Blogging Vacation

The past weekend was lovely!  I loved spending time with my family.  They live so far away and we rarely get to visit anymore because of crazy schedules and the fact that we are 5 hrs. away from them.  I envy people who live close to their families…..Sad smile Count yourselves lucky ok?!

By the time the weekend was over I realized I was so unplugged, enjoying my time with them, that I did not take a single picture!  I love blogging.  It is such a creative outlet for me and a space where I can go on and on about healthy living and nutrition, without making my friends and family crazy!  With that said, it was very nice to have a little break.

If I was in Blogger Mode this weekend, you would have lovely pictures of the following:


The arrival of my Sister-in-Love and my Mother-in-Love

The Soup I made Friday, which they LOVED and asked for the recipe.  I must say it was pretty good.  I sunk the chicken down into the mixture this time and it made for a much more flavorful and moist chicken.

The Easter cupcakes I saved from last week for dessert.


Strawberry Muffins & coffee at breakfast, sandwiches and chips for lunch.

Aidan’s last soccer game Sad smile and the unbelievable wind that came along with it.  I teased the girls that they brought the West Texas wind to Dallas!

My first trip to The Container Store.

Container Store

Oh my word was this a place of glory!

I only bought a few items, but will be going back this week for more items that will make my life all the better!

Gala (MIL) and I were talking while I was getting ready and I proposed to her a girls-only trip to The Container Store and Pinkberry.  She was ALL for it.  I told her I had been wanting to go, but there was no way on God’s green earth I was taking the boys, nor would I make Jeremy endure the unspeakable torture of looking at endless items of organization.  After going and knowing that he is almost as twisted as I am about things being neat and clean, I think he may actually enjoy it.  It’s really not as big as I had thought so we are going to spend our Date Day stop in on Thursday after lunch. Winking smile

My first trip to Pinkberry where I got the salted caramel and chocolate swirl with toasted almonds, brownie bites and cinnamon streusel toppings.  I took one bite and then before I knew it, it was all gone.  It was so incredibly flavorful and creamy.  The flavor was intense and the toppings were fresh and very homemade tasting.   I immediately informed J that this was our destination for our next date!  I think I may have become a frozen yogurt snob after that trip.  Regular Fro-Yo will never taste the same again.

We picked up some pizza for dinner Saturday night.  I wasn’t hungry after my yogurt so I skipped dinner and had an apple and an orange a few hours later.


My family left early and I planned on going to church.  I left my umbrella in Jeremy’s car and as we were about to leave, it started pouring down rain.  We tried to go to the last service but it was still raining. Thumbs down

We spent the rest of the afternoon going to various stores including Ulta, which they actually enjoyed!  I was quite nervous but they liked helping me pick out a new scent.

Then we went to T.J. Maxx and Barnes & Noble.  They bought a few books and Aidan, that kid, let me tell you is the sweetest thing.  He had already picked out several books when I found my favorite book from when I was a little girl.

Miss Nelson is Missing

Miss Nelson

I said “Oh Aidan look!  This was one of my absolute favorites when I was little!”  He looked at it, and then looked at his collection of books.  He said, “Ok, I will put back Curious George and we can get this one.” I said “Oh A.J. why?”  His response,  “Because it was your favorite!”  I swear, he melts me to the core.  He wanted me to read it to him that very night and I think it might be one of his new favorites too!

You also won’t see a picture of the argument Luke and I had over the books he wanted to buy or a picture of Aidan being Aidan, falling over and knocking a book out of a nice gentlemen’s hand who was passing by.

You won’t see the migraine I began to get from listening to the bickering and arguing between those two little cherubs and you won’t see a picture of the 50% off Easter candy I bought and ate out of stress.  It wasn’t my finest moment.

Luke asked me why I bought the candy.  I said “because ya’ll are stressin a sistah out!”  Ever the gentleman and polite, he said “I’m sorry we got into an argument at Barnes & Noble, but thank you for the candy.”  Smile  I said, “It’s ok and you’re welcome, but please let this be an example of what not to do when you are stressed out, M’Kay?”  “Ok.”

Last night I purged the pantry and freezer of all things sweet, salty and crunchy.   Of anything I felt could be a trigger food.  Most of it ended up in Jeremy’s lunch box since the man can’t seem to gain weight even when he tries.  True story.  I have got to refocus or my size 4’s are going to be busting at the seams. I have definitely been eating past the point of comfortable over the past few weeks and I am not sure why.  I think I have been stressed out and falling back into old habits.  They die hard ya’ know?  The number one principal in intuitive eating is to honor your hunger but ALSO and more importantly respect your fullness.  It’s ok to throw half your plate of food in the trash or put it away for later.   This will ALWAYS be a battle for me.  I am so thankful that I am fully aware of what it takes to stay healthy and on track.  So if you notice I am a little more strict in what I am eating and I am kicking the exercise up a notch, just realize I am in full DAMAGE CONTROL!

Eat responsibly


My goals for the week:

Seriously stay away from the sweets.  On the REAL this time.

Make working out a priority, everyday this week.

Do yoga one of those days.

Drink at least 64 oz. of water each day.

Go to church Wednesday night.

Meal plan for next week, trying at least two new recipes.

Sleep.lost weight


“When I slipped up, I pulled myself together, and got right back on track”


2 thoughts on “Blogging Vacation

  1. I love the Miss Nelson books!

    I also love the Container Store… omg. Sometimes I just browse online and dream about the organization I could have haha! Can’t wait to go back and visit one again… and buy copious amounts of organizing supplies.

    AND, I’m jealous you guys have PinkBerry 😦 That is all!

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