to get everyone fed and ready for bed so I could lay down, a.s.a.p.  I got Aidan bathed and had Luke shower in the other bathroom while dinner was cooking.


photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

This was supposed to feed 4 of us?  It was a good thing I wasn’t hungry.

I had a bite and I wasn’t crazy about them, probably due to my lack of appetite, but the boys gobbled them up.  I do like all of the other Gardein products.  I also made them some Annie’s Mac N Cheese.

After I got the kitchen cleaned up I made some tea.

photo 5 (2)

two cups…

Then my migraine & I waited patiently for Daddy to be home.

The boys were exceptionally well behaved yesterday afternoon.  I will hazard a guess it won’t be that way today.  They were just happy to be reunited at last

photo 4 (2)

Sleeping is Boring

Friday morning around 3:20 my sweet little 5 year old comes in my room saying “I’m thirsty, can you get me some water?” “Aidan, you know where the cups are and you know how to get water.” “Please?”  So I get up, get him some water and we both toss and turn for the next hour because “Sleeping is boring”. No, no my dear sleeping is not boring, sleeping is FUN!

Despite the interruption, I got up at 5 full of energy.  I was able to get to sleep pretty early and slept solid until Mr. CutiePie came in.


photo 1

Coffee w/ unsweetened almond milk and Truvia

Do you like my coasters?  I finally found some I like!  Thank You World Market!

photo 2

I had more breakfast than usual.

~ 1/2 cup old fashioned oats

~ 3/4 cup unsweetened Almond milk

~ 1 tsp. chia seed

~ 1 tsp. Ideal brown sugar blend

~ 1 tbsp. all natural peanut butter

I left the banana off because they still aren’t quite as ripe as I like them to be.

I think having a slightly larger breakfast helped with my workout,

and maybe this little guy about 30 min prior to it.

photo 4

I ate breakfast earlier than I usually do and found myself getting hungry right before I was about to leave for the gym.  I hate working out when I am hungry but I didn’t want to eat much because running with a full belly is not comfortable.  Sick smile

So I don’t know if it was the rest day on Thursday, or the bigger breakfast, or the little banana, but I had the best workout I have had in a very long time.

I started my treadmill workout like I  normally do. I was not feeling the least bit tired or bored so the end looked like this

20:00-25:00 min 5.8 mph

25:00-27:00 min 6.0 mph

27:00-29:00 min 6.2 mph

29:00-30:00 min 6.5 mph.

30:00-35:00 cool down, slowing speed every 1 minute

Yes, that is correct. No, no it is not a typo. These stubby little munchkin legs ran 6.5 mph for an entire minute.

Perception of Running

I’m sorry, this never gets old to me

After the run, I had an equally incredible upper body workout that left my arms feeling like Jell-O.


I didn’t pack a snack for the car ride home because I knew we were coming straight home and I would just have lunch because it was that time anyway. But first I had to deal with this

in the kitchen

photo 2 (3)

…and in the bedroom

photo 3 (2)

Don’t think the thought of taking her to the shelter didn’t cross my mind.

Good thing she’s super cute, and this is the worst that she does.

photo 3 (2)



photo 4 (2)photo 1 (2)

Gina’s Arugula Salad, with romaine lettuce, walnuts and strawberries

Dannon Greek yogurt with 1 tsp. chia, 2 tbsp. homemade granola and almonds

photo 2 (2)

Jamie’s Pumpkin Bread

I was SUPER hungry. This held me over for awhile though.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxed.  I got dressed and talked to my best friend who gave me a huge boost of confidence I desperately needed.  I did the laundry, dishes, etc..

Luke and Jeremy came home from their days at school and work.  They all went outside for a while.  Jeremy was mowing the grass and getting a bunch of stuff done to my car.  The boys were riding bikes and playing outside.  It’s such strange feeling when everyone is out of the house.  It’s so quiet and still.  The boys have so much energy that it permeates the house. The energy is tangible.  One of the sweetest sounds to me is the muffled laughter and squeals of my children playing outside.  They are so carefree and full of life.  Not one bit tainted or jaded by the world or people.  They are simply beautiful.

Before I knew it, it was time for Luke to leave for his Dad’s house.  His dad gets him for Spring Break this year. Thumbs down Even though having just one of my sons at home is much easier, I REALLY miss Luke when he is gone for so long.  Sad smile Poor thing wasn’t happy to be leaving for so long either.  But distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I am worried about him a little though because they are going to see his grandparents and his grandfather has cancer.  I hope and pray that Ronnie (grandfather) is well enough to see Luke.  I wish I could protect Luke from all the sadness in this world.  He still cries sometimes over losing Uncle Daniel.

Friday night is Pizza Night for the boys so I made myself some leftovers

photo 1 (3)

sadly, this is the last of Gina’s salad & broccoli and the roasted sweet potatoes

I didn’t snap pictures of my snacks today but I did gather what I had and took one picture of them all

photo 3 (3)

My afternoon snacks were a Larabar and a bowl of PB Cheerios dry.

A while after dinner I had two….yes two Quaker granola bars.

photo 2 (4)

I thought I wanted some Chocolate Cheerios but changed my mind.  I did find this book in the box though!  Top notch Cheerios!!  Top notch.

Here are some random pictures I took through the day:


Why Jeremy? Why?

photo 3


This is madness:

photo 1


I was SO jamming out to this while I was getting cleaned up from the gym. Adding to my playlist ASAP

photo 3


Pretty huh? This is what goofin’ off get’s ya!

photo 5

Well, I am off to start our Saturday.  We had planned on going to the gym and then straight to Aidan’s soccer game but it’s supposed to be raining all day so they cancelled soccer and I am going to workout at home.

Hope Saturday is good to everyone!