Women’s Health Photo Shoot

photo 1 (2)

About a year and a half ago, actually it was May of 2011, the Women’s Health Facebook page posted a request for anyone who had lost weight to submit their story to Brittany Risher @ such-in-such email…..I was like an overachieving elementary kid, jumping out of my chair with my hand raised….. “OOOH OOH I HAVE ONE!!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! I HAVE ONE!” So I sat down and wrote it out, hit send and that was that. I kind of forgot about it until 6 months later when I got a response! Brittany wrote that she thought my story would be perfect for Women’s Health, asked if I was still interested (ummmm ya think?), and if so, to submit more recent photos (i.e checking if I had gained the weight back…NEVER). So I responded, did a happy dance and that was that…… 6 months later……She emails me once again asking if I was still interested & that she would be submitting my story to the editors that week. Say What?! 3 months later…….Jill Waldbieser emails me saying I was chosen for the You Lose, You Win piece in the April 2013 issue. No freaking way!

photo 2

I had to send even more photos, sign a photo release and she let me know that a writer would be in touch with me for an interview…..it was unreal. The beginning of October I had a phone interview, and then on Tuesday the photo director emailed me asking for a good date to do a photo shoot within the next 10 days. Disappointed smile I gave them 3 dates, one being today, not really thinking it was enough time to set up a photographer but wouldn’t cha know….He was available TODAY! So I just went with it. Kenny Braun got in touch with me and we set up a time and a place to meet. We met at Cameron Park in Waco. Since he is based out of Austin, this was a halfway point for both of us. He is such a nice guy. He made me feel so relaxed and gave great direction. I loved watching him scope out the views, he was in a zone.

Last night I kept dreaming that my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up at 8:40. We had to leave by 7:30. I also dreamt that Jeremy got called into work and couldn’t come with me. I woke up every hour. My alarm was set to go off at 4am so needless to say I didn’t get any sleep. My adrenaline and nerves masked any sleep deprivation. I got myself psyched up by listening to Pandora’s 80’s rock station, the same one I usually listen to on my runs, did a lot of positive affirmations, and tried to just plain not think about it. “IT” being the fact that this was a photo shoot for a national magazine. That just made me want to vomit. I couldn’t eat breakfast but managed to eat half a banana and drink some Vitamin Water Zero during the shoot.

The actual shoot was such a blast! It was so fun. I tried to just be in the moment, be myself and stay relaxed. Kenny was so great, such a calm spirit and I think that really helped.


I trotted down and back, down and back about 20 times.


Climbed “Jacob’s Ladder” and hopped down the steps all while looking at the camera or off into the distance about 20 times. I finally got the hang of it by the last few shots. Don’t think I didn’t almost bust my tail a few times.


I skipped on rocks….while looking off into the distance….no easy task. I was pleased with my coordination and not breaking an ankle.


I jumped of boulders and landed hard on the ground….he decided that was a bit ambitious and didn’t make me do it anymore.


………and I posed and posed and posed and posed and posed and posed and posed x 50.

After about 3 hours we wrapped and headed over to my fave…..Chick-Fil-A and ordered my usual salad.

photo 1

That was the best salad I have ever had in my life!

Before we came home Jeremy stopped and picked up a Grande Non-Fat Misto for me from Starbucks. I was exhausted but didn’t want to fall into a coma when I got home. So I took a long hot shower, drank my Misto, sat down in bed to write this post and I don’t plan on moving the rest of the night! Best day ever.

photo 4

Women’s Health <——- the best magazine in the history of the world!


3 thoughts on “Women’s Health Photo Shoot

  1. Amanda- I am so excited for you!! You have literally worked your butt off and look at the amazing things that have followed. I am so proud of you and how you have been able to stay focused and discipled to keep the weight off (not an easy task.) I pray for continued good things in your future. 🙂

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