I hate you Peanut M&M’s

Dear God….WHY did they have to make THIS?


This has the potential to be my own personal brand of heroin.

My conversation with the M&M’s

How messed up am I that I had this exact same conversation with a bag of the peanutty goodness yesterday in the middle of Target, staring at the bag, reading the nutrition facts, reading about the goodness that was inside that bag, setting it down, picking it up, setting it down, walking away, going back, picking it up…… I will not ever allow this in my home unless I am 100% ok with devouring the entire bag….and won’t feel the least bit guilty about it.  Dear M&M company….I hate you so incredibly much.

If you are unfamiliar with me…you can read about my relationship with Peanut M&M’s HERE.


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