ALL women are real

Pardon me while I get something out of my system….

I am not by any means someone who takes offense to things, most things roll off my back…..<— not something that always came easy.  I feel the “politically correct” thing is completely overrated and taken way too far in many cases.  Now, there are some very legitimate things that should never be said.  Personally I am offended by excessive and unnecessary cursing but the truth is people are going to say things that are offensive, so don’t get your panties in a wad.  Take care in things you say, but, you can’t please every one all the time.

I wouldn’t say I am necessarily offended by this, however; it does get under my skin.

I am so tired of seeing “REAL WOMEN” _________.  Have curves, eat meat, watch football, hunt, are strong, are educated, lift weights, eat, and the list goes on and on……I know it’s done in fun most of the time.  But when I see stuff like that I just think about the women who have had breast cancer and have had their breasts removed, women who are undergoing chemotherapy and are thin as rails, women who are not strong because of some past hurt that they are dealing with, those women who never had a chance to go to college.  Some women have eating disorders, some women don’t have huge appetites.  The last time I checked I am very much a women and I couldn’t care less about football.  I didn’t eat meat for two years.  I am not a fan of lifting weights.  I would rather cut my finger off than camp or hunt or fish….ok that’s an exaggeration but you get my point.


Real womenvia

ok…..the end.


My appetite seems to be back under control this morning!

I made a bowl of oats, obviously my favorite cold weather breakfast!


This one was oats, almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon, Ideal, 1/2 a small banana and 1 tbsp. peanut butter.  I ate the other half of the banana while it was cooling.

Well, I am off to get the daily disaster cleaned up.  The weather is snowy, wet, cold and just plain yuk…..I feel like Jillian and are going to have to have a date!


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