Well….um hello!

Hello darlin….nice to see ya….it’s been a long time, you’re just as lovely as you used to be…..If you don’t know Conway Twitty then I don’t want to know you…I’m kidding….sort of!

Conway Twitty

It has been a while.  It’s been interesting over here.  I’ll spare the details but I can list a few things that have kept me from my beloved health obsession outlet that is my blog.

1- We thought we were going to have to put my sweet Trixie down because my wonderful veterinarian told us she needed a $1700 surgery.  WHAT?  I cried for 2 hours only to find out that it wasn’t an emergency.  What in the world could have prompted this?  We were walking her one day and she started peeing blood.  Yes, blood.  We immediately took her in and she has bladder stones.  Upon speaking to another vet in the office, she does need surgery to remove them but there are other options to try first and they are also manageable. They almost never cause blockage in females and on and on…..SO Miss Thang is on a special diet now and we are managing them.

2- We had a potential buyer for our house.  She asked for a seller’s disclosure and came for a second showing only to decide that she needed to move further west.

3- Parenting a pre-teen is exhausting. Mentally and emotionally.  Those of you WITH pre-teens feel me on this.



My sweet (most of the time) Luke turned 11 at the end of October.  Isn’t he handsome??  Good thing for him he’s got those adorable dimples and the fact that I love him more than anything.


4- I tried to start running again about 3 weeks after my “cancer scare”.  My scar seemed to be healed well enough and I gave it a go.  I started out run/walking on a Monday for 30 minutes, same thing on Tuesday.  By Wednesday I was able to run the entire 30 minutes.  That day I locked my keys in the car and ended up walking another 30 min home……Annoyed  Clearly not thinking straight….The next day my scar hurt so bad.  I realized running wasn’t in my best interest right now.  Wouldn’t you know this would happen after we cancelled our gym membership. We cancelled it because I can run outside and do my favorite videos now that Aidan is in school (not to mention it saves us some money).  So I wasn’t able to use the bike or the elliptical instead.

All this emotional up and down and not being able to run put me in a funk.  I wasn’t eating right, sometimes not eating at all, not exercising, feeling exhausted all of the time, moody, depressed, grumpy, angry at times …I wasn’t myself in any sense of the word.

I had a well woman exam two weeks ago and while everything is fine and perfectly normal, my cholesterol levels were weird.  My LDL went from 77 to 126!  My HDL went from 80 to 89 and my triglycerides went from 43 to 21.  Even though the good numbers were better, the bad number was worse.  I attribute that to my less than stellar eating and lack of exercise motivation (i.e. burn out).  That report snapped me out of it.  I realized that I can’t just phone it in.  I can’t just base my health on the number on the scale….which was relatively the same.

I took a good look at my diet….made the choice to start making working out a priority again(even if it’s just a good long walk) and made the change.  I decided I can’t continue to let my emotions rule my life.

So after a nice Thanksgiving indulgence I did Dr.Oz’s 3 day detox cleanse.  I will do a separate post on that.  Yes, it was that awesome.  I am feeling back to my old self and back on track.  I have done my trusty 30 Day Shred the past two days….even if it was only level 1.  I am sore as can be and loving it!

We have a potential buyer right now that we have yet to hear anything from.  I am really trying not to let it take over my thoughts and trying to maintain as normal of a life as I possibly can.  You never know when an agent will want to bring a buyer.  Sometimes it’s as you are stepping into the shower …..<——True Story.

So that is that!  I have some SUPER SUPER exciting news happening right now…..but I will save that for later!

I would like to share a few things that kept my head above water the last two months…..

Adorable Lamb

Grumpy Cat

Agreed Grumpy Cat!


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