Date Day!!!!

Aidan has pre-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and since Thursday is one of Jeremy’s days off it’s DATE DAY!  This is a sacred SACRED time for us.  Don’t ever try to contact us during this time unless someone needs to be hospitalized.  And even then, only if it’s an absolute emergency!

My day started like any other.  Up at 5 am =  coffee immediately.

Breakfast was the same as Tuesday.

We dropped off little A and went to browse Barnes & Noble.  Got some more coffee, a tall non-fat misto!

photo 2 (5)

While we were waiting for our movie to start I needed to see about getting a case for my new phone.  Due to my OCD attention to detail, I am super anal kind of picky about stuff I buy, so, I was pleasantly surprised that I found one right away!

cell case

Speck Case

I LOVE this!  It’s perfect!  The best part is that it came with a matte screen protector that the seller put on for me.  I am so glad because he went through probably three of them before he got it right!  The matte is cool because I don’t feel the need to constantly clean grime off the screen.  It’s slim and cute which are of the utmost importance!

After this it was time to see our movie!!!


I am going to be honest and say anything that has Ryan Reynolds in it, I am going to enjoy regardless of the content.


I mean, c’mon.  I even enjoyed Buried.  I did.

With that being said, Safe House was not exactly my kind of movie.  Too much fighting. Too much shooting and explosives…it was loud.  I like to see movies, its relaxing for me.  This movie gave me anxiety!  The acting was really good, but the story line lacked.  It was just another CIA movie.  Ryan was nice though….

My date was nicer….

We ate at the Corner Bakery.

photo 3 (4)

Tomato Basil Soup & Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad

The salad is – “baby spinach tossed with freshly sliced strawberries, oranges, red grapes, dried cranberries, green onions, creamy goat cheese and raisin pecan sweet crisps, drizzled with our homemade pomegranate vinaigrette.” – Corner Bakery Menu

After lunch, our date day came to an end.  We went to pick up little A, make a quick trip to the grocery store and head home.  Jeremy worked out in the garage and the boys rode their bikes.  That gave me time to have a little snack  (OK a big snack. I love salads but they sure don’t keep me full for long!),

photo 3photo 5

….do some housework and Jillian’s 30 Day Shred Level 1.

I normally run 5 miles on Thursdays but it was getting late, and I was feeling tired.  What I really wanted to do was nap but…considering my behavior earlier this week…I had to engage in some “painful discipline”.  Thumbs down  I showered, ate dinner (leftover chili, except I had TWO muffins, hungry much?) Then Jeremy and I worked on the blog for a few hours.  He is the IT behind Simply Southern.  You see, I have these grand ideas but have no clue how to execute them.  He does though.  He’s smart like that.  Thank goodness one of us is!!!!   I got hungry watching him work so hard…..

photo 3 (2)photo 4

Apple and a protein bar.

It had been a loooooong day and I was super ready for bed!  5am comes EARLY.


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