Long Story

In 2008 Jeremy and I were living in a 1200 sq. ft., 2 bedroom apartment with our 6 year old and 1 year old sharing a bedroom.  We knew we needed a bigger place, ideally a house, but we didn’t have a small fortune to be able to buy one.  Til this day, I believe the only reason we were in a house 1 year later, was because of Jeremy’s faith and fervent prayer. His faith that some how, some way, when there seemed to be no way, God would provide.

In April 2009, the lease on our apartment was about to be up for renewal and the thought of spending another day in that apartment to me was unbearable.  We began looking for a house and realized that if we were going to buy a house, we would still need a small fortune.  Even though we had a little saved up, it would never be enough.  A long time friend of mine, who also has her realtor license, told me about HUD homes and foreclosures.  This was exciting news for us because if we could find one, it would be THE answer to all of our prayers.  All we would need was $100 to put down on the home and we could finance the closing costs into our mortgage.  We could do this!!!!  The problem?….Actually finding one.  We contacted a realtor to help us and she showed us one house…..just one.  One that happened to not have a bid on it already and that wasn’t a complete disaster.

When we drove up to the house I fell in love.  It was beautiful.  It seemed like a mansion to me.  One of the highest rated elementary schools in our town was right across the street.  It was huge, had tons of windows and was a blank canvas for me to paint and decorate exactly how I wanted it!  The realtor was impressed by the condition of the house. Not all HUD homes or foreclosures have been lived in by heathens.  Some folks have simply fallen on hard times or were victims of the variable interest rate fiasco.  We immediately put a bid on the home and didn’t sleep for a few days praying it would be ours.

A few days later it was ours.  Just in the nick of time too because our lease expired in just a few weeks.  I couldn’t pack up fast enough!  We were in that house everyday for two weeks.

We painted every white wall there was.



I had lived with white walls for 5 years. We changed out light fixtures, door handles, put in ceiling fans, & cleaned.

We played in the new backyard


and hunted lady bugs.


It was a glorious time.

I thanked Jeremy for having the faith and I thanked God for showing me that He is faithful.

We always thought that this would be our forever home.  We had a lot of things we were going to do to the house.  New fence, replace all the laminate with ceramic or travertine, remodel the master bath, recess lighting, landscaping, sprinkler system.  These were our plans 3 1/2 years ago and until two weeks ago where still just that……plans.  Since January our “next project” was to lay tile in the laundry room.  Jeremy was building an entire cabinet system for me and had finished the first shelf.

But honestly, who has time for that?  Not us that’s for sure.  And honestly, who has the thousands of dollars to do all of that?  NOT us that is FOR SURE!  I guess that wasn’t something we really thought about.

The question for months has been “When?”.  “When Jeremy?  When exactly are we going to do this?”  “I think we should just hire some one.”  “No, we ARE NOT hiring someone to do something I can do myself for a quarter of the price.”  He usually got an eyeroll from me and that was the end of that.  The truth is that yes he absolutely could do all of these things himself and I knew that.  But he absolutely doesn’t have the time nor the help he needs to do them.  I am definitely no help.  I can hold stuff and that’s about it!

So two weeks ago I was incredibly frustrated with the fact that we still had yet to pick out tile or even a color to paint “my new laundry room”.  Life is crazy around here, just when we think we have time to get a project done, something comes up, someone gets sick, appointments are made, tired mom and dad just need a day off, and the list goes on and on.

So yet again, per usual, the conversation started like this.

“Jeremy, when are we going to fix the fence?”

“When we finish the laundry room.”

“When are we going to pick out tile?”

When, when, when.

That’s when the conversation took an unusual turn from the norm.

“Jeremy, I want a new house.”

It’s something that had been on my heart for awhile, but I never said it out loud. I really tried to be content with what I had. I mean come on! Some people don’t even have beds to sleep in Amanda, get over it! So what, you don’t have a separate shower form the tub, some people don’t even have showers. Let alone warm, clean water to bathe with.

He was taken by surprised and I think a little scared!

“Not a mansion, not even a bigger house. Just one that already has everything we want.  You know we have a lot of equity in this house and could make enough on it in order to buy a fancier house.  You know the interest rates are freaking amazing right now.  I don’t want the boys going to ________ Junior High and neither of us want them at  ______ High School.  We can move a little further south and they’d be in one of the best school districts in this area.  You know we wished we could have afforded a house down there in the first place and now we can…..”

He didn’t say much but apparently I was pretty convincing and part of me suspects he had been having the same thoughts but hadn’t said them out loud either.

I left because I was just frustrated and we also needed milk…..

When I got back he said, “Hey! I found a pretty house.”

The next week we started cleaning, fixing up little things around the house, taking stuff to Goodwill, and obsessing over houses on-line because………..

We are putting our house on the market!

The night of the “life changing conversation” I prayed.

“Is this what you want for us?  I thought this house was a gift from you, an incredible blessing.  I thought this was where we would be forever.”

“This was my gift to you.  This was a stepping stone.  You needed a house, I provided one.  You would never have been able to get to where I want you and where your heart truly desires to be if it weren’t for this house. It’s time to move on.”

So many other encouraging words have spoken into my heart and I have just been in awe of His great love for me, Jeremy, Luke and Aidan.  He truly gives you the desires of your heart.  Even when you don’t speak them out loud, He knows.  There is so much more I could say about the way God is moving in our lives, and how he has changed my life over the past year but it is just unspeakable the way things are falling together.

Blessed is She

I am sure you have guessed by now that this would be our “exciting news!” We had our 2nd “exciting news” meeting this afternoon.  I haven’t been that nervous/excited since I rode The Superman for the 1st time.  Waiting, waiting, waiting. “Oh should I do this? I am doing this…I can’t change my mind now.  I am on this ride.  The seat belt is locked.  No turning back now.  Oh……my gosh….”  Then before you know it its over and you are exhilarated and maybe slightly nauseated!  I am super excited but scared and nervous at the same time.  I know people buy and sell houses everyday but I don’t.  It’s true what they say about it being a nerve wracking experience.

Do it  afraid

So that’s that!  Keep us in your prayers!  There is a house I already have my eye on that I check obsessively every hour to see if it’s gone under contract would really love a chance at!


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