Goals for the week- revised…..

1. Create a new blog

2. Do not get overwhelmed by the process of creating said blog Confused smile. It is becoming very clear that this is not as easy as it looked.  But I am so glad that my hubby is a genius very good with computers and can help me along the way.

3. Get at least 5 workouts in…but do not feel guilty if you miss one.  This is simply a goal, remember?

4. Continue to work on “treating treats as treats” not everyday indulgences.  Aidan’s birthday was last Thursday and there were treats galore!  DSC00425

Anytime I have a lot of treats, there is always a period afterwards where all I want to eat is sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This is a period I call “damage control”  Thumbs down This week I really need to focus on staying away from extra sweets in order to get those cravings under control again.


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