I think it’s very safe to say things have been…..CRAY….around here.  I know a lot of people hate that term but guess what….I LOVE IT! Everyone says “Oh things are crazy…”  But to me that’s like saying “Oh, I’m so busy!”  Guess what?  Everyone is busy.  But to say CRAY instead of crazy, means like seriously crazy.  I can’t even recall what I have been doing for the last month since I wrote last.  I can’t even believe it’s been a month.  Let’s try to recall……

The movers damaged just about everything I own in the move…..ok that is an exaggeration….they shattered the glass in my china cabinet, scuffed up my dining chairs, dented my washer and dryer, damaged Jeremy’s table saw…..It’s ok, they have all been repaired….Annoyed

Jeremy had to replace our master toilet the first week we were here…..I honestly do not want to re-live the details of it…..but lets just say…..ugh…..never mind.  He is a champion and that’s all there is to that.

Scrubbing filthy grout that we thought was brown until I was cleaning base boards prepping for painting.  After the grout around the base boards dried, I realized it’s beige grout.  Jeremy bought me a steamer…..



so that my life would be easier.  Indeed.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love to clean?  It’s an obsession.  But….after hours and hours of steaming my grout…..I am over it.  I still need to go over some areas that were seriously bad, but I am taking a break and moving onto other tasks for now.

Painting…..choosing a shade of beige for most of the house proved down right impossible.  We had about 20 swatches taped up all over the wall for a week.  Different lighting, different moods….so glad that choice has been made.

desert fortress

Desert Fortress

It looks a little pink in the picture but it’s more of  a warm beige color with grey undertone.  It’s perfect and makes me happy! We have the largest part of the house all done so now we can move on to the smaller jobs.

I set the burglar alarm off while I was talking on the phone to the school nurse.  While I am alone in the house during the day I keep the alarm set. (I know it sounds weird, but keep in mind that I am married to a cop) We have terrible reception in the house so I stepped out onto the porch…….I don’t understand WHY it has to be so so loud!  I mean I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack.  After I had turned it off, I called the nurse back but the alarm company kept calling me!  The nurse was questioning me as to why Aidan was wearing glasses…..don’t get me started on that….to say the least I was very annoyed and trying to reassure her that he indeed needed glasses and that I needed to get off the phone.  I called the alarm company back to let them know I was ok and not to send the police.  But low and behold an hour later the police show up……Stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS.

Speaking of Aidan’s glasses…..

After a well-child exam early March, our Pediatrician told us to get Aidan’s eyes looked at.  We knew this was inevitably looming but we prayed and prayed for his eyes to be spared.  Jeremy’s entire family has poor vision.  I tease him saying he has Special Eyes but seriously…..I have never known anyone with vision poor as his.  Think –12 prescription… risk for retinal detachment……Lasik completely out of the question….yeah bad.  Aidan has never presented any symptoms of vision impairment but I think it’s because he has never had clear vision. When we took him into the optometrist we learned his prescription was –2.50!  I was shocked.  That’s worse than mine!  She said it will only get worse as he grows so we have to take him in every 6 months now.  Bless his sweet heart.  It was so heart warming to me when he first put on his new glasses.  His eyes lit up and the sweetest smile came on his face.  He was seeing the world for the first time.

photo 4

Anyway…..I could go on and on…..

So, FOCUS…..that is what I have been lacking.  I feel like my schedule and my days have just been all over the place.  I long for routine which I have been hanging onto by a thread. I also am HATING this cold weather that just keeps lingering and lingering like an unwanted house guest.  I am dreaming of the 110 degree Texas heat!!!!

Each week I tell myself, ok Little Miss….this is your week.  You are getting back on track….getting back to your schedule and routine.  Following all of your own advice and healthy habits…..and then low and behold….a wrench gets thrown in.


A field trip, a dr appt, a dentist appt,  a damaged furniture appt, a phone call from the nurse followed by setting the house alarm off and a friendly visit from the local police department…..replacing a toilet, nursing a migraine, you name it. Then at 8:30 pm, I am taking a shower thinking…man….I have got to get it together!  For a short time I even thought that maybe this is just a season of change in my life and I need to take a break from working out and eating like a champ.  But who am I kidding?  Not working out and not eating right makes me down right depressed, unfocused and feeling crummy emotionally and physically.  A sweet friend of mine and I decided we were going to start P90X again last week….yeah I did Mon-Wed before life got in the way of that.  We both admitted neither of us “brought it” but would do better this week!  So….here is to time management & making exercise and eating right a priority.


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