A Good Sleep

Last night, I took a long hot shower and then settled down in bed with these

photo 1 (2)

I firmly believe there is nothing a little warm chamomile tea can’t cure.

After a good long sleep, I woke up with a new perspective this morning.

need a napvia


It is this…..there are people in the world with REAL problems Amanda….quit being a brat.

With that I got myself ready for church in my new outfit from the J Crew outlet!  I was so excited to find these corduroy pants.  I had been looking for some since last year. I haven’t had the chance to have them hemmed yet so I pulled out a pair of heels I haven’t worn in about 7 years!  So glad I kept them all this time!

photo 3 (3)

Super comfy and cozy.

I also had someone to sit by in church this morning which made me so happy!

photo 1 (4)

It was so lovely having help getting everything ready today.  Stress Level = Zero

I also got a little birth control while helping with the babies this morning!  I got to hold a crier for an hour and a half and change a poopie diaper! Voila!  No more baby talk in the Green household!

Jeremy took the boys to Dickey’s for lunch and picked up something for me!  I was completely ravenous when I got home thanks to a skipped breakfast and snack.  I usually grab a snack to eat before I volunteer but I forgot one this morning.

photo 4 (3)

Probably the best thing I have had in a month.

photo 1

Poor Jeremy was trying to talk to me while I scarfed down every last morsel.  Then he said “Look at you finishing your lunch like a big girl!”  Brat.

Then I had a fudge pop!

photo 3

I am so thankful that today my appetite has returned.  I have been eating since I got home.  Some almonds, an apple, wheat thins with salsa and cream cheese, wheat thins with hummus, pretzels, another fudge pop…..Thumbs up


I am excited about the coming week! We don’t have anything on the agenda which is always welcome.  Jeremy will be in school this whole week so

My Goals this week are:

keep calmvia

eat bettervia


something wonderfulvia

Have a beautiful week friends!


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