Still Sore

Aidan requires his back to be massaged every night before he can go to sleep.  It’s a terrible habit that I started a long time ago and just can’t seem to break it.  Anyway, I fell asleep for 2 hours in his bed Thursday night while I was doing that.  When I woke up I felt like I had had a nap and was wide awake for the next 3 hours.  I think I finally fell back to sleep around 1am.  Getting up at 5 am Friday morning was not happening.  I ended up sleeping until almost 8am when Aidan came in and told me it was morning time!   Thanks dear-heart!

son up til son down

I had another smoothie for breakfast.

photo 1

It was the same as the others except I added half a banana.

I was still incredibly sore from Wednesday’s workout so I decided to skip the gym in favor of some active recovery.  Shopping!


Before we left, I ate a Z-Bar and grabbed a Vitamin Water. Thankfully, those held me over for a while because we shopped through lunch!

photo 2

How to shop with your 5 yr. old son.

I found some awesome deals at Marshall’s

photo 5

Caldrea Hand Lotion in Plum Nutmeg.

I can not even BEGIN to express how amazing this smells.  $3

The discontinued Thumbs down Passion Fruit Cleansing Gel from The Body Shop. $3 Thumbs up

and a journal $3 Open-mouthed smile


photo 3

Cary’s English Toffee


We went next door to Payless to see about a certain pair of boots.  I had gone in about 2-3 weeks ago looking for the perfect pair of nude wedges.  I am not a fan of heels, but I think wedges are adorable with shorts and dresses.  I did not find any wedges, but I found an incredible pair of riding boots on sale.  They were normally $60, but marked down to a random $31.  I have been really wanting a pair of riding boots this year, but I have a hard time paying more than $50 for shoes unless they are running shoes.  I also have a hard time buying things out of season.  I resigned myself to the fact that riding boots and I were not meant to be this year & maybe I could ask for them on my next birthday.  After trying them on, rejoicing over the fact that I could zip them up over my calves (long story from my chubby days), & marveling at how comfortable they were, I put them back on the shelf.  Crying faceBroken heart I thought, “I will come back in a few weeks.  If they are still there it’s a sign and I will get them.”  Well guess what?


There they were, waiting for me after all this time!

Red heart



I was so happy that  I took Aidan to get a milkshake.  I may or may not have had several sips.

photo 4

My “Lunch” even though it was 3 pm.


Turkey, guacamole, & Colby Jack Cheese Panini on an Orowheat Sandwich Thin.


photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

Quorn Turk’y Burger, Colby Jack Cheese and guacamole on an Orowheat Sandwich Thin, baby carrots and Green Giant Broccoli & Cheese Sauce.

And of course Friday is Pizza Night for the guys.  I cut off the crust of a slice and had that while I was getting my dinner ready.



Healthy Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

x 2 Winking smile

and look at what my husband did……


isn’t he ROTTEN?!?

It’s true though, not pretty.



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