Old Married People

Neither Jeremy nor I slept well last night.  I finally got myself in bed around 10 which is about 2 hours later than I like.  I woke up around 4 unable to go back to sleep, that is until around 3.5 minutes before my 5am alarm went off.  When it did, I got up, turned it off and crawled right back in the bed until 6 when Jeremy’s alarm went off.  I laid there and went through countless ways I could sleep a little longer and still get the boys ready for school.  No go, I had to get up at that point.  But as always the hardest part is actually getting to the coffee maker.  Once I was there I was good.

Jeremy and I had our coffee and quiet time together, I really wish it was like that every morning Thumbs down.  Then we got the boys ready for Donuts with Dad.  They go every Thursday morning to get donuts together.  While they were having their donuts I had my breakfast.

I made them the same as I did yesterday

photo 2 (2)

Our bananas aren’t quite as ripe as I like them so I had some fresh blueberries and grapes instead

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2)

I ended up putting the last of the blueberries in the oats.

It is a dreary, cold day here in Dallas.  It’s supposed to rain all day.  Yuck.  My LEAST favorite weather.  I hate being cold.  Since losing 50 lbs, I am always cold.  And if I am not already cold, it won’t take much to get me there.  I am SO ready for some Texas heat!  I am not sure if Jeremy and I will go anywhere today.  Old Married People. We are both feeling kind of blergh…..But, I am going to get myself dressed super warm, put on my leopard rain boots and maybe that will put some fire under my britches to get out of the house today!  I have been wanting to go to The Container Store that just opened and I am still on a mission to find some drink coasters.  I’d also love to sit in B&N drinking coffee and catch up on 3 magazines I have yet to read this month.  I also need some new workout tops.  But none of that sounds enticing enough to leave my warm and cozy house.   I am just a ball of fire today ain’t I???

Side Note: My “dinner” last night was atrocious.  On the way out the door for church I had a Luna Bar…..I had to, it was the only option! I went to a class after the service and they had cookies for us.  I was absolutely starving, it was so bad I was getting a headache and was having a hard time paying attention. I had two cookies.  All I could think about was that there was sustenance in front of me and I needed it.  I did feel better after the cookies and was able to pay attention, thankfully.  When I finally made it home I was starving again but too exhausted to make anything that took an ounce of thought.  I walked straight from the garage to the pantry, not even taking off my jacket or shoes and had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and an bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios.

Jeremy asked “How was class?”


Jeremy “Hungry much?”


At least I wasn’t hangry thanks to the most delicious cookies I have ever had in my life, that I am convinced were sent by God.


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