Little Kids, Big Messes

Rainstorms make for an interesting morning when you have two little boys you need to get to school.  Tuesday mornings are very carefully orchestrated in my house, so when a little obstacle like rain enters the picture, well, things can get quite tense around here.  Fortunately they were both very cooperative and helpful so that made things very pleasant.  Yesterday, I had to make sure Aidan was “extra fancy” because it was picture day!

photo 2

We were working on our smile, he was over it.

photo 3

I told him “Just be yourself A.J.!”

Sweet boy.

Red heart

Then I was off to work on my fitness.  Tuesdays I normally do an hour of cardio.  But today I changed things up a bit.  I did 30 min on the treadmill, keeping it pretty slow because  I thought I had another 30 min to do over on the elliptical.  It went by super fast & before I knew it I had been on there for 20 minutes.  At some point during the last 10 min I decided I was going to do the 30 min of cardio and then finish up my upper body workout from Monday.  The gym was empty so I had plenty of space to work this time. Thumbs up

Tricep Dips   4 sets of 25          bodyweight

Push-ups  (knees)    1 set of 20,  2 sets of 10

Then I did 2 sets of the shoulder work from my upper body workout.  The first set I used 8 lb. free weights and the second set I used 5 lbs.

Oh my heavens, my arms were jelly.  I could barely buckle my seat belt!

By the time I left the gym the skies were turning blue!  That totally made my day.

When I got home, I was shocked to find exactly how messy we had left things.  It was like the old days when there was a party and everyone may or may not have been drinking a few too many cocktails.  When you wake up the next morning to survey the damage & think  “What in the world happened in here?”.  Towels everywhere, clothes strewn about, dishes all over the place.  “What is the sticky mess all over the floor?”  It never ceases to amaze me that I go to bed with a tidy house and by 8am I have to spend at least an hour getting it straightened up again.

clean kitchenvia

Before I got started on the damage I had a snack

photo 4

Jamie’s Cinnamon Protein Bread and an apple

I added a little smear of natural peanut butter on top.

Surprisingly, this held me over for several hours.  I was able to get the messes cleaned up, do some laundry, and start the “grocery project” for this week.  Time flew by and it was time to go pick up little A.  Mommy’s Day Out is never what it implies…..Confused smile. I knew I was going to need a little extra mental focus and energy later in the afternoon,  so I made a Spark and was out the door.

When I got home I still wasn’t hungry but I tried to eat a few things hoping it would ignite somewhat of an appetite.  Thumbs down

Over the course of the afternoon….

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

I had what was left of this Chobani yogurt.  I got it for the boys but they didn’t like it so we wrapped it up for later.  I added a small amount (~ 1 tsp.?) of PB, and 2 tbsp. of homemade granola,

photo 3 (2)

a handful of nuts &

photo 4 (2)

a white corn tortilla w/ guacamole, fat free re-fried beans, reduced fat shredded cheese and salsa.

I am not sure what’s going on with my appetite.  I have noticed that since I have been working on eating intuitively, I have days like this.  It’s usually after Mrs. Murphy; after a period of an insatiable appetite, and has a lot to do with whether or not I have been sleeping enough.  It makes me feel so much more in control when I am in tune with my body and its needs from day to day.  Instead of following a strict calorie counting program, I have learned to really get to know my body, trust it, and treat it a lot better.  We are all born intuitive eaters, but somewhere a long the way, food rules were enforced & emotions were traumatized.  Leading us to over-eat or under-eat and head straight to food for comfort.

intuitive eats



L came home from school & he wanted to see if he could do something……


I’m not gonna lie, I was scared!


I tried a little snack again

photo 5

Clif Kids Z-Bar S’mores

My little furry friend and I spent the next few hours or so going through the kitchen and house making a grocery list, making a menu & clipping coupons.

photo 1 (3)



photo 2 (3)

Turkey Burger on Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Bun with shredded cheese (we are out of sliced cheese) and mixed greens, Alexia Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries, and Archer Farms Olive Oil & Herb California Blend.

Even though I still wasn’t hungry, I made myself eat all of this, especially since I skipped dinner Monday night.  I have learned that under-eating eventually leads to over-eating in later days.  I also don’t want it to affect my workouts.  I think my body may just be trying to balance out.  My weight was up a few pounds yesterday morning.  Even though I really don’t pay much attention to the number, it does help me understand what might be going on from day to day.  I have noticed that if my weight is up a little, my appetite is a little less over the next few days.  If my weight is gets down past a certain number, my appetite is out of control.  I am such a nerd to find this stuff fascinating! Just kidding

After dinner I spent the rest of the evening finishing up my “Grocery Project”.


Finally finished at 9:45pm!!!! Thank goodness for Spark!  Note to self: do yourself a favor and really try to get this done on Monday.

On the agenda for today – workout, grocery shopping Thumbs down (I really wish I could have gotten it done yesterday), & a soccer game (if the fields aren’t too muddy).  It’s going to be a GREAT DAY and remember…..

not a dogvia

Winking smile

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2 thoughts on “Little Kids, Big Messes

  1. I hope you get to see some soccer today! I agree with the boys about the chocolate chobani…..Nasty!!!! They need to discontinue that flavor because chocolate should not be presented in yogurt that way. 🙂 What’s the grocery project????

    • HAHAHA!! You are so funny! I agree, I had to add PB and granola to make it edible. I don’t like any of Chobani Kids, I don’t understand why they don’t just make smaller cups of the “adult” flavors. The grocery project: I make a list, then make a menu, then add to the list, find coupons for the things on my list, type up a menu in word, then type up a grocery list in order of the layout of the store…..It’s quite the ordeal, but it helps keep me organized and happy!

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