Being Hungry is not an Emergency

“A complicated life is a miserable life, and simplicity should be sought as an essential quality of the spiritual life.” –Joyce

I read this this morning on my Facebook news feed and just loved it.  It was a great reminder to me to keep it simple.  I really try not to be “busy” all the time.  I think too many people equate being busy with being important.  We are though, busy.  It’s just part of being a parent and part of being the family of a cop.  He works long, loooooong days so most of the time it’s just me and the boys.  I think after five years, I have finally gotten used to it.  Part of the reason my routine is so important is that it helps me keep my sanity.  If one thing gets thrown into the mix, it takes time to adjust.  There are a lot of things I can’t do, a lot of things the boys can’t do, but I think that’s good because it keeps us home and together.  I hate when things get crazy around here because those are the days when I go to bed and realize I never really LOOKED at my children that day.  They are already growing up so fast, and when the days are packed, they go by in a blink and before I know it, Aidan has turned 5 and Luke will be 11.

Now that Aidan is in soccer we have practice twice a week and a game on Saturday.  And now that I have gotten some sleep and rest, I can think clearly. This morning I realized that last week, I didn’t manage my time very well.  That’s most likely the culprit of the burn out.  So I looked at my schedule of when I do things (workouts, grocery list making, shopping, date time, church, practice, food prep, etc.) and rearranged a few things so that we aren’t so “busy” on certain days.  I moved my “grocery project” to Monday & shopping on Tuesday after I pick Aidan up from school.  Before I would be up way too late Tuesday night, when I am running on nothing but fumes and Spark, making menus, clipping coupons and making a list.  Wednesday, Jeremy and I would go grocery shopping together.  But I realized that I could do it on Tuesday and free up about 2 hours on Wednesday.  Just makes things less “busy”.   Nothing like a little time management.

So today I got the grocery shopping done in record time because I had to be home when Luke got there!  And I suppose having a time constraint may have helped me to not browse items and think we needed them, therefore keeping our grocery bill at a minimum! Thumbs up I am really looking forward to working out in the morning and just coming home instead rushing through the store with poor Jeremy who needed about 10 more hours of sleep.



Waking up this morning was so easy. It was so good to feel like myself again. Got started early, got my coffee, quiet time and breakfast.

photo 1

Orowheat Sandwich Thin, 1 tbsp, all natural peanut butter, 1/2 tsp chia, 1/2 a small banana, sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice.

About a half hour later I was still hungry and I ate the other half of the banana.

Unlike last week, I couldn’t get to the gym quick enough.  My workout today was outstanding.  I forgot the watch part to my heart rate monitor at home, so I think because I wasn’t watching the numbers, I was just doing what felt good.  I am pretty sure I worked harder than I usually do because I was a sweaty mess at the end of my run!  I did 35 minutes on the treadmill and then 25 on the elliptical.  I really love doing it this way  because there are days I would rather be at the dentist than on the “dreadmill”.  l can look forward to the elliptical, which isn’t necessarily easier, but I can read my trashy gossip fitness magazines on it so it makes it much more enjoyable that’s for sure. Thumbs up After the cardio I did my ab challenge. Stretched out and went home feeling victorious.

Post workout snack

photo 2

Apple & 1oz almonds


photo 3photo 4

more of Gina’s Salad & Broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes

Then this

photo 1 (2)

Jamie’s Bread

I showered up and went to pick up Aidan, then went grocery shopping.  When I ate lunch it was about 11:30 and by the end of my grocery shopping it was 3.  WAY too long for me to go without eating.  Especially considering I wasn’t super hungry after my workout and didn’t have a very substantial lunch.  I thought about bringing a bar, but I am seriously trying to not eat so many of them.  By the time I was home I was ready to eat the entire pantry and I almost did!  One thing that popped into my mind was something I read a while ago.  I wish I could remember where I read it because it was one of those quotes that changed my life.

“Being hungry is not an emergency.” 

I just kept saying that to myself over and over.  I kept thinking, this is not an emergency, you are not going to in fact “DIE” because you are not “STARVING”.  So, I calmly put away the groceries and thought rationally about what I was going to eat.

photo 3 (2)

photo 5

Dannon Greek Yogurt in blueberry, 2 tbsp of homemade granola, almonds, 1/2 tsp chia

& Jamie’s Bread.

I waited a little while and was STILL hungry.  So I had another piece of bread (seriously), then a few peanuts.  Waited a little longer and then I had a chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar.  I was finally satisfied.  Finally!  I think my body just wanted that bar.  I am seriously addicted to them.  It could be worse though right?  It’s not a Snickers-A-Day addiction!

I felt my energy level spiral around 4:30 so I laid down on the couch to read a magazine and promptly crashed for about an hour!  My nap was rudely interrupted by two little boys fighting about who got to lay with Mommy.  Oh, well I needed to get up anyway!  Winking smile We had leftovers tonight for dinner. Spaghetti for the boys and you guessed it!


The final bit of Gina’s salad.  There wasn’t much left so I put about 2 cups of mixed greens on the bottom and topped it with some fat free balsamic vinaigrette.  Delish.

I was hungry an hour later.  Annoyed So I had a small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and a handful of Peanut Butter Cheerios.

Tomorrow’s goal is only 1 serving of Jamie’s bread and NO BARS!  Good luck with that Amanda.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  Jeremy is off so I have someone to workout with, no grocery shopping, I will hopefully get my car back, & Luke and I are going to the Wednesday night service while Jeremy and Aidan are at practice. Good day all around!

Oh yeah, and this happened too


5 year old goofin’ off on a laminated floor in socks with his hands down the back of his pants.  I must say thank you Lord that we are not in the emergency room right now.

That bed is calling my name.


3 thoughts on “Being Hungry is not an Emergency

  1. When I was at my heaviest, being hungry was ALWAYS an emergency because I was always hungry! I craved food! As I started to drop some of my extra weight I slowly I made myself wait for food. First 5 minutes, then 10 and so on. Now that I weigh 40 pounds less, I’m able to control my eating much better!

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