I found….my shoes.

I FINALLY found a pair of wedges that I love!  And they weren’t $40 either!  I found them at Ross for $18.99, normally $45.  I’m sorry, but I think I could win an award for finding deals.  I think it might just be a God-given talent!  I’m going to wear them tomorrow so I will show them then!  I’m so happy, they are just darlin’!


I ran out of almond milk yesterday morning! Sad day! So I had to find something else to eat besides my beloved oatmeal.  I thought about re-creating Tuesday’s breakfast but I didn’t want to take all that time, dirty up all those dishes and it was a too little heavy to eat that early and so close to gym time. Instead,  I made an old stand-by.

photo 1

Orowheat Sandwich Thin, 1 tbsp. JIF natural peanut butter, sprinkle of chia seeds, 1 small banana.

It was good, but it didn’t satisfy me or fill me up the way my oats do. Thumbs down It also affected my workout and I was ravenous afterwards.

I was SO sore yesterday morning.  My hips, my hamstrings, lower back, derrière.  I thought a nice easy elliptical workout would be perfect.  So my workout looked like this.


Min        Level

0-5         5 warm-up

5-10            8

10-15         10

15-20         12

20-25          5

25-30          8

30-35         10

35-40         12

40-45      5 cool down.

Afterwards we went over to stretch-out for about 15 min.

I totally phoned it in yesterday.  I was super bored even though I had 3 magazines.  I thought about switching to the treadmill about halfway through but I knew I needed to give my legs a rest.  I felt like I was working hard but my heart rate was at minimum the whole time. The only time it got up where I like it to be was while I was at level 12 and I sure as heck wasn’t staying there the whole time.  It’s ok though, some days are just like that.  I blame it on my breakfast!  Today is a rest day so I know I will have a GREAT workout tomorrow.

We had to run to the bank after the gym and the whole time I was thinking about what I was going to eat for lunch!  THEN Jeremy needed to stop by Kroger….I was like OH MY GOSH get me home NOW…..You won’t like me when I’m HANGRY!  He was so sweet though, he wanted to buy some flowers!  That made me forget about how hungry I was!  I will wait until they open up a bit before I take a picture of them!

When we finally made it home, I made a beeline for the kitchen.

First I had these,

photo 2

Apple and Blue Diamond Roasted Almonds.

and I settled on this for lunch.

photo 3

Orowheat Sandwich Thin w/ Hormel all-natural turkey and 1 slice of Sargento reduced-fat Colby-Jack cheese pressed in my Panini Maker.  Salad w/ a handful of baby spinach, carrots, grapes, 14 almonds, 2 tbsp. Athenos reduced-fat feta cheese & 1 tbsp. Kraft Light Sicilian Roasted Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette.

After lunch I had a Quaker Chocolate Chip granola bar.

I spent the afternoon shopping for Easter stuff.  Found my shoes, did not find something cute for Aidan to wear, nor myself Thumbs down.  Did not find shoes for Aidan & did not find the toy he wants so desperately that he won’t stop talking about it.  I guess after our fun Dentist Date today we will look some more.

I ate this while I was shopping.

photo 5

Zone Perfectly Simple in cranberry almond.

When I got back from shopping, I put together Easter eggs for Aidan’s party at school today.  Don’t ask me WHY I chose my absolute favorite candy of all time to put in those eggs. Ok, I’ll tell you.  #1, I had a coupon if you bought two and #2, I need a bag for the topping on some cupcakes.

Cadbury Mini Eggs

I am proud to say I ate 2….yes, TWO. 2 eggs, not two packages in case you are wondering. Winking smile

Then I sliced up some of the best tasting Cara Cara oranges I have ever had, for his party as well.  Note to self: pick up many many Cara Cara oranges from the grocery store this week.

The boys ate sandwiches before they were off to soccer practice and I made myself this:

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

A repeat of my sandwich at lunch and my favorite….POPCHIPS!  I usually steer clear of these because I have eaten an entire full size bag in one sitting before. Can you say “Trigger Food”?  They had the small 8 oz. bags 2/$1 so I grabbed two.

I then had another Quaker Granola Bar for dessert…..my sweet-tooth was bugging me yesterday.  Thankfully today is TREAT DAY.

This morning Jeremy and I have dentist appointments!  JOY!  Then we are definitely going to eat at Mimi’s!  Maybe (hopefully) we will get some frozen yogurt too! Or ice cream or a cupcake, or a bag of M&M’s….One can dream!

will powervia

That is some truth if I’ve ever heard it.


2 thoughts on “I found….my shoes.

  1. You are doing a great job on your blog! I need to try some of your weigh training exercises. I hate lifting weights, honestly. My favorite class to go to is Zumba. Does your Y have it? You have to try it!!! It’s so fun! It’s the only thing I want to do when I go to the gym.

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