Defeated by Trail Mix

My obsession with Dashing Dish protein shakes continues.

photo 1

This was a chocolate maple & butterscotch shake.  Her Peanut Butter Maple protein shake is my favorite but I am out of PB2 so I substituted chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla.

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese

1 tbsp. sugar free butterscotch pudding

maple extract



1/2 cup water

The extract and Splenda I just added to taste.

Wowzers….so good.  I am telling you Katie Farrell… are a genius.


My breakfast yesterday morning was a hot mess.

 photo 2

Dannon Greek yogurt, almonds, cinnamon, 1/2 an overly ripe banana and 1 tsp. chia seeds.

After I hurried the boys to school I got ready for my dermatologist appointment.

photo 3

While it wasn’t a blasty blast, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. They didn’t weigh me thank goodness. That in itself made it bearable.

I made sure that morning to pack a trusty friend so I wouldn’t be famished my the time I got home for a healthy lunch.  I had to run some errands after the appointment and knew I would need something to tie me over.  I also knew I would need some “comfort food”.  Luna bars are the best healthy comfort food!  To me they are like a candy bar without having to deal with the crummy sugar shock.

photo 4

Dear Luna Bars, I love you.

I spent way too long lingering in the grocery store.  1) because I didn’t have a list (big no-no for me) and 2) because I was hungry…..(also a no-no)  I ended up getting a bag of trail mix (the kind with M&M’s) to eat on the way home. What was I thinking?  Oh that’s right, I wasn’t….  When I pulled into my garage I looked down at the bag and realized it was empty.  Please tell me I am not the only one who does this.  I didn’t worry about it though….added the entire 6 servings to my calorie tracker and was shocked to see……..

960 calories!

But thanks to my bodybugg keeping track of calories burned,  I worked that surplus off by cleaning my entire house.  It really needed it anyway.  What better motivation to clean your house than realizing you have eaten 3/4 of a days calories in 15 minutes.  The sad part is that the trail mix wasn’t even that good.

“Desperation breeds Defeat” – Lysa Terkeurst.

The good news about the trail mix is that it kept me satisfied the rest of the day until almost 8pm!  That’s when I had some carrots, laughing cow cheese and a yogurt parfait.


  My child told me the other day “Mom, you are a clean freak”.  I am the kind of woman who wants appliances for gifts. I know…..twisted.  I seriously asked for a vacuum cleaner for my birthday….I was going to ask for one for Christmas but….I guess Jeremy was tired of hearing me whine about our old one.

photo 5


I really hated my old one.  (<—–understatement)

I am not ashamed to admit that as soon as Hunky Mc Hunkerton put it together for me, I vacuumed every carpeted surface there is in this house. I was gitty with pleasure at seeing all the junk it sucked up out of my carpet!!!!  Aidan couldn’t WAIT to use the pet attachment on the furniture.  A child after my own heart! Am I the only woman who gets excited about stuff like this?

I am not sure what is in store for today.  I really need to get a menu made for next week, a grocery list typed up and coupons printed out.  With Aidan’s sudden picky eater syndrome I have been extremely discouraged when planning meals for my family.  You never know from day to day what he is going to like.  Some days he likes one thing and the next day it’s the most horrific food he has ever been presented with.  Last night he had a complete meltdown over Boca Burgers.  He likes Boca burgers….or so I thought.  I am convinced this is a battle of wills on some levels.  Hopefully my choices for next week will go over well….and or he will have moved out of this phase of life.  One can only hope!

I read this article this morning and thought it extremely appropriate!

Can’t Stop Eating M&M’s

On one hand I feel validated, on the other it solidifies my need to stay as far away from those little bastards as possible!

peanut M&Ms


2 thoughts on “Defeated by Trail Mix

  1. Hahah I’ve totally had that happen with trail mix or just the peanut m&m’s… so I REALLY try not to buy them anymore — I’ve seriously got to continue losing! I hate where I’m at 😛

    • I am SO glad I am not the only one. I don’t buy either to keep in the house….I only give in when I am in a desperate situation and am not thinking clearly and then I devour it all! Sometimes its good to lose weight in phases! I know I had phases of weight loss. Sometimes you need a break and so does your body and mind from the continuous focus on losing weight. It’s hard, especially when you have a lot you want to lose. Hang in there! It will come off!

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