A Dentist Date

I would say that yesterday was so lovely and romantic but the truth is…..it wasn’t.  I’ll get to that later.

Breakfast Smoothie!

photo 2

It was the same as this one except I used just 1/2 scoop of Whey Protein.

“Date” Outfit

photo 4

So I planned on wearing shorts, a button down and my new shoes, but it was 60 degrees out yesterday morning and that was not going to be very comfortable.  I get cold if it’s 80 degrees and there is a breeze.


Sweater & Tank Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Seven (Steinmart)

Shoes: Blowfish (DSW)

Watch: Fossil

I was so excited after I had checked the mail yesterday.  My friend gave Aidan a movie for his birthday back in February. When I opened the DVD there was a voucher for a free subscription to one of my favorite magazines, Parents!  I sent it in and forgot about it until I got not one but TWO issues in the mail!

photo 1

Oh Happy Day!!!!!

We took Aidan to school

photo 3

And then we got our hot date started…..Thumbs down

We spent two hours at the dentist office getting x-rayed, scraped & polished .  Lucky for us we were blessed with good teeth and are also slightly OCD when it comes to oral hygiene.  Excuse me while I brag, but I do floss every night and brush my teeth for way longer than the standard 2 minutes.  I rinse with Listerine.  I don’t eat or drink a lot of sugar.  I drink TONS of water.  I replace our toothbrushes every month.  It really makes the visit much more pleasant & speedy.  My problems are sensitivity and I clench my teeth so hard at night that they break.  I have to wear a night guard.  It is so sexy, and it has helped, but every time I go in, I fear the dreaded words of my sweet sweet dentist. “It looks like that fracture we have been watching needs to be filled.  Let’s go ahead…..” I just tune him out at that point.  “Ok, (nodding) thank you.”  Thank you?  Who does that?  Must be the “southern” in me.  Good news though, he said everything looked great, we will just “keep a watch on 30 and 26”. *big sigh of relief*  I deserved a treat after all that!  I don’t want to talk about Jeremy, he has zero fillings and the dentist looked at his mouth for 30 seconds tops.  *eyeroll*

photo 5

It looks as though I am being intubated.

photo 1 (2)

He’s sexy and he knows it. Winking smile

The best thing about the dentist is the swag.

photo 2 (2)

Yes, MY dentist is a man after my own heart.  He gives us sugar free chocolates!

After the dentist we had lunch.  I was so hungry!  My stomach was growling while I was having my cleaning.

Mimi’s Café!

photo 3 (2)

I got the veggie burger from the Fresh & Fit Menu.

I ate all of my fruit and ended up eating just the patty from the burger.

photo 5 (2)

We had to ask twice for our bread basket! Apparently you have to request it if it’s before 4pm.  That would explain last time.  But glory, glory we finally got it…… after we had eaten.  I asked for a to-go box and ate some later.  Yums.

We killed some time by browsing through T.J. Maxx.  Jeremy just LOVES that place….Winking smile I think for him, it’s the same as my love for Home Depot.  Slow torture.

We picked up little A from school & stopped for some frozen yogurt.

photo(9) - Copy

Chocolate, Vanilla & Cake Batter w/ a little bit of every nutty or chocolaty topping they had.

This was SO good. Just what I needed.

When we got home, Jeremy mowed our lawn &  I was the perfect mother by letting my children play video games while I watched some shows I had DVR’d & napped.  Around 5 or so, I ate some of Aidan’s Easter candy and the bread from lunch.  Do you want to know something lovely and serendipitous?  I had to write Aidan’s name on his eggs for the egg hunt at school.  I wasn’t sure why.  I thought probably so the teachers could know all the kids brought eggs.  No, it was so they could hunt for their OWN eggs.  Imagine my glee when I discovered all those delicious treats back in Aidan’s basket.  I had victoriously resisted and packed them away and there they were, back my life.  BLERG!  Needless to say, I wasn’t hungry for a formal dinner, so I suppose the candy and bread was it!  Dessert for Dinner?  That’s the way you do treat day!

It’s all about Balance.



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