Hello Again!

Hello again!  Two days in a row, I am impressed!  I tell you it’s been an act of congress to sit and type out a post…… but here I am!!!!

Our dinner last night was a new recipe!  It’s a new favorite.  It’s so good I am making it again next week!  I still have most of the ingredients, so in order to streeeeeeetch our grocery budget we get to have it again!!!!!  Holla!  No complaints over here! It’s a skinny version of Chicken Spaghetti clocking in at only 216 calories per serving ~ 1 cup. *****Edit! 261 Calories**** Sorry the picture isn’t very pretty but in my experience the grosser the food looks the better it tends to be!

photo 1

Below is the link to the recipe!

Aunt Liz’s Chicken Spaghetti

Last night for a late snack I had a chai tea latte and some almonds.

photo 2

Keurig Café Escapes Chai Latte and 14 almonds.

This was the first time I tried this K-Cup and I LOVE it.  When I was first pregnant with Aidan, one of the only things I wanted was a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks.  The taste took me back to those lovely days!

photo 3

Bodybugg read out from yesterday!

It was another good day!


I am sorry for the lack of food inspiration today.  I skipped breakfast because I was busy getting the boys ready for school, myself ready for my bible study and helping Jeremy get the cats ready to go to the vet!  I did get a few bites of fruit at church and I am proud of myself for completely ignoring the 4-5  dozen donuts, cake, muffins, chips, dips…..etc..

Jeremy took BOTH of my geriatric cats to the vet this morning….GOD BLESS that man….so I could go to the Beth Moore bible study at our church.  When I say that this woman moves me….it is an understatement.

photo 4

It is for the next 6 weeks on Wednesday mornings, which is so perfect because Wednesdays are my days off from working out!

When I got home from the study I was HANGRY and headachy…..not a good combination…..


I was really trying to be nice.  After all I DID just come from church AND my darling husband took the cats to the vet which qualifies for Sainthood in my opinion.

I had the same lunch as yesterday, a Spark around 3pm, some Greek yogurt, and a piece of Jamie’s protein bread, and have yet to eat dinner!  Something’s never change!!!!

A few months ago, a blog I like to read called “The Gracious Pantry” asked readers who have lost weight and kept it off for at least 1 year to submit their story.  So I did!  She chose my story as one of 5  featured on her blog! The Gracious Pantry is a clean eating recipe website.  She has lost a lot of weight herself by eating clean.  She shares tons of delicious healthy recipes, talks about her son “Mini-Chef” and sometimes share weight loss struggles of her own.

Here is the link to her blog as well as the article featuring my story.

The Gracious Pantry

Amanda’s Story


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