Women’s Intuition

I have some exciting news and some not so exciting news….Thumbs down But I will get to that in a minute.

It’s been a CRAZY few days.  Since Friday we have had so much going on that I honestly wouldn’t remember what we did if I didn’t have a couple of pictures to remind me!

Friday we ran some errands including taking my wedding ring in to be shipped off for inspection and polishing.  I have had numerous borderline panic attacks since Friday after trying to nervously twist it and it’s not there! We also went to Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby to look for a Christmas tree!  We found one but are going to wait to buy it considering it isn’t even October yet Winking smile.

But look what I did buy!!!!

photo 1

I was over the moon about finding these at Garden Ridge on the cheap!!!!  I have wanted both of these for awhile now.  I haven’t tried them out yet but I will give a full review when I do!

Saturday was an epic grocery shopping trip that included 3 different stores.  We stopped for lunch at Corner Bakery because I had been craving the Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad & Tomato Soup for days!  As a matter of fact I am going to recreate the meal tonight! Minus the Sweet Crisps unfortunately…..Thumbs down

photo 3

Over lunch Jeremy and I had a life changing conversation.  I expressed some frustrations I had been having and that led us to an exciting decision that is in the works.  I won’t say what it is just yet.  We have a meeting about it Friday afternoon so maybe after that I can share!

So I have been busy the last few days because of this decision and haven’t had a spare second!  I have lost sleep over some of the things we had to consider first but it seems to all be working out perfectly.

So that’s the super exciting news!

Now for the not so exciting news.  First let me say it isn’t serious, everything is fine, but never under estimate the power of a woman’s intuition!

I have a condition/syndrome called Dysplastic Nevus.  Basically it puts me at greater risk for skin cancer and I am supposed to stay out of the sun (check) use sunscreen at all times (check) and be checked once a year for changes in my skin (ooooops, no check).

I learned I had it many years ago but disregarded it because I was young and stupid.  You know what else I did when I was young and stupid?  I tanned in a tanning bed.  For years…… Within the last few years my regular doctor removed one spot that came back normal and since then I have been diligent about checking spots for changes.  I haven’t had any real changes but something was telling me I needed to have a full skin check done by a dermatologist.  Since I didn’t have one, I visited my general doctor last week for a referral.  I was able to get an appointment right away.  She check me over but missed one area that I was concerned about.  When she checked it she was glad that I had showed her.  At first she instructed the assistant to put a watch on it but then after a few minutes she wanted to look at it again. At that point she decided to do a “shave biopsy” **cringe**.  It wasn’t bad.  Not even CLOSE to when I had the other spot removed from my hip.  OUCH!

With all the other excitement over the weekend I completely forgot that I would probably be hearing from them on Monday morning.  Around 10:30am and within the first 15 minutes of me vacuuming, the office called and of course I missed it.  I listened to the message and was immediately freaking out because on my new patient forms I checked for them to leave a message with normal test results.  This message said “call back so I can go over the pathology results of your biopsy with you.”  Commence Freak Out.  “Pathology results of the biopsy”?  Scary.  Plus, they were supposed to just leave a message.  WTH is going on?

I immediately called them back and what do you know?  I have to leave a message.  Let me tell you what, I am SO glad I had the “exciting news” to get ready for (and Target) to keep me distracted because after an additional phone call and message left by me, I finally heard back from them at 4pm!

“Hi Amanda, do you have a few minutes?”

“Yes! Of course!”

My heart is pounding out of my chest and I feel like I might hurl at any moment but yes of course I have a few minutes.  Disappointed smile

She said the spot came back as (long complicated term alert)

Atypical Melanocytic Hyperplasia

Definition: proliferation of melanocytes showing nuclear atypicality, especially as scattered single cells high in the epidermis; interpreted by some pathologists as malignant melanoma in situ. (source)

“An atypical or dysplastic (abnormal, irregular) mole or lesion are also known as atypical melanocytic hyperplasia, atypical mole, or dysplastic mole. The majority of these moles or lesions are benign (non cancerous). Some have a significant risk of actually being a melanoma or developing into melanoma. This is determined by physical examination or a biopsy by a physician.” (source)

I have an appointment on Thursday to have the rest of the area removed.  OH JOY!

I have always had a certain gift of discernment/woman’s intuition/whatever you will.  I used to dismiss it but have really honed in on it over the past few years.  I am glad I have and I am also glad that my Dermatologist seems to have it too.


Boys are coming home soon and dinner needs to get prepared for their hungry bellies! I guess I should do something about that!  Winking smile


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