My old new car!

I just have to share how excited I am that I have my old new car back.  I got a new car about a year and a half before Aidan was born and I barely got to drive it before I got too big for it.  It is a little two door sporty type car and I LOVE IT!  I had to give it up for Jeremy’s larger car and had been driving it since. The other day when I went to Ulta, I drove it because Aidan had practice and I wasn’t sure if I would be back in time.  I have driven it a few times in the past few years but something dawned on me that afternoon.  I could start driving it again!  Aidan is no longer in a bulky car seat so that wasn’t the main issue anymore.  I proposed the idea to Jeremy and of course he was all for it!  He hated driving it.  I on the other hand, am so excited to have it back!  It’s MUCH easier for me to drive and navigate because it is smaller.  I have terrible depth perception and would purposely park super far away so I didn’t have to deal with trying to nudge my way into a parking spot.  My water bottle that I take everywhere with me actually fits in the cup holder, not the case in the other car.  It has a lot of other features that are just awesome and I remember why I picked that car out of all the other ones.  It may not be a new car, but it sort of is to me!!!!

Happiness is;  a free old new car



I finally slept well Thursday night, never mind that I woke up at 4:50am….ten minutes before my alarm went off.  I count that as a win because at least it wasn’t 4:20, or 4:22, or 4:19 like it has been.

Breakfast was the usual and right before I left for the gym I had the other half of my banana.

photo 1

My workout was GREAT!  I planned on an hour of cardio, but wasn’t sure if I would do my usual half and half (half treadmill/half elliptical) or if I would do the entire hour on the elliptical.  Turned out I did the entire hour on the treadmill.  When does THAT ever happen?  I found myself full of energy and feeling great.  I ended up doing a workout that looked like this:

Min            Speed

0-5            warm up at 4.3

5-10          5.2

10-15        5.4

15-20        5.6

20-25        walk 4.3

25-40        5.6  

40-45        walk 4.3

45-50        5.8

50-55       walk at 4.3

55-60       cool down slowing every one minute

I think I ended up completing just under 5 miles.  4.8?  Side note:  It may have gone by so quickly and effortlessly because the lady next to me was keeping me highly entertained.  I am not sure where she was in her head, but she was singing and dancing to Pretty Girl Rock while I was getting set up.  Not sure what else she was listening to after that, but she was a pretty good dancer!  Maybe it was her energy rubbing off on me.

When we left the gym, I had a few errands to run that would keep us out through lunch, so I was sure to pack some snacks.

photo 2

Only the apple and the almonds were mine Thumbs down

We were out so long, I was dangerously close to becoming HANGRY Angry smile


But thankfully I had an emergency snack!

photo 3

This was not yummy at all,  but it made me feel better!

When we got home I made the quickest and healthiest thing I could scrounge up.

photo 4

2 handfuls of baby spinach, strawberries, blueberries, peanuts, baby carrots, reduced fat feta cheese, and a light balsamic vinaigrette.

photo 5

Dannon Greek yogurt in blueberry.

As always, Friday night was Pizza Night for the boys so I made something that ended up being a combination between nachos and Frito Pie.

photo 1 (2)

1 serving Baked Tostitos, 1/2 cup Hormel Vegetarian Chili, ~ 1/8 cup reduced fat shredded cheese. 100% delicious and very filling!

photo 2 (2)

Then I ate countless chips w/ salsa.

Today we have a soccer game and pictures.  I am going to get a Shred workout done this afternoon and then hopefully I can settle down on the couch and start Catching Fire!  Have a LOVELY weekend friends!!!


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