Sleeping is Boring

Friday morning around 3:20 my sweet little 5 year old comes in my room saying “I’m thirsty, can you get me some water?” “Aidan, you know where the cups are and you know how to get water.” “Please?”  So I get up, get him some water and we both toss and turn for the next hour because “Sleeping is boring”. No, no my dear sleeping is not boring, sleeping is FUN!

Despite the interruption, I got up at 5 full of energy.  I was able to get to sleep pretty early and slept solid until Mr. CutiePie came in.


photo 1

Coffee w/ unsweetened almond milk and Truvia

Do you like my coasters?  I finally found some I like!  Thank You World Market!

photo 2

I had more breakfast than usual.

~ 1/2 cup old fashioned oats

~ 3/4 cup unsweetened Almond milk

~ 1 tsp. chia seed

~ 1 tsp. Ideal brown sugar blend

~ 1 tbsp. all natural peanut butter

I left the banana off because they still aren’t quite as ripe as I like them to be.

I think having a slightly larger breakfast helped with my workout,

and maybe this little guy about 30 min prior to it.

photo 4

I ate breakfast earlier than I usually do and found myself getting hungry right before I was about to leave for the gym.  I hate working out when I am hungry but I didn’t want to eat much because running with a full belly is not comfortable.  Sick smile

So I don’t know if it was the rest day on Thursday, or the bigger breakfast, or the little banana, but I had the best workout I have had in a very long time.

I started my treadmill workout like I  normally do. I was not feeling the least bit tired or bored so the end looked like this

20:00-25:00 min 5.8 mph

25:00-27:00 min 6.0 mph

27:00-29:00 min 6.2 mph

29:00-30:00 min 6.5 mph.

30:00-35:00 cool down, slowing speed every 1 minute

Yes, that is correct. No, no it is not a typo. These stubby little munchkin legs ran 6.5 mph for an entire minute.

Perception of Running

I’m sorry, this never gets old to me

After the run, I had an equally incredible upper body workout that left my arms feeling like Jell-O.


I didn’t pack a snack for the car ride home because I knew we were coming straight home and I would just have lunch because it was that time anyway. But first I had to deal with this

in the kitchen

photo 2 (3)

…and in the bedroom

photo 3 (2)

Don’t think the thought of taking her to the shelter didn’t cross my mind.

Good thing she’s super cute, and this is the worst that she does.

photo 3 (2)



photo 4 (2)photo 1 (2)

Gina’s Arugula Salad, with romaine lettuce, walnuts and strawberries

Dannon Greek yogurt with 1 tsp. chia, 2 tbsp. homemade granola and almonds

photo 2 (2)

Jamie’s Pumpkin Bread

I was SUPER hungry. This held me over for awhile though.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxed.  I got dressed and talked to my best friend who gave me a huge boost of confidence I desperately needed.  I did the laundry, dishes, etc..

Luke and Jeremy came home from their days at school and work.  They all went outside for a while.  Jeremy was mowing the grass and getting a bunch of stuff done to my car.  The boys were riding bikes and playing outside.  It’s such strange feeling when everyone is out of the house.  It’s so quiet and still.  The boys have so much energy that it permeates the house. The energy is tangible.  One of the sweetest sounds to me is the muffled laughter and squeals of my children playing outside.  They are so carefree and full of life.  Not one bit tainted or jaded by the world or people.  They are simply beautiful.

Before I knew it, it was time for Luke to leave for his Dad’s house.  His dad gets him for Spring Break this year. Thumbs down Even though having just one of my sons at home is much easier, I REALLY miss Luke when he is gone for so long.  Sad smile Poor thing wasn’t happy to be leaving for so long either.  But distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I am worried about him a little though because they are going to see his grandparents and his grandfather has cancer.  I hope and pray that Ronnie (grandfather) is well enough to see Luke.  I wish I could protect Luke from all the sadness in this world.  He still cries sometimes over losing Uncle Daniel.

Friday night is Pizza Night for the boys so I made myself some leftovers

photo 1 (3)

sadly, this is the last of Gina’s salad & broccoli and the roasted sweet potatoes

I didn’t snap pictures of my snacks today but I did gather what I had and took one picture of them all

photo 3 (3)

My afternoon snacks were a Larabar and a bowl of PB Cheerios dry.

A while after dinner I had two….yes two Quaker granola bars.

photo 2 (4)

I thought I wanted some Chocolate Cheerios but changed my mind.  I did find this book in the box though!  Top notch Cheerios!!  Top notch.

Here are some random pictures I took through the day:


Why Jeremy? Why?

photo 3


This is madness:

photo 1


I was SO jamming out to this while I was getting cleaned up from the gym. Adding to my playlist ASAP

photo 3


Pretty huh? This is what goofin’ off get’s ya!

photo 5

Well, I am off to start our Saturday.  We had planned on going to the gym and then straight to Aidan’s soccer game but it’s supposed to be raining all day so they cancelled soccer and I am going to workout at home.

Hope Saturday is good to everyone!


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