Finding Balance

Let me start by saying how GLORIOUS Date Day was.

photo 3 (3)

I don’t think there is much else I’d rather do than watch The Big Bang Theory, in my sweats, reading a magazine next to my sweetie. And that is what we did for 3 hours yesterday! It was perfect.

Around noon I got hungry so I made a salad that was so pretty, it looked like a rainbow.

photo 1 (3)

Romaine Lettuce, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, baby carrots, cucumbers, walnuts, fat-free feta cheese, whole wheat pita with fat free balsamic vinaigrette. Lovely.

photo 2 (3)

The perfect bite.

While we were eating, a fire truck drove down our street with it’s sirens on. We went outside to see where it was going and found that it was neither cold nor rainy outside! As a matter of fact, it was quite warm. Confused smile We walked back to the kitchen and saw a huge gust of wind blow through the back yard. Jeremy opened the door and it was at least another 10 degrees cooler. Then another fire truck drove down our street so we went back out the front to see what was the deal and it was even colder! Texas, you are bi-polar, that is for sure!



But my oh my how I love thee! She is one crazy broad!

At first I thought I might be ready to get out and go somewhere, but after that gust of wind blew straight through to my soul, that thought quickly diminished. Thumbs down

Jeremy went to pick up Aidan and I started to feel a little blue. I think I was having a little case of the SADs. Sad smile I didn’t want to workout. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to nap. I didn’t want to do….anything. My mind started to wonder to what might be in the pantry. I was a little hungry so I had two pieces of Jamie’s Pumpkin Bread. Then I wondered around. I don’t know what I did exactly. Laundry? Dishes? Who knows, but I am pretty sure I looked like this


Poor me, I am so sad Sad smile

So a little while later I had this

photo 4 (3)


You know what else? I am not even going to try anymore. It’s futile.

And seriously, I didn’t want anything else after it. They is my magic bars! (said a la Forest Gump)

Then I moped around a little bit more….not hungry at all but wondering what I had in my baking cabinet that I could make to make me feel better. Then like someone had slapped me. I said to myself:

“No, No, No, you are NOT going there today!”

I got myself dressed

photo 5 (3)

Shirt: Target

Vest: American Eagle

Jeans: Gap

Boots: Gift from my mother-in-law

I decided I would take the afternoon to go pamper myself a little, instead of beat myself up with food and negative self-talk. I was also feeling some exercise guilt for not “feeling” like working out.

I went to get my hair trimmed. Thank goodness my girl was there!

photo 3 (2)

Then I got my nails did.

photo 2 (2)

much better.

I gabbed on the phone with my best friend

Browsed Barnes & Noble

Found some drink coasters finally at World Market

and then came home.

I felt 100 times better. I also had a lot of time to clear my head of some things that had been bothering me. Why was I feeling this intense exercise guilt? I wrote last week about feeling burnt out, and out of balance. Yesterday I thought about how I could make my workouts more balanced. At the beginning of the year I wanted to place more emphasis on strength training so I decided to change my workouts from an hour of cardio M-F to M-W-F 30 min cardio/30 min strength training. Tues-Thurs cardio days. That was really working for me for a while but lately it seems to have really put me in a rut. I am exhausted by Thursday, and that day’s workout becomes a chore. I never want exercise to feel like a chore. It’s not. It’s something I am privileged to do. I think I was feeling exercise guilt because I had planned on working out but didn’t want to. For the last two years I have learned to “Shut Up and Sweat”. But what I realized while I was out is that I don’t have to work like that anymore. It’s such a huge adjustment shifting from actively dieting, to just maintaining and trying to stay healthy and balanced. Of course I am tired by Thursday. I was working out M-F and resting on Saturday and Sundays. Now I am going make a Rest Day of Thursdays. I will most likely turn that day into my Treat Day too since Jeremy and I USUALLY go somewhere to eat. I never feel guilty for not working out on Saturday or Sunday because I have scheduled those days not to workout. By Monday I am so ready to work out. Well duh, you have just taken two days to rest your body! I also feel that I am not eating enough to sustain my energy for the intense workouts, and that may be a factor. I was “on a diet” for so long, shifting is difficult. I have lost 3 pounds in the last few weeks and I am not looking to lose anymore weight. I am actually trying to work on my strength and muscle tone. I hope that by having a rest day in the middle of the week I can refuel my body with not only rest but extra calories. Healthy calories! At least I’ll try to make them healthy.

I made Gina’s Arugula Salad again last night. I had quite a bit of the ingredients left from last week to make at least two more salads, so that was on the menu for this week

photo 4

I added some walnuts on top.

Aidan loves it!

photo 5

So that was my “date day”. Even though I was feeling a little down, by the end of the day all that had passed and I was feeling refreshed!

Of interest: Beat Exercise Boredom – Fitness Magazine


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