Happy Valentine’s Day!

Red heart

I LOVE all things Valentine’s Day!  What’s not to love?  Pink? Good. Hearts? Good.  Pink Hearts?  GOOOOOD!  I guess I love it so much because it’s the one day a year that I can shower my boys with all things pink and lovely and get away with it!

Sunday and Monday I spent many hours working on goodies for them and their classmates.  Let me just say that I am NOT a crafter.  I don’t like sitting for hours on end &  I am so uncreative in this department that I have to Google ideas just to get some sort of plan for whatever it is that I am being  forced to asked to make.  But I love my son’s teacher and I love my son even more so there I sat….turning this


…with a little help from Daddy






The crayon hearts were made from this idea here.

into this…..


I am also attempting to make these adorable cinnamon rolls.  Something tells me they won’t quite turn out as beautiful as hers!  Good thing my little boys aren’t picky!

Happy V-Day!!!!


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