Silver Linings Playbook




Bradley Coopervia


Jeremy and I went on a RAINY day date today to finally see this movie.  We have been trying to see it since it came out and it never worked out.  I am so glad we finally saw it.  It is a “buyer” <—-that’s what we call movies that are so good, they are worth buying.

I was so impressed by this movie.  It was an unexpected dark comedy that was edgy, hilarious, intense and brilliant.  WOW.  Bradley Cooper is not just a pretty face.  He is so talented and plays this role superbly.

After the movie we browsed through Barnes & Noble to see if I could find a new planner and not only did I find one but also this little gem!


It’s not some cheesy book on how to become a personal trainer. It gives reviews of all the different programs, avoiding common mistakes, gives sample questions from the different exams and loads of other information.  As I was flipping through the book I stopped at a page and what it read ultimately caused me to buy the book.


“The trainer must understand the importance of the client’s personal journey – mental, emotional, and spiritual”

Oh my goodness!  That’s like my entire philosophy on health!  I had never heard of ISSA before today.  I was going to go the common NASM route but now I am thinking I will try a different program.  It was serendipitous.

Even if I can’t actually take the course right now, I can at least learn about it and get prepped mentally.


Thankfully  I am on the last day of Dr. Oz’s cleanse!  I am so glad because while I am feeling much better and am back to craving apples instead of candy and chips….I am SURE ready for some solid food!  I made a delicious crock pot chicken dish this week that was heavenly…..I did have a taste of it… know to make sure it was edible for THEM Winking smile But I will for sure be making it again soon (and posting the recipe) so that I can enjoy it as well!

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