Worst Mother Ever

This morning didn’t go quite as usual, but regardless of the fact that Aidan and I were up off and on all night and sleep completely eluded me between 1-3am, I was still up for the day at 5am.  Thumbs up  Aidan’s allergies were unusually bad yesterday.  I thought he was just having a bad day and even his 3 medications for it were no match for whatever had blown in.  Then at 1 am, listening to him sneeze and cough, I realized that I forgotten to give him his meds Sunday morning. *Worst Mother Ever* So I got up and gave him a half dose so we could get back on his usual schedule later and hopefully that would give him some relief.  Then I realized I had only been giving him a half dose for a few days now.  *REALLY WORST MOTHER EVER*  No wonder my child was hacking up a lung and sneezing like he had his nose in some pepper.

My day STARTED as usual, up at 5, coffee STAT….but  Aidan still wasn’t feeling well and he woke up just as Jeremy was leaving at 5:30.  Jeremy didn’t have time to coax him back into bed and I was deep in prayer just trying to stay awake til my coffee kicked in.  So we decided to let him lay down on the couch.  He never went back to sleep and was sure to make it known he was there.

I had my breakfastphoto 1

Nature’s Own whole wheat bread, 1/2 tbsp. all-natural peanut butter, sprinkle of chia seeds, 1/2 small banana, pumpkin pie spice

Then just as I was finishing up the chores, I went to get Aidan ready for the gym and found him like this.

photo 2

Bless him

So I decided it would be a workout at home day.  I had a lot to catch up on anyway so I proceeded to do a mountain of laundry, vacuum, clean out the fridge, wash a billion dishes that seemed to appear out of no where and then I got hungry again.

photo 3

Dannon Greek Yogurt in blueberry, chia seeds, a few almonds, and protein bread

I swear I was hungry every two hours today. A couple hours after this I had an apple.

Then I was ready for a  workout

photo 1 (2)

Let me just get on my soapbox for a minute.  Jillian Michaels rocks my socks.  I can honestly say that she was a huge catalyst in the weight loss. She helped me change my attitude from “poor me” to “shut up and sweat.”  Through the weight loss her quotes and face came to me so many times.  I can remember telling myself quite a few times, “Would Jillian eat that?” Her workouts are brutal, but they get you results, FAST.  I did this workout for months and went from not being able to get through the first circuit on Level 1 to now doing 2 workouts in a row.  Her workouts changed my body.  Her philosophy is literally no excuses. Well, unless you faint, puke or die that is!   She is someone I admire and is such a source of encouragement and motivation til this day.  I listen to her podcasts and read her books, anything I can get my hands on because she.is.phenomenal.


Red heart

Today I did Level 2 then Level 1 of 30 Day Shred.  I like to do Level 2  first because I can make it through both workouts this way.  If I do Level 1 first I am fatigued and can’t keep proper form all the way through 2.  This video is perfect for those who “Don’t have time” or “Don’t have space”.  It’s 27 minutes start to finish, that includes warm up so you are only doing serious work for about 20 min.  I have done this video in the small open spaces of bedrooms.  You do need a set of hand weights.  Those are inexpensive to buy individually.  You can start out by buying 3 or 5 lb. weights. For beginners, I would suggest 3 pounds and if you are more advanced 5 pounds.  I alternate 8lbs and 5lbs.  Usually I start out with the 8’s and sometimes even go down to 3’s by the end.  If you are on hard floors, a mat would be a good idea.  Seriously, my go-to workout.  Especially when plans for the gym are cancelled.


photo 2 (2)

More of the same….I am going to try to get more veggies in this week.

Turkey and Provolone on Orowheat Sandwich Thin, grapes, strawberries, baby carrots.  AND…..Vitamin Water Zero, my second favorite flavor in Mega-C

photo 3 (2)

I was still hungry so I had a Luna Bar.  Yums.

I showered up, put some laundry away, broke up some fights, and then I was hungry again….every two hours on the dot.

photo 4

Apple, protein bread, 1/2 tbsp. all-natural peanut butter.

This kept me satiated for about 2 hours….Good thing its time for dinner!  Leftovers!

Tonight I have to try to make a menu for next week.  I think that’s about all the mental energy I can muster for the rest of today!

of note: more about 30 day shred


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