Date Day/Rescheduled Treat Day

It’s Thursday which means its…DATE DAY! I also decided to reschedule my treat day to today.  Good thing because my appetite was ready!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a little snack of an apple and some string cheese,photo 1 (2)and then repeated yesterday’s lunch for dinner.  After dinner I had a couple pieces of protein bread.

For breakfast I switched things up slightly!

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)photo 4 (2)

Better Oats in Dark Chocolate with 1 tbsp. peanut butter

We started our date by going to Starbucks for my tall Misto and then going our separate ways for a bit….I know but sometimes when you have kids, you have to make the most of your alone time.  He desperately needed a haircut and I needed a manicure.  Luckily neither took too long.  We met back up and went to our movie.



I know the critics don’t have good things to say about it but I DO!  It was so fun!  It is a perfect date movie.  You have action, spy stuff, computer and techy stuff for the guys, but it isn’t over the top.  Then you have adorable Reese Witherspoon and hunky Chris Pine and Tom Hardy for the girls.  The guys were super tough but then sweet and vulnerable while they were with her.  It was a perfect balance.  I loved the music. I really loved Chelsea Handler.  I laughed a lot, and actually got laughing so hard in one scene I was crying.  It’s light and fun.  5 stars in my opinion!

After the movie we ate at Frullati, and I had the Rustic Veggie Melt on flatbread.  I was famished by the time the movie ended and finished my meal before I remembered to snap a photo. Thumbs down I ordered the combo meal which was half a Panini, chips and a drink.  I chose Sunchips and a Diet Coke. I REALLY loved it! I must try to recreate this at home!  It was super messy though, and I will probably eat it with a fork and knife next time.  Times like those I wish I still carried baby wipes everywhere!

We went to pick up little A and stopped for yogurt since I had been craving it for a couple of weeks now.

photo 4

I made the mistake of trying to talk to the insurance company while eating this and didn’t really get to enjoy it.  I am not sure why I did that, I know better.  She had called me about a billion times already.  Ok, only twice. But still….either way it really wasn’t that good.  The cake batter yogurt was good but everything else was just mediocre.  At least I took care of that yogurt craving, until the next time that is.  Winking smile

 Treat Day was rescheduled for today and one of my FAVORITE things is trail mix.  Salty and Sweet is something I just can’t be trusted around.  I really avoid salt, and sweets, and I REALLY avoid the two combined.  So for my treat,  I mixed together mini chocolate chips, homemade granola, peanuts, almonds and dried cranberries.  I will most likely eat all of this in one sitting, graze on this through the evening.

photo 2


Luke had a friend over this afternoon and the house was a bit chaotic.  I had planned a run, but that didn’t happen. Thumbs down Luke  goes to his dad’s house Thursday nights and Jeremy took Aidan to soccer practice so I get to enjoy an hour or so of peace and quiet! I am going to try to work on a few things around here while everyone is out and I can hear myself think!

Before I go here are some outfits from the last few dates I forgot to post.

DSC00512photo 2 (4)

photo 3

as you can see I am a jeans/t-shirt/flats kind of gal.  Simply Comfortable.


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