The Vow



On Valentine’s Day Jeremy and I saw “The Vow” with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. It is based on a real life couple who were in a car accident and the wife loses her memory of the life she has with her husband.  When I say it’s based on a true story, I mean it is LOOSELY based on a true story.  Nicholas Sparks wrote the book and although I haven’t read it, I have read that it is centered around the real life couple’s faith and the power of that faith to heal broken lives.  When I read this after I saw the movie I was surprised because even though it’s clean, there are zero Christian references in the movie.

I really loved the movie.  I was a bit disappointed in the lack of passion that Leo (Tatum) had and I felt that Paige (McAdams) should have been a bit more uncomfortable around Leo.  I guess I was hoping for another “Notebook” and nothing can live up to that movie. I was armed with plenty of tissue I never used, even though I DID tear up quite a bit.  I was hoping Leo would throw something, completely wheels off at the mess his life was in.  I mean, if my husband was almost killed in a car wreck and woke up not knowing who I was, I would be hysterical.



Over all it was a good movie, I would go see it again because Leo was very sweet and I just love Rachel McAdams, in everything.  It was perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Especially with my own real life Leo.

and also….



OK, not true for me because I am a married woman but….just sayin.

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