Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse: Part 2

I drifted off to sleep Sunday night fantasizing about the bowl of oatmeal I was going to eat the next morning.  I couldn’t wait to wake up to the deliciousness off the coffee that would be waiting for me.  When I woke the next morning, I was pleased to see I had lost 5.4 lbs. over the past 3 days.  All the pain and suffering had paid off.  Not only had I lost the 2 pounds I had slowly put on over the previous sugar filled weeks but I had lost the other three that had been hanging on for dear life since the summer.  Now, I am not that easily convinced, I knew most of it was water.  So the real test would be the next few days when I started eating regular food again.

Even though I went to sleep fantasizing about a nice steaming creamy bowl of oats, I made another “Breakfast Drink”.  Say What????  I don’t know…. I just wanted it!  Oh but I definitely had that coffee. That is a non-negotiable.  Who was I kidding thinking I could get off the juice all together? I knew it was pretty ambitious but hey, you’ll never know if you never try!  I have improved however.  I only drink one cup in the morning now instead of 2 sometimes 3.  The cup I had that morning had me WIRED!  I felt like I could run a marathon.  I can drink a cup in the afternoon now and it actually perks me up!  Before I could drink a Misto and could still have a nap.  I am so grateful for that improvement.

As the day continued I was amazed at my energy level and mood.  I was thinking so clearly.  Even though the boys had a physical fight that morning that ended up with Aidan being pushed into a bookshelf (don’t ask), I kept my cool.  I got the house cleaned up, it was a MESS.  3 boys home for 5 days…yeah.  I cleaned for 3 hours and then had lunch.  Tuna Salad, cucumbers and a small sweet potato.  I talked to a friend and waited for the crash….I waited and waited….I never crashed.  In fact I worked out!   Normally I would be passed out for the next 30-45 min and then still tired after that.  I was like an Energizer Bunny that day.  Finally about 8pm I started to wind down.  That kind of energy level hasn’t changed.  It’s been that way everyday.

I haven’t had any sweets since Thanksgiving and have really cut back on my carb intake.  By carbs I mean breads, Z Bars, pretzels,cereal, granola….. processed flour type foods.  I finally had my oatmeal on Tuesday morning, which was so delicious.  I have also had some whole wheat bread for a sandwich……but that’s about it.  I still eat breads on occasion but mostly I am trying to stay away from them.   I have craved sweets a few times this week, two of those times were after the Women’s Health Shoot.  It had been a long nerve wracking day.  I wanted to “reward” myself with an ice cream cone.  Instead I had my non-fat 2 Splenda Misto……Smile  That same night after dinner I was craving something sweet and I realized I was just still hungry.  So I ate a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana sprinkled with cinnamon.  That took care of that.  Other than that time I really haven’t craved sweets.  And even then I don’t think I was craving sweets, I was craving comfort….

As the week continued I lost even more weight.  About 2 pounds and I am now back down to what I call my “fighting weight” of 115.  I haven’t been there since April of 2011 and that lasted about a month!  It was very hard to stay at that weight and I leveled out for a long time at 118.  I felt really comfortable there.  That was my “happy weight”. As I slowly gained a few pounds here and there my clothes weren’t fitting as well and I just didn’t feel my best.  When you are 5’2 & 3/4″…..5 pounds is like 10.

I can’t begin to say how happy I am that I did this cleanse.  When I say it was life changing for me I am not being overly dramatic or exaggerating. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started to feel good.  A switch has flipped for me.  The same switch that flipped in December of 2009 when I decided I was losing the weight for good.

I stumbled upon a book at the library called “Sugar Shock!”  It has given me a revelation about my own personal “sugar addiction”.  It talks about how sugar and “much like sugar” carbs affect your body and mind.

photo 1

These are just a few quotes out of the book resonated with me.

“I totally feel like an addict. My drug of choice is sugar. After I have sugar, especially chocolate, I get an intense rush and a delicious high.  I get happy, relaxed and euphoric for about an hour. But then suddenly everything comes crashing down.”

“I don’t eat sugar but I am an addicted to it.  Just like an alcoholic is one drink away from drinking again, I am just one dessert away from my sugar days again.”

This book has so much to say about the food industry and the scientific research that has gone into making foods highly palatable.  It also has so much to say about the chemical effects on the body.  It reminds me a lot of “The End of Overeating” by Dr. David Kessler. I am going to follow this book with “Beyond Sugar Shock!”.


I have always wondered why some people can have some sweets and be fine, how in the world some people can say “I’m not a sweets person”.  What?  Not a sweets person?  Do you have a soul??? Well, it’s the same as some people can have one or two drinks and be good and some become alcoholics and can’t even go into a bar.  Some can smoke one or two cigarettes in social settings and some become 2 pack-a-dayers…. we are all biochemically different.

Seeing how much better I feel, mentally, emotionally, physically after getting off the “sweet poison” (as I have begun to call it) has made me not want it  in the slightest way.  The fact that I have gone an entire week without sweets is a miracle.  I can’t say I will never eat another dessert again in my life…..but at this point I do in fact feel like I never want to eat another dessert in my entire life.  Now I will be the one questioned about my soul!


So back to the cleanse…..I would like to offer my own personal advice to those who are thinking of doing the cleanse or are actually going to do it.

  • Take some days off.  Take a Friday off from work, don’t plan on doing anything on Saturday or Sunday.  Then if you feel up to it, (I did on the second day) venture out.
  • Be prepared and prepare your friends and loved ones that you WILL act like a raving lunatic.  Apologize in advance for anything you will say or do.
  • Drink lots of herbal tea.  This was vital.  I drank Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and I swear it was the best thing ever.  I didn’t even have to add any sweetener.
  • Add ice to all the drinks.  It adds volume and helps with the texture.  ESPECIALLY the Lunch Drink.
  • I used half of the cucumber and two stalks of celery for the lunch drink……it helped with the texture.
  • Sleep sleep sleep.
  • Some positive thinking goes a long way.  “It’s only 3 days of my entire life”  “Dr. Oz did it, so can I.”  “You are getting enough food.”
  • Even though I wasn’t hungry at all, I did miss the comfort of a nice meal…..distract yourself from thinking about food…..read a book, get outside, read a magazine, catch up on some T.V.…..anything.

I would recommend this cleanse to everyone,  especially as a jump start to a diet or trying to get kick sugar.  I am so thankful for Dr. Oz and his team for putting this together.  I am so thankful to God for opening my eyes to my addiction and I am so thankful to be feeling like Amanda 2.0.


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